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How Long Does It Take To Learn Japanese? – Easiest Ways

Language learning can be intimidating. Sooner or later, you will find yourself asking many questions. Let me tell you that this is very normal, especially in the case of a language like Japanese. Lots of people find it hard to learn the language because of its complex writing system. One of the top questions that […]

The Language Doctors – Meet the Team

The Language Doctors – Meet the Team Are you wondering who is the person behind TLD Interpret Manager and the Master of Recruitment and Onboarding of new interpreters to the platform?  Meet Esau Montalvo – Interpreter Coordinator at The Language Doctors and product owner of TLD Interpret Manager!   He is responsible for recruiting, interviewing and […]

Top 5 Interpreting Apps – Phone Interpreter Review

Curious! Read our Interpreting Services Guide and learn more about this attractive industry and Interpreting Apps. Many dramatical advancements are going on since the lunch of the first iPhone, which is known as the device that was the pioneer of the new smartphone age. Nowadays, there’s a multitude of frequently used apps to serve a […]

The Utility and Drawbacks of Translation Apps

The Utility and Drawbacks of Translation Apps What is the Demand for Translation Services in Global Business Communication? Globalization and digital communication have transformed the scope and way of doing business. With the rapid growth of the online market, selling products or services to a global customer base is no longer limited within a certain […]

What Is Software Localization & Who Needs It

What Is Software Localization & Who Needs It In the translation industry, few focal points are as important as localization. In fact, localization is more important than ever before, and it’s easy to see why.  Humans, from every corner of the globe, are constantly connected via the internet and social media. Without ever leaving our […]

Techniques For Learning a New Language 

Techniques For Learning a New Language  Speaking several languages ​​is of great importance since it allows you to communicate not only with those around you but with people who are in another part of the world.  Despite establishing relationships between people of different nationalities, it allows you to get to know new cultures and explore […]

Localization, Globalization, Internationalization: Key Differences

Localization, Globalization, Internationalization: Key Differences The internet is an influential tool, it allows us to relate not only to the people around us, but also to those who are in another part of the world. No matter where you are or what language you speak, the internet helps us break that language barriers and communicate, […]

Legal Translation and Interpreting Services Are Not The Same

No — legal translation and Interpreting Services are not the same. When it comes to legal matters, everything is of significance. The slightest, most subtle differences or adjustments in language can dramatically alter the course of a dispute, mediation, or filing. That is why legal linguists have to observe an exceedingly meticulous approach to their […]

Marketing to Hispanic Consumers

The objective of each company is to be recognized and achieve success, to achieve this it is necessary to have clients since they are the consumers; regardless of whether your company offers a service or a product is important to have them to achieve the goal. In this article, we discuss Marketing to Hispanic Consumers. […]

Top Types of Medical Translation

There are 5 types of medical translation the healthcare industry depends on everyday. If you have ever visited a doctor’s office or hospital with someone who doesn’t speak English ( or at least not very well), chances are you know the drill. First comes the paperwork. Insurance information, residence, payment, and so on. Next, the […]


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