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The Top 10 List Of Medical Interpreter Services in the USA

List of Medical Interpreter Services in the United States is crucial for all those patients who are non-native English speakers. Finding an Interpreter is very easy in the United States. But finding a good interpreter is not that easy.


It is primarily challenging to find a qualified and experienced Medical interpreter when of your immediate need. So, making your finding easy, we have created the top 10 list of medical interpreter services in the United States with details below.

The Top 10 List Of Medical Interpreter Services in the USA

Before going through the whole topic, we have to know what an interpreter is? And what is a medical interpreter? In one Sentence, A person who can convert conversation from one language to another language is called an interpreter. On the other hand, a medical interpreter means an interpreter with specific medical field knowledge and has certification called a medical interpreter.

The Top 10 List of medical interpreter services in the United States-Select the best one for your need
The Top 10 List of medical interpreter services in the United States

So, let’s check out the top 10 list of medical interpreter services in detail below.

1. The Language Doctors Inc:

Leader in Translation, Interpreting and Localization Services

The Language Doctors Inc-top in the list of medical interpreter services US
The Language Doctors Inc

The Language Doctors (TLD) team is one of the global leaders in Medical Interpreter Services. Moreover, they are also holding the leading position in document translation, website localization, and interpreting services worldwide. In this top 10 list of medical interpreter services in the USA, The Language Doctors secure their position in the 1st place.

They work as bridge-builders. Moreover, they always put their best effort into building long and meaningful relationships with global enterprises for developing deeper relationships with their customers. Likewise, they work across six continents and are fluent in 300+ languages. Furthermore, they have 25+ years of industry experience and continue to grow.

So, they specialize in web translation, software translation, healthcare interpretation, medical translation, and interpreting services. It is worth mentioning that The Language Doctors has a HUB Zone Certified and GSA Schedule holding Small Business. Moreover, they’ve been in business for almost 20 years.  TLD maintains a comprehensive database of over 5,000 professional language service providers.

Likewise, TLD’s project managers are professional and responsive to your every language service needs. Furthermore, their screening process is comprehensive and guarantees only qualified linguists to each project based on their experience, education, specializations, clearances, and certifications. Besides this, their Legal and Medical Translations specialization has enabled us to serve the U.S.A. Department of Justice and the U.S.A. Department of Health and Human Services extensively.

TLD uses translators and interpreters with the highest qualifications.  We are also corporate members in good standing of the American Translators Association (ATA).


Industry: Translation & Localization

Company size: 51-200 employees55 on LinkedIn

Headquarters: Landover, Maryland

Type: Privately Held

Founded: 1994

2. CyraCom Language Solutions:

How Interpretation Should Be | Language Services for Healthcare

CyraCom Language Solutions-hold the 2nd postion in this list of medical interpreter services US
CyraCom Language Solutions

CyraCom is one of the leading language interpreter providers in the USA, specializing in healthcare. Since 1995 they have served more than thousands of clients. Moreover, this Company supports 100 languages with 24/7 services. CyraCom has the most expanded network of large-scale interpreter contact centers. Moreover, they have secured the 2nd position in the list of Medical Interpreter Services in the United States.

They have services of Phone interpretation, video interpretation, and onsite interpretation. CyraCom Interpreters take 120 hours of comprehensive healthcare training, which is three times more extensive than other typical language interpreters. Over 95% of a customer referred CyraCom as the best language interpreter provider.

CyraCom has been audited and earned multiple ISO certifications. CyraCom helps the hospital to communicate with their patient. However, CyraCom works with their clients to analyze and determine client’s language needs, appointment type, and frequency of use. After Identifying the client’s needs, they make a perfect solution for them.

Above all, CyraCom has achieved fortune 500 healthcare providers – hospitals, systems, and insurers. Not only this, but also Over the past five years, the Company has been committed to Gold Best in Biz Awards for Company of the Year and Website of the Year.


Industry: Translation & Localization

Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees1,248 on LinkedIn

Headquarters: Tucson, Arizona

Type: Privately Held

Founded: 1995

Specialties: Over-the-Phone Interpretation, Translation and Localization, Testing and Training, Video Remote Interpretation, On-Site Interpretation, HIPAA Compliance, and PCI Compliance

3. Interpreters Unlimited Inc -list of medical interpreter services in the US:

Making connection nationwide

Interpreters Unlimited Inc 3rd in thelist of medical interpreter services in the US
Interpreters Unlimited Inc

In 1970 with the slogan of “Making connection nationwide,” Interpreters unlimited started their journey. It’s a USA-based company. With 70 years combined experience, Interpreters Unlimited is a splendid interpreter service. They provide interpreter service in more than 200 exotic languages, including most of the hardest languages like Mandarin, Spanish, Hmong, Italian, German, French, etc.

