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If you are looking for immigration translation services in the US: we provie professional, certified translation services for immigration documents, guaranteed and accepted by the USCIS.

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Certified Translation Services

At The Language Doctors we specialize working with Federal Government and State Agencies across the country. 

Certified translations are a special type of translation services required by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and by other government agencies across the country.

We provide translation for immigration documents done by certified translators. This includes translations for visa, passports, PR, birth certificates and any other documents required for the immigration process. 

Certified Translation Services

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The fastest way to get documents translated fast. Reach out to request a quote or just submit file directly. 

Common Uses of Certified Translation

Common Uses of Certified Translation

Certified translations may be required for many reasons. In most cases, any procedures with governmental entities e.g. applying for a visa, or a driving license, will require certified translation of your documents.

In similar cases, legal proceedings, both criminal and civil, e.g. adoption or marriage, will require certified translations. 

Do you need translation of documents for immigration process? Use our direct submission ordering system to order certified translations fast.

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