Public Sector Translation Services

Government information is highly classified – it could be a disaster if the wrong person got ahold of this sensitive material. That is why it is crucial that you only work with a translation agency you can trust.

Here at The Language Doctors, we only work with native English speakers, and rigorously vet each translator before hiring them.

We are able to offer the fastest translation services in the industry today. Don’t wait days for your translated documents, we can deliver them within hours.

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Public Sector Translation Services
Translation and Interpretation Services

Translation and Interpretation Services

Privacy is our number one concern when handling government information. Our team of professional translators is required to sign an NDA clause in order to guarantee your privacy. We provide government approved translation services to:

Federal government offices
State government offices
Local government offices

Our government interpreters are available 24/7 to provide you with the interpretation services you need within 24 hours. Our translators are located throughout the world which allows us to pair you with an interpreter within driving distance of your location.

We offer the following:

Court Interpretation Each court interpreter we assign to you has at least 5 years working in the legal field. They understand the legal terminology in multiple languages to ensure clear communication between both parties.

NHS Translation – Our NHS translators have at least 5 years of experience working in hospitals and medical centers. They provide 100% accurate translations so that staff and patients understand each other

Translation for Schools – With students of different cultures and languages spoken at home – it is important that teachers understand cultural differences between students. We provide translations for schools so that everyone can communicate efficiently with each other.

Translation for Police – Accurate translations and interpretations are critical for police work and prison service. We provide services that offer clear communication between each person involved.

For more information, call us at 1 (202) 544-2942.

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Translation and Interpretation Services

How Do We Guarantee the Highest Quality Translations?

Working with an unqualified translator can result in inaccurate translations which can cost you time, money, and give you a huge headache.

Other translation companies cut costs by using artificial intelligence translation software – which can lead to grammatical errors and incorrect translations. We never do this because each translation we deliver is 100% human-generated.

We only work with the best of the best translators and can ensure you this by explaining our strict hiring process. We make each translator and interpreter pass a fluency test for each language they will be translating to and from.

We then make them pass a proficiency test based on terminology for their area of specialization. Once they pass these tests, a project manager reviews their work until each translation is 100% accurate every time.

We also require each interpreter and translator to have the following credentials:

Native English Speaker
Hold a bachelor’s degree or higher
5 or more years of experience in translation/interpretation
At least 5 years of experience in their field of specialization

For any questions, call us at 1 (202) 544-2942.

The Most Cost-Efficient Public Sector Interpreting Services

Don’t risk being overcharged by another government interpreting services agency. Companies such as Fiverr and Upwork charge a 20% service fee on every order.

Many of our competitors also charge hidden fees that don’t show up until the final payment. You never have to worry about these fees when working with us at The Language Doctors.

We are 100% transparent about each cost before we sign a contract with our clients. By working directly with our interpreters, we are able to cut out high service fees.

Along with our low costs, we are also able to offer the fastest interpreting and translation services in the industry. We can assign you an interpreter on the same day. We also offer a rush order translation service that ensures your documents will be delivered within hours.

We are able to provide interpreting services:

Over the phone

Whichever service is most convenient for you, we will have an interpreter ready within 24 hours.

Translation and Interpretation Services

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Public Sector Translation Services​

Public Sector Translation Services

With more and more immigrants living in the US every year, it is important for government employees to have an understanding of different cultures and languages.

We offer public sectors translations for over 200 different languages.

We are able to work with government personal so that they can effectively communicate with other cultures.

We provide cross-cultural training and translation service so that government officials can have success while going on missions for:

Cultural ties
Humanitarian work
Security operations

These government officials will gain the skills, abilities, and knowledge to function in other cultures.

We provide linguistic support for communities with non-English speakers. We have translators that specialize in the legal, education, and immigration fields who understand technical terminology for each document or form.

Call us now at 1 (202) 544-2942 to learn more about our services.

Government Transcription Services and Localization

In order for an audience to feel connected to the overall message, localization must be included in written documents or various forms of media. Our localization experts factor in design, imagery, and style – while adding cultural references, jokes, slang, and idioms.

We are able to localize your website’s content which will increase user engagement. Our efforts improve cultural accuracy for software, local government offices, and embassies.

We can transcribe any government videos and audio files you have including:

Government programs
Public safety campaigns

Government Transcription Services and Localization
The Best Government Translation Company

The Best Government Translation Company

When it comes to government transcription contracts and public sector translation services, The Language Doctors is the best in the industry. Don’t risk working with the wrong translation agency – this could lead to errors and confusion between your employees and clients.

We have the most cost-efficient prices.

We offer the fastest deliveries in the industry.

We offer translation and interpretation in over 200 languages.

We only hire the best of the best translators and interpreters.

We offer 24/7 customer service to answer any questions or concerns.

For a free quote, call us at 1 (202) 544-2942.

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