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Video Transcription Services

Video Transcription Services

Hiring someone over the internet to transcribe your video comes with risks – English may not be their native language and they could fill your transcribed text with language and grammatical errors.

Our team of certified transcriptionists is available 24/7 to transcribe your YouTube videos, Tik Toks, presentations, advertising materials, and more.

We offer the fastest, most cost-efficient transcription services in the industry.

We only hire the best of the best transcriptionists who are able to transcribe over 200 different languages.

Give us a call now at 1 (202) 544-2942 to speak with our team.

Transcription Services for Any Length Video and File Format

Oftentimes people need a transcription option when using sound is not a possibility.

This could be while sitting on a noisy train, waiting in line for their morning coffee, or sitting at their desk at work for a quick break. Videos that have transcriptions are more likely to keep a user’s attention and enhance engagement. It’s important that all of your video footage is accompanied by text because of these reasons.

Our team of transcription experts has experience with any length of the video. It doesn’t matter if it is short form, like a Tik Tok, or long-form, like a documentary – we have a transcriptionist here for you.

Since we work with a global team, we have transcriptionists that are fluent and native to many different languages. We are able to translate and transcribe video to text free of any errors. We understand that videos come in all sizes – that’s why we accept video files in any format and size.

You can easily upload your files or send them directly to us through email. If you prefer to send a hard copy, we accept mail as well.

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The Highest Quality Transcribers

It can be difficult to judge if you are working with a good or bad transcriber.

If you plan on transcribing in multiple languages – you need to make sure the transcriber you work with is fluent in multiple languages, detail-oriented, and has years of experience working in transcription services.

Oftentimes people lie about their language level, they may not even be fluent in the languages you need to be transcribed! This can be a disaster for your company – filling your transcribed document with errors that are expensive to correct.

In order to ensure that we only work with the best transcribers in the industry – we created a strict vetting process. We start by making each transcriber pass a fluency test for each language they will be transcribing.

Next, they must pass a transcription test to ensure they are detail-oriented and accurate. After they pass these tests, we have a project manager review their work until it is 100% accurate every time.

We also require each transcriber to have the following credentials:

Fast and Cost-Efficient Video Transcripts

Don’t wait days or weeks to get your transcribed documents – we can have them ready within 24 hours.

We understand each business comes with strict deadlines – which is why we make fast, accurate deliveries our number one priority.
If you are working with an extremely tight deadline and need a document delivered the same day, we have our rush-delivery service which is the perfect fit for your needs.

With this service, our transcription team works around the clock to deliver your transcribed documents within hours. Other video dictation and transcription service companies charge a 20% service fee on all orders – dramatically increasing your final payment.

We are able to cut out this fee by working directly with our transcribers. Other video transcripts companies charge hidden fees that you won’t see until the final day of your contract. We never charge hidden fees. We are 100% transparent about all of our prices – what we agree on the first day is what you will pay on the last day of our contract.

Trust is a top priority with us – it’s why we have a 99% retention rate with each of our clients.

Businesses We Work With

In order to remain competitive, and have your videos stand out, your company needs your videos transcribed.

We have helped brands across every industry take their business to the next level – reaching clients internationally with our language transcription services. We have worked with the following businesses:

If you don’t see your business listed above, don’t worry – we have a transcriptionist who is here to help you with all your videos.

Best Video Transcription Company

Video transcriptionists need to be 100% accurate – especially with long-form videos. If a video is 2 hours long it can be easy to miss small details or grammatical errors.

It’s important to only work with a transcription company that double and triple checks all of its work and only work with certified transcriptionists. We are the best video transcription company in the world for the following reasons:

We offer a lifetime guarantee to all of our clients – past and present.
We have the fastest delivery times in the industry.
We only work with the best of the best transcriptionists.
We only work with the best of the best transcriptionists by thoroughly vetting each one before hiring them.
We transcribe videos in over 200 different languages.
We are available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you have about your transcribed videos.

For a free quote, call us now at 1 (202) 544-2942.

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