Spanish Interpreting Services

Spanish Interpreting Services

Working with an unprofessional Spanish interpreter can damage communication between yourself and your client.

Here at The Language Doctors, we offer Spanish interpreting services 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We only work with the best of the best English – Spanish interpreters who specialize in whatever industry you work in.

Our Spanish interpretation services are flexible; you have the choice of working with:

  • VRI Spanish speaking interpreter
  • OPI Spanish speaking interpreter
  • Onsite Spanish speaking interpreter

For more information call us at 1 (202) 544-2942.

Spanish Legal Interpreting Services

If you have a Spanish-speaking client, it is essential to have an interpreter that is there to communicate effectively between both the client and lawyer during client meetings and court hearings. It is vital that the client understands the strategy going forward with their case going forward and that he understands the judge’s ruling.

Spanish Medical Interpreting Services

Spanish interpreting is essential for hospitals today. Suppose you are a doctor, nurse, or any other medical professional, and you are working with a patient who has limited English speaking ability. In that case, it is not enough to rely on a family member of that person or a random stranger who speaks…

Spanish Business Interpreting Services

Let’s say you own a company and are looking to expand internationally. You may be looking to start a branch in Spain or maybe even target a certain market in Latin America.

Styles of Interpretation We Offer

Spanish VRI interpreters or Video remote interpreters are location-dependent interpreters who can connect through video.

VRI interpreters are extremely convenient; you can connect with one within minutes, instead of having to plan a meeting days or even weeks in advance.

Coordinating schedules between yourself, your client, and a translator can be hectic, and if your client needs to reschedule, it can take even longer to finally have just one meeting.

Spanish VRI interpreters are not only convenient, but they also save you a lot of money because you don’t need to pay for transportation and living expenses such as airplane tickets, train tickets, and hotel rooms.

Spanish OPI interpreters or Over-the-Phone interpreters offer the same benefits as VRI interpreters, except they communicate by phone instead of communicating through video.

Our Spanish OPI interpreters are just a quick phone call away and can connect within seconds. This service is convenient and cost-effective by saving you money on travel and living expenses as well and is an excellent option if a client does not have access to video or if you or your client are having internet issues or video camera issues.

Spanish Onsite Interpreters interpret between you and your client in person. While this service can be more costly than VRI and OPI, we minimize costs by connecting you with an interpreter that is close by.

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Pricing For Spanish Interpretation

Don’t allow your company to be overcharged by other interpretation companies.

Here at the Language Doctors, we offer flexible pricing for all of our clients. Your company can pay as you go, and we provide easy reporting when it comes to invoices. Our price per minute is the lowest in the industry.
We also do not charge a 20% service fee like many of our competitors such as Fiverr and Upwork. We have a high-quality and low-cost Spanish language interpreter here for you today.

We offer services for:

Why Choose Us?

Here at The Language Doctors:

We are the best of all the Spanish interpreting agencies in the industry.

We offer Spanish phone interpreting, Spanish video interpreting, and in-person interpreting as well.

They are also required to be certified in their area of specialization and have years of experience working in their specialized industry.

All of our Spanish-speaking interpreters are vetted by our hiring staff and are required to pass a test demonstrating their proficiency in Spanish and English.

Our medical Spanish-speaking interpreters are all HIPAA certified, our legal Spanish-speaking interpreters are certified with years of experience in the legal field, and our business interpreters are able to target any Spanish-speaking market you are interested in.

To get connected to a Spanish-speaking interpreter today, please call us at 1 (202) 544-2942, and we will answer you within 10 minutes.

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