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ASL Interpreting Services for Businesses and Individuals

Experienced ASL Translators and Interpreters

It was a normal day when John, a renowned doctor, woke up and went to work. However, when he arrived there, he realised it was the first time in his life that he couldn’t help his patient. He didn’t know the American Sign Language (ASL), and there was neither ASL translator, nor interpreter nearby.

To ensure you don’t find yourself in a similarsituation, whether in a hospital or a courtroom, The Language Doctors provides the American Sign Language interpretation services for all our clients.

If John knew it, he would omit such a situation. We at TLD provide sign language interpretation services in more than 200 languages. So, as in other old advertisements, we should say, “Don’t be like John. Request a quote for ASL now.” 

Who is an ASL interpreter?

An ASL interpreter is a person who helps people who are deaf or have hearing difficulties being heard in the world. Besides, this specialist also helps them understand what is being said in English or any other language.

An interesting fact: even though most of us believedthat sign language is universal for every language, it’s not true! Just like Chinese and English, sign languages also have many variations. About 250,000 – 500,000 people in the United States and Canada use American Sign Language as their primary language. And it’s not only about those who are deaf or have hearing difficulties: people with other disabilities such as autism, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy also need some help. 

With all that being written, having an ASL interpreter ready at your company is a good idea whenever their help is needed. However, if you don’t have an opportunity for one more job opening, no worries! Here at The Language Doctors, we provide ASL interpreting services for all your needs whenever you need them. Please call us at 1 (202) 544-2942 for more information.

Industries We Serve with ASL Interpretation

Here at The Language Doctors, we work with:

Our ASL Medical Interpreters help patients who are deaf or have other hearing difficulties. They are available 24/7 to help patients schedule (but not limited to):

Sick visits
Emergency services

No worries if you need ASL interpreting services right now, but you’re far from the city: The Language Doctors’ ASL medical interpreters are available in-person and via a video call. And no worries if you don’t have time to check an interpreter you will work with: our interpreters are HIPPA compliant and professionally certified, with years of experience in the medical field.

And what about safety? You’re a solicitor and need an interpreter during the hearing. TLD takes security and safety to a high level, so before an interpreter starts to do their work, we sign a contract with the client including an NDA  The interpreter is forbidden to share any information they hear or read during the interpretation. 

Do you feel likeyou need help soon? Don’t hesitate to request a free quote from TLD now!

ASL In-Person and Video Interpretation Services

Here at The Language Doctors, we are an interpreting company that offers in-person or on-site interpreting for various industries.

In-person interpreting is an excellent service because there is no need to rely on technology for the interpretation session.

Losing power or the internet or having technical difficulties such as a microphone not functioning correctly or a camera not being able to turn on are a few problems you can avoid by choosing in-person interpreting.

All of our ASL interpreters are vetted and required to pass a test to verify their abilities in ASL interpreting before we hire them. They are all professionally certified and have many years of experience as well.

Our ASL video interpreters bridge the communication gap between deaf or limited hearing clients by video call. We have our own video software that you can connect to in order to reach a video interpreter.

If you prefer other platforms such as Zoom, or Skype that can be arranged as well by calling 1 (202) 544-2942.

A deaf person can easily see an online sign language interpreter through the video on their phone, tablet, or laptop. The online sign language interpreter can then translate what the deaf person is saying and communicate it to the hearing party through the speakers.

Compared to working with on-site interpreters, many benefits come with working with ASL Video interpreters, including saving costs on travel expenses and not having to reschedule or a party can’t attend a meeting.

Pricing Of ASL Interpreting

Don’t risk working with an unqualified interpreter. Here at the Language Doctors, we offer the highest quality sign language interpretations out of all sign language interpreting agencies in the world today.

We are a sign language interpreters agency that thoroughly vets each interpreter – making them pass language fluency tests before we hire them.

We offer sign language interpreting services and interpretation services for over 200 different languages and for every industry that exists today.

Best ASL Interpreting Service

As you can see, hiring an ASL interpreter is essential in supporting employees or clients who are deaf or have difficulty hearing.

Here at The Language Doctors, we are a sign language interpreter agency that offers ASL interpretation services for all of your ASL interpreting needs.

We can match you with an interpreter within 24 hours.

We have both in-person interpreters and ASL video interpreters

Our prices are the least costly amongst our competitors

We offer American Sign Language interpreting for hospitals, events, and conferences.

We have sign language interpretations that specialize in every industry, including medical, legal, and business.

If you are interested in American Sign Language interpreting services or ASL translation services, please call us today at 1 (202) 544-2942, and we will answer within 10 minutes.

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