Video Interpreting Services in over 200 Languages

Many business discussions happen online, with multiple stakeholders involved. Not everyone speaks English? We can help you with our video remote interpreting services. Available 24/7, on any device, anywhere, anytime! 

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Video Interpreting Services

It isn’t always possible to schedule in-person interpreters. Not only is in-person interpreting more difficult, it is also much more expensive. 
If your budget is constrained, or you have an immediate face-to-face interpreting needs, video remote interpreting is the best solution!  
Our video-remote interpreting is available in over 200 languages. Our platform – Connected Care, provides access to on-demand video interpreters, available 24/7.
Our top 5 video-remote interpreting languages include:
1) Spanish Interpreting 
2) ASL Interpreting 
3) French Interpreting 
4) Portuguese Interpreting 
5) Creole Interpreting 
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