Top 6 Dead Languages List – Reasons Behind Their Death

The dead language list is a fascinating topic, which we’ll cover in this blog post. So, are you curious to learn more about the dead languages list? It may come to your mind that how many dead languages exist in this world? Not to be surprised, the answer is, there are plenty of languages killed out there. Here we’ve given a comprehensive dead languages list below.


Moreover, this post will help you know what they are, when and why they have died, why is it important to learn a dead language? So, let’s jump into a detailed discussion below.

Top 6 dead languages list – When and why have they died?

Before getting the list of top 6 dead languages list. First of all, do you know what a dead language is? And When should we call a language a dead language? Let’s point directly that the language with no native speaker is known as a dead language. For example, Latin is known as a dead language as no country uses this language anymore to communicate.

Now we will discuss the top 6 coolest dead languages list. Those are still important to learn.

1. Latin Dead Language:

Latin as a dead language was one of the most enriched languages. Though it’s a dead language, it still did not lose its appeal. Till now in different schools and colleges have made this language compulsory. Latin has a great history. It started with the roman empire. People from Europe and across the western Mediterranean coastal regions of Africa were the Latin speaker. Great books and novels are written in Latin.

Latin Dead Language-it is the 1s in our dead language list
Latin Dead Language.

It is the 1st dead language on this list. Do you know 60% of English words come from Latin? Moreover, French, Italian, Portuguese languages are directly influenced by Latin. At present, Latin does not have any native speakers. However, Vatican City is the only country that used Latin as an official language.

When And Why It Dies:

Latin was started dying out in the 6th century after the Roman Empire’s fall in 476 A.D. Moreover, its complex grammar structure and critical word meaning are other reasons for Latin death.

Why Is It important To Learn?

Great medical books are written in Latin. Moreover, Rome’s culture is fascinating and exciting. If you love to explore different cultures, especially roman culture, then you have to learn Latin. Most of the Medical terminologies have come from Latin. So, knowledge of Latin can help you to become a Healthcare interpreter. Above all, if you learn Latin, it will be easier for you to learn French, Italian, Portuguese.

2. Sanskrit Dead Language:

Sanskrit is the Indian subcontinent language. It’s a religious language of Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. Because most of the ancient sacred books or scripts were written in this language. Right now, this language is not used as the mother tongue of anyone. However, Sanskrit is used for only religious rituals in the Indian subcontinent.

Sanskrit Dead Language-it is the 2nd in out dead languages list
Sanskrit Dead Language.

Indian literature is very much connected with Sanskrit. Great books like Vedas, Mohavharat, Ramayan, etc., are written in Sanskrit. Once upon a time, Sanskrit was the language of high-class Society like a brahmin. General people were not allowed to use this language because of the cast system. In India, it is believed that Sanskrit is the language of god. It is the 2nd dead language on this list.

When And Why It Dies:

First of all, Sanskrit did not die totally. Still, it has some uses. In the 11th century, when India was under Muslim containment. Several Muslim rulers replaced Sanskrit with Arabic. After the end of the Muslim containment. British started ruling over India. They replaced Sanskrit with English. Several rulers tried to replace Sanskrit with their own language. Thus, this is one of the most important reasons for the death of Sanskrit.

Another reason is, Sanskrit is very much complex to read and understand. One must be knowledgeable to understand Sanskrit.  It takes a considerable time to learn because of its complexity.

Why Is It Important To Learn?

Sanskrit is the language of the most fantastic Indian mythology. Spiritual books are in the Sanskrit language. Great Scholar named Chanakya. Thousands of years ago, he was one of the best philosophers. Till now, his books are very much popular around the world. Do you know, He was a Sanskrit writer?

If you learn Sanskrit, you can get valuable knowledge from Vedas. Moreover, Vedas will teach you medical theory, Spiritual theory, and many more. Furthermore, Sanskrit is a complete language. Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Panjabi, and most of the Indian languages directly come from Sanskrit.

In conclusion, If you learn Sanskrit, you can explore great philosophy from the most significant philosopher.

3. Coptic No Longer Alive:

Coptic is the Egyptian language. It is considered the first language of Christianity. It is an Egyptian language but writing using the Greek alphabet. Moreover, Coptic is the combination of Hieroglyphics, Demotic, and Hieratic languages. As a result, this language is very cool and exciting.

Coptic No Longer Alive-another one in dead languages list
Coptic No Longer Alive.

Similar to the other languages, Coptic has its own literature and poetry. For example, the Nag Hammadi library, which contains the famous Gnostic gospels. It is the 3rd dead language on this list.

When And Why It Dies:

At first, the Arabic language replaced the Coptic language. But Scholars did not accept this language properly. However, in the middle of the seventh century, when Arabs conquered Egypt, Coptic started dying. More than 1500 years old language started dying. Still, People used Coptic as a church language for more than 300 years.

At that time, Coptic was the critical language for the bulk population and the primary literary language.

Why Is It Important To Learn?

Learning a dead language is always a great thing. If you learn a dead language, it will help you to explore history. It teaches us culture. Besides, A dead language allows you to learn a modern language.

The Coptic language is a mixture of various languages. As a result, if you learn Coptic, you can quickly learn Greek, Hieroglyphics, Demotic, and Hieratic languages. Moreover, Coptic is the oldest Christian language. If you want to explore Christian culture, then you must learn the Coptic language.

4. Biblical Hebrew Expired Language:

Biblical Hebrew is totally different from modern Hebrew. So, there is no confusion with modern Hebrew. Biblical Hebrew is still very much alive. It was the official language of the Israelites. However, it is compulsory in the different public schools of Israel. Though modern Hebrew replaces biblical Hebrew, other biblical elements still exist in modern Hebrew. It is the 4th dead language on this list.

