Transcription Services

Transcription Services

Hiring the wrong transcriptionist who delivers inaccurate transcriptions could damage your relationships with your clients.

Here at The Language Doctors, we offer fast, reliable, and 100% accurate human-generated transcription services for over 200 different languages.

We have transcriptionists who are available 24/7 who work around the clock to deliver the fastest and best transcription services in the industry today. We offer the most cost-effective prices that cannot be beaten by our competitors.

How Do We Choose Our Team of Transcribers?

Each transcriber that we work with is a native English speaker and has to have at least 5 years of experience transcribing audio and videos.

We thoroughly vet each transcriber before hiring them to be part of our team. After they are hired, we place them in a mentorship program where they are trained by one of our project managers until each transcription they work on is 100% accurate every single time.

Our transcribers approach each assignment scanning for important details, such as verbal tics, consistent speech patterns, colloquialisms, and uniformity.

There are many transcription services online today that you can find with a quick google search. The problem is, many of these transcription services use machines to create speech-generated transcriptions.

These transcriptions can be filled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors throughout. It’s important that all your transcriptions are generated by humans because they won’t make these mistakes.

How to Use Our Transcription Services

In order to access our transcription services, you first need to upload your files. It can easily be uploaded through our website which is encrypted so you never have to worry about your information being stolen.

Files can be easily uploaded from your computer, or you can share a public URL with us. We also make all of our employees sign an NDA which guarantees your companies privacy.

You can pay directly through our platform with a debit or credit card. We also accept Paypal on all orders. Next, all you have to do is choose which turnaround you need. We offer rush deliveries on all orders so that you can have your transcriptions within hours.

Transcription services often go hand and hand with other services such as translations, subtitles, and closed captions.

We can easily provide multiple services at a time so that you can have your transcriptions translated into different languages. We can also add video subtitles or add closed captions as well.

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Best Transcription Service in the World Today

Here at The Language Doctors we only hire native English speakers who live in the United States for all our transcription services.

We make each transcriber sign a Confidentiality Agreement which keeps all of our clients’ information secure. We offer the lowest prices in the industry today and offer discounts on high-volume orders.

We are a transcription company that thoroughly reviews each transcription multiple times by different transcribers to ensure 100% accuracy every time.

We never rely on cheaper alternatives such as machine translation, and you will notice our quality right away.

To get connected with a transcriptionist please call us now at 1 (202) 544-2942

Businesses We Transcribe For

Every industry can benefit from using transcription services for each of their audio and video files. Your competitors are most likely already using transcription services, which makes it essential to use them as well to stay ahead.

Our services can be delivered within 24 hours with the highest possible quality. We offer transcriptions for businesses such as:

Law Firms
Advertising agencies
Marketing firms
Travel & Tourism

For more information, call us today at 1 (202) 544-2942.

Transcription Services Online Made Easy

Through our customer loyalty program, we offer special discounts for customers with high volume orders and returning customers as well.

We are available 24/7 to answer any questions you have about our transcription services or transcriptions in general. We are able to capture the message of each audio clip or video with 100% accuracy so that each transcription reflects exactly what was spoken.

If you have a tight deadline we offer rush order services and can fulfill these orders within hours. Our website is easy and intuitive, you can have your order placed within minutes.

We also accept custom orders for clients who need special requirements. We are able to accept video and audio files in:

f you are a journalist and need an interview recorded and transcribed, or if you are a business that needs a meeting interviewed and transcribed we offer zoom transcription services for you. Zoom gives users the option to record each call. Once your call is finished, our team of transcribers can easily transcribe each interview or meeting you perform. We can transcribe any audio or video files, including: Dictation, Lectures, Conference calls, Phone , messages, Workshops, Interviews, Speeches, Podcasts, Videos and Webinars.

Best Transcription Services

Don’t allow yourself to be overcharged by another transcription services company.

For a free quote today, call us at 1 (202) 544-2942.

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