How Accurate is Google Translate | Updated Review 2021

Google Translate is a boon for those who wish to shop on international websites or browse news stories in their language. This question must be raised in your mind how accurate is Google translate?

The answer to how accurate Google translate is is 85%, according to a survey conducted by Google in 2017.

Google Translate is a simple-to-use software that allows you to interact quickly and learn foreign languages.


The translation service switches text and speech back into any language.

How Accurate is Google Translate:

When you try to translate only a bunch of words or a few sentences, the results are fairly reliable. But, when you convert a whole page into a browser, things begin to decline.

Yes, the translated text is often accurate. But the sentences and meaning might not always be right.

1. What is Google Translate?

Google Translate is known to those who are familiar with the Internet and its capabilities. Google Translate is a free service offered by Google. Google launched this service for machine translation in 2006. And has been developing ever since.

What is Google Translate

Simply enter a phrase or word in the text box to use it. Choose the language you are translating. And choose the language you are translating it into. Easy, huh?

Initially, Google used the United Nations and European Parliament documents to obtain linguistic data. Now, to improve the accuracy of translations. The software has been upgraded using AI and machine learning.

Google took its translation services a step further in 2016. By pivoting to Neural Machine Translation (NMT). It is a deep learning methodology. That includes the use of a wide variety of linguistic sources.

2. How Does Google Translate Works?

Google does not try to interpret the context of each sentence as a whole. Instead, the translations are solely based on statistical events.

Yep, that’s right. It’s just about math and odds in Google Translate, not context!

Google uses a translation algorithm called Statistical Machine Translation (SMT). SMT is based on language pattern matching. They break down each sentence into individual words or phrases to find a match for their database.

How Does Google Translate Works

They then decide what is the most frequently occurring translation for each component. And string these together to construct the sentence translation.

The possibility of having an accurate translation is therefore based on the translated text database.

The new implementation of NMT by Google helps their AI evaluate the wider meaning of words and phrases. To better imitate a real human, resulting in smoother and easier translations to learn.

The Google Translate app supports more than 100 languages. And it can already provide translations into 32 languages through text, photo, and speech.

After understanding the working algorithm of Google Translate, you can’t say exactly how accurate is Google Translate.

3. Advantages Of Google Translate:

Nothing beats a flesh and bone translator. But tragically, carrying a person around in your pocket is not that easy! So, the cell phone offers some relief when a fast translation is required.

Google Translate has made it easier to gain access to easy and quick translation services. Without you having to spend some money on a translator, it assists with communication.

Since its launch in 2006, Google has used machine learning. And artificial intelligence to enhance translations. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have come a long way. These systems can now talk and comprehend like humans.

They can read natural language and answer in a natural tone to queries. Google Translate is the best translation tool available.

Besides, Google Translate provides some impressive features, such as:

– A way to translate different types of language and speech.

– Translate handwriting and text moving inside images.

– Supporting 109 languages at various levels.

Advantages Of Google Translate

– Available for PC, iOs, and Android Phones.

It is suitable for travel if you only want to translate a few words here and there. Or when you do not have internet access, which is cool.

Google Translate has more than 500 million consumers. Most translations are between English and Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese and Indonesian.

Did You Know? “Brazil uses Google Translate more than any other country.”

But Google Translate is hardly a reliable and consistent translation solution. As language contains so many complexities. That makes translating challenging and not so direct; AI still has a long way to go.

4. What Are the Major Drawbacks of Google Translation?

Don’t be shocked when it goes rogue if you want to use Google Translate. Its translations are based on statistical occurrences, which is why it typically creates errors. However, when handling sensitive data, creative documents, or business-related content. It should not be your go-to source. Moreover;

– With Google Translate, since there is no way to add context, the content may lose the meaning in translation’.

– The translation quality is dependent on the pair of languages. Google popular translations tend to be more accurate for languages such as Spanish or English. In contrast, translations for other languages that are not as accessible in the database of Google are less likely to be accurate.

– Google Translate often creates translations that contain major grammatical errors. Google’s translation system does not take grammatical rules into account.

– Google Translate does not have a system to correct translation mistakes. There is no way to report mistakes. Nor is there a way to confirm what has been translated.

What Are the Major Drawbacks of Google Translation

– While Google Translate is free and simple-to-use, due to the way its algorithm works, it is also overly limited.

Sometimes, people have obtained weird and amusing outcomes. For example;

Someone has discovered that if you translate ‘Lady Gaga’ from Malay into any language. You get the translation ‘Britney Spears.’ We’ll never know if it was a bug or if Google itself tried to make a joke.

At the moment, Google Translate may not replace human translators. But, very soon, it will pose a real challenge to human translation as it is constantly developing.


As you can see, the advantages and drawbacks of Google Translate make things clear. In contrast, you can often be effective with Google Translate. Or otherwise, you would not want to use it for significant reasons.

If there is no other alternative and you need to translate anything. Then go ahead and use Google Translate. It won’t make a huge impact on your life or business. Or make sure you have a native speaker proofread and check the text if you have to use Google Translate!

Without question, Google Translate has changed how we approach language. Fast contact has never been easier and cheaper with their offline translation app.

However, it is far superior to nothing if you are dealing with a completely impenetrable language. Such as Chinese for an English speaker.

Still, nothing comes close to getting a real person doing the translation. We’re just going to have to wait and see what the future will hold!

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