Moreover, services are available 24/7 and 365 days. Besides, they use different mediums to provide the best interpreter service via telephone, video, and site. They are committed to providing the best professional interpreters across the world. That’s why they have 9000 contracted interpreters, which help them find out the best interpreter for you.

Moreover, all interpreters are trained under the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules and regulations. Moreover, they have secured the 3rd position in the list of Medical Interpreter Services in the United States. Their Achievements are a reflection of their excellence.

They have achieved many awards like San Diego Business Journal Fastest-Growing Private Companies 2020, Common Sense Advisory Top 100 Language Service Providers Worldwide-2020, Nimdzi Top 20 Global Interpreting Leader, etc.


Industry: Translation & Localization

Company size: 11-50 employees218 on LinkedIn

Headquarters: San Diego, CA

Type: Privately Held

Founded: 1970

Specialties: In-Person Interpretation, Telephone Interpretation, Document Translation, American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation, Medical Transportation, Website Localization, and Video Remote Interpretation

4. Fluent Language Solutions Inc:


Fluent languages solution started their journey in 1989. At present, it has been purchased by language line solution. It is an onsite interpreter service provider. After purchase by the language line solutions, it has become more robust. Moreover, they have secured the 4th position in the list of Medical Interpreter Services in the United States.

Moreover, the Language Line solution Onsite is designed to support the best facilities. They have provided an ongoing need for dependable face-to-face interpretation in American Sign Language (ASL) and spoken languages. Above all, their highly skilled and experienced interpreter is available 24/7 and 365 days, even in short-notice situations.

Their interpreters have proficiency in over 100 languages. Besides, across the united states, they have 7000 professional interpreter networks. They provide onsite interpreting services in the healthcare, government, legal, educational, and corporate sectors across the United States. Every year Language line solution served more than 36 million phone calls, video, and onsite interactions and a new connection every second.


Industry: Translation & Localization

Company size: 11-50 employees44 on LinkedIn

Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina

Type: Privately Held

Founded: 1989

Specialties: Interpreting, American Sign Language, and Onsite

5. United Language Group – list of medical interpreter services in the US:

United Language Group-is the top 5th in the list of Medial Interpreter Services US
United Language Group

Working in over 200 significant languages, united interpreter limited is another great interpreter company. Moreover, they are ready to deliver service 24 hours a day, seven days a week for over-the-phone, simultaneous, Video remote, and at last in-person interpreting services for you. Additionally, they know how to adapt with new the latest interpreting technology.

From government and healthcare services to legal and insurance services, United interpreter limited try to cover everything. United interpreter limited not only faster in taking emergency medical calls but also quicker in helping business transactions. Moreover, they have secured the 5th position in the list of Medical Interpreter Services in the United States.

Their Over phone technology team associate with redundancy technologies to ensure better service consistency and business continuity. Their interpreters provide interpreting services for millions of calls per year. They have a service of health care interpretation, but they do not provide health care service only.


Phone: +1 855-786-4833

Industry: Translation & Localization

Company size: 501-1,000

Employees: 594 on LinkedIn

Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN

Type: Privately Held

Founded: 2015

6. AMN Language Services (formerly Stratus video):

Visual Connections, Vital Conversations.

AMN Language Services (formerly Stratus video)-is the top 6th
AMN Language Services (formerly Stratus video)

AMN Language Services, formerly known as Stratus Video, offers comprehensive language services, including remote video interpretation (VRI), over-the-phone interpretation (OPI), and an easy connection to local onsite interpreters. Additionally, they have held the 6th position in the list of Medical Interpreter Services in the United States.

We were founded in 2012. We are the most extensive and fasting growing video remote interpretation company and are annually recognized in Inc. 5000’s list of rapidly growing companies. We offer over 200 audio languages and serve over 1,900 hospitals across the U.S. to help providers increase patients’ access to timely and quality language access.

Stratus Video is a Specialized health care interpreter service. AMN health care is the parent organization of stratus video. Most importantly, they serve limited English proficiency people and serve deaf or Hard of Hearing patients. Thus, this Company was purchased by AMN health care. That’s why the stratus video is working under the AMN health care brand name.

They are working on over 200 languages. Like every Company, they have 24/7 service. Moreover, their available services are audio interpreting, on-site interpreting, Video interpreting, and call center. They have 3000 qualified interpreters. They are leveraging more than 65000 devices in the USA.


