Remote Interpreting Services: Everything You Need to Know

Remote interpreting services have always been important but their growth has skyrocketed over the last couple of years due to business needs during a global pandemic.  Interpreting services were always seen as an in person skill, but the way that technology has developed, the clarity or audio and video connections, has made remote interpreting a viable option for many different situations. 

This article will look at all aspects of remote interpreting. We will look at who it is for, what types of methods can be used, and – importantly – the benefits of remote interpreting. The Language Doctors understand that remote interpreting works any time that a language gap needs to be overcome by two (or more) people in different locations. Here is everything you need to know about remote interpretation services and how to best use them in your specific situation. 

Remote Interpreting Services: Everything You Need to Know Remote Interpreting Services

Who is it for? 

As mentioned above, remote interpretation is all about breaking down a language barrier. While the service was initially used for the deaf and hard of hearing, it has grown to take on any situation where a language gap is present.  

remote interpretation Remote interpretation

An excellent example of this would be a video meeting between a client in one country and a seller in another. Having interpreters on location could be difficult depending on the languages (and locations) involved so calling in a remote interpreter is the ideal solution for speed, cost, and convenience. 

Is there just one method for remote interpretation? 

There are actually two methods of remote interpreting services used today. The first – and the traditionally more common – is consecutive interpretation. In this method, a method you will likely have been exposed to many times in the past, the interpreter waits for one party to finish speaking before relaying the message to others. This is the standard in interpretation done by phone and allows for accurate interpretation that is quick and efficient. 

Is there just one method for remote interpretation? Two methods of remote interpreting services

The second method of remote interpretation is a more modern approach that uses technology to allow for simultaneous interpretation. This requires a platform and software that is specialized, and then allows an interpreter (or interpreters) to translate the information in real time. This is ideal for big meetings or conferences where there are lots of languages at the table. The software allows the audience to choose what language to listen to from the platform, so the message can be passed off in hundreds of different languages at the same time, something that would be much more difficult with the standard consecutive interpretation method. 

How can I access remote interpreting services? 

As the interpreting is remote when using this service there are two main methods of delivery. The first (and preferred) method is through a video link. This can be through a number of devices, with the most common being either a smartphone or a webcam. If a video link is unavailable or a connection is bad, then over the phone interpretation is a good second option. 

How can I access remote interpreting services? There are two main methods of delivery

Can you give me some examples of when remote interpreting services are used? 

Remote interpreting services may be a new part of the business system, but they have been used for years in public service industries. The one-on-one dynamic of these public sectors has meant that consecutive interpreting remotely has been a fundamental part of life, especially as the world has become smaller. Rural schools, courthouses, and hospitals have relied on remote interpretation for years in order to provide their services. The need for clear, concise, and rapid interpretation services in a hospital emergency (for examples) can never be overstated. Lives have been saved because of the services of The Language Doctors and others like them. 

Can you give me some examples of when remote interpreting services are used? Remote interpreting services

Remote consecutive interpretation has also been used in boardrooms of businesses for decades. This channel has its advantages, but the increased use of remote simultaneous interpretation has been the facilitator of explosive grown in remote interpretation services. Everything from webinars to live streamed events to a good, old fashioned business meeting can be made better with simultaneous interpreting.  

The business world id fast paced and dynamic. No company wants to spend more time in a meeting than needed because that is time not going towards the core product. Remote simultaneous interpreting can shave hours off of meetings and increase any bottom line. 

Tell me some of the benefits remote interpreting services provide 

No matter the type of business or service that you are involved in, it could be improved through the use of remote interpreting services. Here are just a few of the benefits that haven’t already been mentioned in the article above: 

Tell me some of the benefits remote interpreting services provide Use of remote interpreting services

  • More of everything 

Remote interpretation immediately gives a company access to more. More interpreters on call, languages options in the bank to use if needed, potential clients as the language gulf is crossed. This service allows an immediate global reach no matter the size of a company. Goals will have to be reformatted against a backdrop of a platform that allows for reach around the world at the push of a button. 

  • Location becomes less important 

Having an access to a local pool of interpreters has always been a big deal to companies working on a global scale. Remote interpretation makes that particular reason for the location of a company irrelevant. Business owners can chose their location based on other factors. 

  • Costs are driven down

This covers both cost in terms of money and environmental costs. Without the need to host interpreters for a meeting in hotels, provide transport and food, and eve install equipment at a meeting location, it can all be done virtually. This also reduces the carbon footprint (especially of a big event) there is no need to fly in interpreters from all over the world. 

  • Combined remote and on-site interpretation

Technology allows for hybrid meetings where remote interpreting services and on-site interpreters can work simultaneously. This allows for meetings and conferences with a near endless scope, with all the attendees being able to communicate in their own languages in real time no matter if they are on-site or behind a computer screen thousands of miles away. 

  • Increased understanding and engagement

Perhaps the most important benefit of all is that remote interpreting skills allow for meetings to simply be better. The interpretation means that every ssingle person at the meeting will be able to understand every word that is said and – importantly – understand it in the correct context. This leads to everyone in the discussion feeling involved, able to put forward their points in their own language and (through remote interpretation) have everyone else consider their point of view. 

Who knows how many meetings, emergencies, and conversations in history could have gone in another direction if remote interpretation services had been available. How many world and company changing ideas have been delayed (or missed entirely) as someone not fully understanding a language couldn’t put their ideas forward. That will never happen to your company now that you know everything needed about remote interpreting services.

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