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Website Translation Services

You could already be missing out on thousands, if not millions of dollars by not utilizing website translation services to expand your brand globally.

Website visitors spend twice as much time on websites that are written in their native language. They are also three times as likely to buy from your website if your site has native materials.

In order to expand your business globally, it is essential that you are able to reach customers across the world using website content that is written in their native language.

All us now at 1 (202) 544-2942 to connect with a translator.

A Website Translation Company You Can Trust

Don’t make the mistake of working with an unqualified translator, they could ruin your brand’s reputation and cost you thousands of dollars with incorrect translations.

Here at The Language Doctors, we are a website translation agency that translates in over 200 different languages across the globe today.

We only hire the best of the best translators and can prove it by explaining our hiring process. We thoroughly vet each of our translators during the application process. They are required to pass tests that demonstrate their fluency in each language they are translating to and from.

We also make them pass a test that proves their expertise in their industry specialization. We only hire translators with at least a bachelor’s degree, five or more years of experience, and are native speakers.

We also require each of our translators is accredited by either:

  • The American Translators Association (ATA)
  • The Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI)
  • The National Association of Judiciary Interpreters
    and Translators (NAJIT)

After they are accepted and hired, we place them in a mentorship program where we train them and correct their work until it is 100% accurate every time. Although this is a rigid application process, it guarantees that our clients only work with translators with a proven track record and the experience needed to complete every job to satisfaction. Call us today at 1 (202) 544-2942  or submit a form for a free quote.

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The Benefits of Website Localization Services

Don’t allow readers to become bored while reading you website and risk losing them to your competition.

In order to attract viewers and keep them engaged, your website can’t just be translated; it needs to be localized as well.

Website localization factors in slang, humor, words, and cultural references specific to a region. It takes into account the wants, needs, and fears specific to each region of your target market.

For example, people in New York City are vastly different than those living in Houston, Texas. People have different tastes in music, eat different foods, and overall have a different lifestyle when comparing the two cities.

You wouldn’t use the same message to attract both markets of these cities because it wouldn’t be effective.

If you localize the message of your website copy so that each version is catered to two specific audiences, your website would have much greater success attracting and keeping viewers. This is what localization is, and it can be applied to every language across every country in the world.

How We Match Our Clients to Translators

We match each of our clients with a team of translators that will be the best fit possible. We consider three things, language pair, location, and cultural and industry knowledge.
  • We first filter our translators by language.
  • Finally, we look for a translator with years of experience in your industry and who has spent time living in the location of your target market.
  • Next, we look for a translator located within driving distance of your company’s location to save you money on transportation expenses in case you want to meet with a translator in person.

Industries We Work With

Every industry in the world needs website translation service to remain competition. It is essential to offer translations in the reader’s mother tongue to keep them engaged while reading your websites content. Don’t allow your competition to steal your potential clients from you.

We offer website translation services for the following industries:

Banking & Finance
Media &
Travel &
Public Sector

The Best Prices and Quality Amongst All Website Translation Companies

Here at The Language Doctors, we are able to offer the most cost-effective prices when compared to our competitors. Other website translation companies such as Fiverr and Upwork charge a 20% service fee on all orders. We are able to eliminate this service fee because we work directly with each of our translators.

Another downside to working with other website translation companies is they don’t vet their freelancers. Freelance translators can lie about their actual language ability. You may find yourself working with a translator who copies and pastes all your website content into Google Translate, which leads to inaccurate translations that could potentially offend readers with the wrong words.

Another risk you run by hiring a stranger on the internet is the payment. An unreliable translator could take your money and deliver unsatisfactory work or not deliver any work at all.

Call us today at 1 (202) 544-2942 to get connected with a website translator.

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