Industry: Hospital & Health Care

Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees726 on LinkedIn

Headquarters: Clearwater, Florida

Type: Public Company

Founded: 2012

Specialties: Healthcare, Language Services, and Interpretation and Translation

7. Sorenson Communications:

Connecting Life


Sorenson Communication started its journey 18 years ago in 2003. Moreover, it is one of the best interpreter services in North America, especially for deaf or hard hearing people. They operate more than 100 interpreter centers in North America. Additionally, they have held the 7th position in the list of Medical Interpreter Services in the United States.

They invented the first videophone, which is helpful for the deaf. Moreover, Sorenson is the first Company who have started the emergency call system 999. Their available services are video relay, on-demand interpreting service for the deaf, etc. Not only this but also, they are leading American sign language providers in America.

This Company is very much innovative, and they are hunger for adopting new technology. However, one of the coolest things is doing something for the people they are unable to hear.


Industry: Telecommunications

Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees2,515 on LinkedIn

Headquarters: Salt Lake City, UT

Type: Privately Held

Founded: 2003

8. Telelanguage – list of medical interpreter services in the US :

5000+ Interpreters | 300 Languages | Available 24/7—365 Days a year

Telelanguage is in the 8th in the list of medical interpreter services US

Since 1991 Telelanguage are helping health care industries providing quality interpreters. Moreover, one of the best things they offer is they are working over 300 languages. Till now, it is most of all. 70% of clients come to them for health care purposes. Likewise, they have secured the 8th position in the list of Medical Interpreter Services in the United States.

Furthermore, they have a long and successful track record in delivering medical interpretation and translation services to customers across the U.S. Likewise, we’ve professionally trained and certified interpreters and strict project management and customer support modules. Telelanguage provides its services under Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Their support is 24/7 and 365 days. Moreover, they help Hospitals, Pharmacies, Telehealth, Urgent Care and, Emergency Medicine, Health Insurance, Medicare Health Plans.

In short, we can say that based on several language proficiency bases, it is one of the best medical interpreter services in the united states.


Phone: 1 (888) 983-5352

Industry: Translation & Localization

Company size: 11-50 employees431 on LinkedIn

Headquarters: Portland, Oregon

Type: Privately Held

Founded: 1991

Specialties:      Over-the-Phone Interpretation, Nationwide On-Site Interpretation, Written Translation, Interpreter Management Software, Video Remote Interpretation (VRI), and language interpretation

9. Day Translations Inc-list of medical interpreter services in the US:

A global translation company.

Day Translations Inc-list of medical interpreter services in the US
Day Translations Inc

A New York-based company named day translator. However, don’t be confused that they are only providing translation services. They are good at Interpreter Services also especially medical sector. Considering HIPAA rules and regulations, they are providing their services. Besides, 24/7 uninterrupted services are available for you. Furthermore, they have secured the 9th position in the list of Medical Interpreter Services in the United States.

Moreover, their motto is “we want to keep them healthy, we want to keep the world communicating” They have expertise in interpretation for every medical field. Above all, in the united states, they are capable of sending their interpreter to any locations. They have expertise interpreters for every pair of languages.


Industry: Translation & Localization

Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees297 on LinkedIn

Headquarters: Tampa, FL

Type: Privately Held

Founded: 2006

Specialties: Translation, Interpreting, Voice-overs, Subtitling, Video Production, Phone Interpreting, Legal Translation, Patent Translation, Legalization, and Certified Translation

10. K International Ltd – list of medical interpreter services in the US:

Helping you talk with the world

K International Ltd - list of medical interpreter services US
K International Ltd

Over 30 years of experience, K International provides various Interpreting services like on-site interpreting, Telephone interpreting, public sector interpreting, and British sign language interpreting. Over-the-phone interpreting has its platform named Talklingua. Moreover, they have some popular clients like Starbucks, Amazon, TESCO, etc.

Furthermore, projects range from modest translations and transcriptions to retail label packaging translation, Medical interpreting services, language accessibility services, and more complex consultancy around compliance, globalization, and transcreation tasks.  Thus, we believe that language should not be a barrier to your success. Moreover, they have secured the 10th position in the list of Medical Interpreter Services in the United States.


Industry: Translation & Localization

Company Size: 51-200 employees83 on LinkedIn

Headquarters: Milton Keynes, Bucks

Type: Privately Held

Founded: 1986

Specialties: Translation, Localization, Interpreting, Telephone Interpreting, Typesetting, DTP, Design, Regulatory Translation, Compliance, Transcription, Compliance Translation, Transcreation, Localisation, Document Translation, Business Translation, and Legal Translation


Thus, every medical interpreter service has different types of features and specialization. However, most of them are very much standard considering the core interpreting services. So, according to your need, if you want to hire interpreter services, you can hire any of them.

Contact The Language Doctors team on 1 (202) 544-2942, and we will be happy to help you with any linguistic projects to meet all your language services needs.

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