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Technical Localization

There is no question about it: in today’s world, translation is vital to the success of any internet technology operation.

It doesn’t matter what type of business or organization we’re talking about. It also makes no difference if the user base is enormous or tiny — and it doesn’t even matter if the IT staff itself is limited in personnel.

The ability to present seamless translated material in a digital format has to be taken seriously. Occupations are at stake along with the absorption of what is very often important verbiage. When it comes to technical terms, especially within the digital landscape, each and every detail needs to be accounted for ahead of time.

Solutions require exploration and execution if providing top-quality IT translations is the objective. At The Language Doctors, that is one area in which we take total control so you don’t have to.

Every word counts

If there is one thing that everyone knows about IT translation, it is that the information itself is purposeful and delicate.

User manuals, for instance, are by nature very specific. Instructions need to be understood and followed. As such, the verbiage is targeted, concise, and usually crammed with technical terms.

The same can be said for programming tutorials, network configurations, conference call systems, database tables, and everything else with which an IT tech contends. Material has to be balanced, flexible, and easily consumed.

But here is the problem: when all of this material is in one language and needs to be translated into another, the potential exists for a lot of critical words and phrases to become lost or misrepresented.

The result?

Techs and consultants wind up confused, and users/employees are left out in the cold.

IT Translation Localization

The Language Doctors abide by a series of proven localization strategies pertaining to all information technology translations for both front-facing domains and back-end systems.

Localization for IT translation may include:

  • Employee literature
  • Software/hardware installation instructions
  • Course guidebooks
  • Database rendering
  • Network maps
  • User Interface buttons and menus

We can continue adhering to your current glossary and tie in translated language accordingly; or we can engage in a major overhaul that revamps an entire workflow. The scale of each project or assignment determines which route is most appropriate (and most economical), and we work with you every step of the way to address any and all concerns.  


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