When you’re about to work with an interpreting agency for the first time. You need to do some work on your end to ensure you’re properly prepared. While any good interpreting agency will guide you through the process and address concerns that you might have. There are still certain expectations

Working with participants in a medical trial often requires some auxiliary services, including translation. Medical translation is a special subset of translation work that carries its own implications and specific requirements. If you want to be sure that all participants in your trial will feel as comfortable as possible. And

If you need to have medical documentation translated into another language, that usually requires being more careful with your choice of translation service provider. Not all agencies on the market are the same – and when it comes to something as sensitive as healthcare, you have to ensure that you’re

If this is your first time searching for interpreting services in Maryland, you will probably need a while to understand how the local market works and what different agencies have to offer. Make no mistake though – this can easily turn into one of the most important decisions you make