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French Translation Services

French Translation Services for Your Business

Did you know you miss out on over 300 million potential customers if your content is unavailable in French?
French Translation Services

At The Language Doctors, we provide the fastest English-to-French translation services in the industry today. We follow the highest quality standards – our translations are also ISO 9001:2008 certified!

Moreover, our best of the best French translators guarantee you 100% accurate translation every time for every case. Having more than 5 years of experience not only in translation but also in your specific field, our translators know what to do for sure. Request a free quote now! 

French Translation Services

The Highest Quality French Translators

An incorrect translation from an unqualified translator can break all the romanticism of such a language as French. What’s more, your customers will not understand your content, resulting in lost profit.

That is why at The Language Doctors, we offer you the services of only qualified specialists previously vetted by us. We have developed a testing system, which begins with the translator passing a test to confirm their fluency in English and French. Then, the second test confirms that translators have industry knowledge and understand key terms in their area of expertise. After these tests, they enter the mentorship program, where a project manager checks their work every time until it is 100% accurate.

Besides, our main requirements for our French translators are to be native English speakers and current members of the American Translators Association (ATA). Each of our French translators must have at least a bachelor’s degree and more than 5 years of work in translation and their specialization. With these requirements, we have created a perfect team that offers English-to-French translation services.

However, what about our translation process itself?

The French translator completes the document to the best of their ability.

Next, a proofreader checks and corrects grammatical and language errors they find throughout the document.

After that, a second proofreader reviews the document and ensures it is 100% accurate and consistent.

Finally, the project manager reviews the document, approves it, and then sends it to the client.

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Convenient French Interpretation Services

Your institution could get hit with a multimillion-dollar lawsuit by working with an unqualified interpreter.

For example, when speaking about the medical sphere, often, non-English-speaking patients bring a friend or relative who speaks English. If this patient had a medical checkup, they would have their friend or relative interpret for them. This is a huge mistake because this friend or relative may not know the medical terminology necessary to give an accurate interpretation. As a result, patients may not understand the risks associated with a procedure or medication – and could sue you. 

This is why getting high-quality French interpretation services in medicine and other fields is so important.

To avoid such a situation, at The Language Doctors, we offer certified services of a French translation agency in three different options including:


This fast and effective option will connect you with one of our French interpreters within five minutes.

Voice Over

This is also a great option to save money and time if you’re too busy for a face-to-face meeting.


This option is great as you do not have to worry about internet connection problems or technical issues. TLD will organize your meeting with an interpreter in person!

Fast and Cost-Effective French to English Translation Services

From now on, you do not have to wait weeks to receive French translations of your documents - TLD will deliver them to you within 24 hours!

Fast delivery is our top priority, so we retain 99% of our customers. Besides, our rush-delivery service is perfect if you have a tight deadline and require same-day delivery! For this service, our translators work around the clock to deliver your documents in just a few hours.

At TLD, we can provide French writing translations for a wide range of different types of content, including:

  • French Document Translation
  • French Deposition Services
  • French Virtual Data Room Services
  • French E-Learning Support
  • French Simultaneous Interpretation
  • French Linguistic Validation
  • French Voiceovers and Subtitling
  • French Staffing Solutions
  • French Multicultural Marketing
  • French Document Management
  • French Consecutive Interpretation
  • French Transcription
  • French Typesetting and Graphics

Specialized French Translation Services

At TLD, we can provide a specialized and culture-referred translation that any other French translation agency wouldn’t. Since our translators are knowledgeable of French culture (and this is one of our requirements), there’s no problem for us to translate your text and localize it properly!

At The Language Doctors, our team with our French translation services will help you to reach your customers in such industries as:

The Number One French Translation Company

No more need for Google Translate when you have our number-one French translation company operating worldwide!

Our deliveries are the fastest in the industry.

We offer a lifetime guarantee to all our clients.

 TLD French translators are available 24/7 to answer your questions and concerns.

We only work with the best translators in the industry.

Our team can offer the lowest possible prices.

Our deliveries are the fastest in the industry.

We offer a lifetime guarantee to all our clients.

We are available 24/7 to answer your questions and concerns.

We only work with the best of the best translators in the industry.

We are able to offer the lowest possible prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our French translation service is the fastest and cheapest in the industry. Our qualified and assessed French translators clearly understand the specifics of your industry and provide a high-quality and culture-referred translation that is perfect for you.

Yes! At The Language Doctors, we provide French interpretation services for various industries. With extensive work experience, our translators know all the specific terminology in finance, legal, medicine, government, marketing, retail, technologies, travel, manufacturing, and more.

Native English speakers provide the Language Doctors’ English-to-French translation services with perfect knowledge of French. Only professionals with more than 5 years of experience in your field who have undergone thorough testing and training became part of our French translation agency.

Because our priority is fast delivery, our certified French translation services do not take much time. With rush-delivery service, we ensure you receive your documents within 24 hours faster than other French translation services.

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