Biblical Hebrew Expired Language-is another dead language in our list
Biblical Hebrew Expired Language.

Moreover, Biblical Hebrew is comparatively more comfortable than other dead languages. Modern Hebrew has an enormous range of vocabulary that can be useful. There are 100,000 words in Modern Hebrew. On the other hand, there are only 8,000 in Biblical Hebrew.

When And Why It Dies:

Biblical Hebrew Started dying after the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem and the Israelites’ disbursement throughout Europe and North Africa.

Biblical Hebrew saw more decline than other languages at the Holocaust, where Rabbis were the first to die. After resettling by the descendants of the Israelites, Modern Jewish was devised.

Why Is It Essential To Learn Biblical Hebrew?

First of all, Modern Hebrew is very much influenced by Biblical Hebrew. Israel is the fastest-growing high-tech economy country. If you learn Biblical Hebrew, then you can pursue your career as a Hebrew interpreter. Moreover, If you have any interest in research on the middle east, Hebrew knowledge is fundamental.

Israel has introduced many great writers within a short period. Who has an interest in exploring Israel culture and literature then learning biblical Hebrew is crucial for you?

5. Ancient Greek Departed Language:

This language was the language of great philosophers. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Homer used to use this language. Ancient Greek is considered one of the essential languages in the intellectual life of western civilization. Many of the modern scientific English words come from Ancient Greek. Most of the European people used to speak in Ancient Greek. It is the 5th dead language on this list.

Ancient Greek Departed Language-is the language of intellectual and philosophy
Ancient Greek Departed Language.

Above all, the ancient Greek language was the text of many great books. Do you know? Most of the Information and technology-related words have come from ancient Greek. Moreover, Ancient Greek is compulsory in a different elite school in Europe.

When And Why It Dies:

Ancient Greek language life span was 9th century BCE to 6th century C.E. However, this language is not drying out properly. Likewise, the modern Greek language has replaced it. Great book, harry porter written in Ancient language. It did not lose its appeal still now.

Why Is It Important To Learn?

Suppose you have an interest in learning Ancient Greek. In that case, it will help you to learn modern languages such as modern Greek or Crimean. Besides, this language will help you understand the great philosophy written by Socrates, Plato, and alexander. Different modern science and technology-related words have come from ancient Greek.

If you have an interest in science and technology, then you can try ancient Greek. The most important thing is that our favorite harry porter also published in ancient Greek. So we can understand the value of antique. Most of the English word comes from ancient Greek. At last, if you have interested in going to Europe, then you can learn Greek.

6. Akkadian No Longer Alive:

Akkadian has usually spoken through Mesopotamia. It is in the 6th in our dead languages list. Although this language is named after the city of Akkad. Akkad was the central city of Mesopotamian. Moreover, this language is older than the founding of Akkad. The people of Mesopotamia use to speak Akkadian, but also Babylonia and Chaldea people used Akkadian.

Akkadian No Longer Alive- it was a combination of three languages
Akkadian No Longer Alive.

Akkadian is the earliest attested Semitic language. Its writing system is Cuneiform.

When And Why It Dies:

The people of Mesopotamia use to speak in the Akkadian language between time 2800 BCE and 500 CE. Later on, the Aramaic language replaced the Akkadian language. Moreover, Aramaic was closely related to the Akkadian language. However, the Aramaic language was more comfortable than Akkadian.

Furthermore, this language has not changed a lot dramatically. Slowly and gradually, people adapting Aramaic and leaving the Akkadian.

Why Is It Essential To Learn Akkadian?

If you want to learn the deep history of Mesopotamia, then you must learn Akkadian. If you’re going to learn Cuneiform, then you have to learn Akkadian.

Dead Language Vs. Extinct Language:

Sometimes we messed up with the extinct language and Dead language. But these types of languages are totally different from each other. Here we’ve discussed and distinguished the dead language and extinct language below.

What is Dead language?

As we have discussed before, a dead language does not have any native speaker, but it has some uses. Still, people use this language for different purposes. For example, Latin, Sanskrit, Coptic, Biblical Hebrew, etc., are the dead language.

What is Dead language- it has some uses and purpose
What is Dead language?

What is an Extinct language?

On the other hand, Extinct language is such a language that does not have any native user. It does not use for other purposes. in one word, nobody remembers this language—for example, Yana, Tunica, Tillamook, Susquehannock, etc.

What is an Extinct language-it has neither user nor any purposes
What is an Extinct language?

Currently found that more than 573 languages have been extinct. From 1950 to 2010 world added 230 more extinct languages. Moreover, one-third of the world’s languages have not many 1,000 speakers. Consequently, it is expected that 50 to 90 percent of dying languages will disappear by the next century, which is alarming news for us.

Because dead languages reflect history, if we forget dead languages, our foundation will be lost. We can’t show anything to our future generation. Thus, we have to protect these dead languages.

Biblical Hebrew can be an inspiration for us. Moreover, Biblical Hebrew had died thousands of years ago. But Israelites started learning this. They adapted their Biblical Hebrew with modern Hebrew. Above all, they make it compulsory in public schools and colleges.


Learning a dead language keep our history alive. Moreover, If anyone knows a dead language, it will become easier for them to learn other languages. Because modern languages are very much inspired by dead language.

Different kinds of great literature and cultures books are in dead languages as evidence of history. So, If we want to explore these hidden treasures, we must learn a dead language.

If you are looking for any language services in a dead language or Translation and Interpretation Services in any languages, then pick up the phone and call The Language Doctors team. Our expert linguists are waiting for your call to fulfill all your language services demand.

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