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Specialized Translation Services

Specialized services for your industry

No matter what industry you are part of, we can help you reach the world!

Looking for a specialized translation? The Language Doctors are here to provide you with certified professionals who know every aspect and challenge of your industry! Together, we will shape your communications to reach your audience worldwide.

Industries we specialize in


Documents about different vehicles must be translated and adapted with the help of industry translation to different markets and locales so they’re precise and understandable.

Public Sector

TLD provides certified, USCIS-approved services for the Public Sector. Our translators are experts working on Federal Government and state agency translation and interpreting services.

Banking and Finance

The Language Doctors provide specialized translation and linguistic services to companies in all banking and finance sectors. This includes commercial banking, asset management, insurance, and venture capital.


These specialized translation services include adapting medical documents such as patient reports, clinical drug information, illness worksheets, vaccination records, and everything else required for engaging with multilingual patients.


TLD provides industrial and manufacturing translation services for technical manual translation, data sheet translation, localized technical translation, and many more.


You can now communicate with consumers in their language with specialized translation services in the retail industry. We will help you translate packaging, product descriptions, training documents, and e-commerce or landing page copy.


Our professionals provide translation services for the travel and tourism industry, including translation of brochures, holiday guides, contracts, hotel information, press releases, and promotional materials.


This type of service includes the translation of software, apps, and other digital assets. We’ll also localize and adapt your products to local standards and culture.


TLD professionals will accurately translate legal documents, including contracts, patents, and intellectual property law.


We will help you localize your videos and mobile games while providing quality control and testing.


Professional translation and localization services for your e-commerce website. We help you increase global sales with multilingual content.


Certified TLD specialists teach languages! Request 1-1 classes or group classes in over 100 languages. We offer individual language training and language learning courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

All industries can benefit from working with professional translation services. When working in a certain area, keeping in touch with your partners and colleagues from other countries for fruitful cooperation, exchange of experience, and support is important. At The Language Doctors, we offer specialized translation services for Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, and many other industries to help your business reach a global level!

Negotiations and discussions are important in business to identify problems and find effective solutions. Industry translation and interpretation help partners from different countries find a common language, avoiding confusion and misunderstanding. At TLD, we consider linguistic and cultural aspects for high-quality and accurate translation.

Specialized translation is an excellent method to convey your brand’s message to partners and clients accurately. Experienced translators from TLD will help you consider cultural aspects, leading to efficiency and time because you can exchange information better and faster.

Businesses need to ensure that the translator has experience in their industry, as this plays a very important role in accurately translating specialized terms and information. It is also important to evaluate communication channels and service support. Businesses need to be confident that they can get a quality service when they need it urgently. It is worth making sure that the translator ensures confidentiality. The Language Doctors provide specialized translation services while ensuring security and privacy. Our team is available 24/7 to answer any question or help you find the best solution.

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