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Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation Services

Experienced translators with native-level proficiency in the legal domain, ensuring the highest quality and expertise in delivering accurate and precise translations.

Our range of services encompasses legal translation solutions, which include:

  • Civil Lawsuit Translations
  • Court Interpreting, Reporting And Notices
  • Legally Binding Contract Translations
  • Affidavits Translation
  • Legal Document Translations
  • Corporate Law
  • Foreign Decisions And Declarations
  • Immigration Process Documentation
  • Notices Of Appeal
  • Mergers And Acquisitions
  • Patents And Copyrights
  • Trial Transcripts And Pleadings

Certified Legal Translation Services

Don’t make the mistake of working with an uncertified translator. Here at The Language Doctors, we only work with translators and interpreters who are professionally certified.

We thoroughly vet each applicant and make them pass a series of tests that demonstrate their language fluency in the languages they will be translated to and from.

We also test them on their legal experience, ensuring they know the correct terminology based on the type of law they choose to specialize in.

Our translators use the latest translation technology that helps them deliver faster and 100% accurate translations in record time. We offer the most cost-effective legal document translation services in the industry today.

We are able to translate any legal document that your client needs, including:

Medical records
Marriage certificates
Academic transcripts
Legal Name Change
Academic diplomas
Birth Certificates
Adoption Papers
Driver’s Licenses

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Translation of Legal Document

Our legal translation service is designed to help you with your multilingual needs.

Our goal is to provide you with high-quality translations that are consistent and easy for everyone on your team to use. We provide translation services for companies that want consistency in their documents and marketing materials.

Our translators are native speakers who have been vetted by us, so you can rest assured that your translations will be accurate and consistent with your brand voice.

We’re the only company that allows you to get in touch with highly skilled and experienced translators at any time. We make sure our customers can find the best translator for their specific case.

We also work faster than any other translation company out there, so you get your document back sooner!

Legal Translations For Any Language

The Language Doctors are experts in this field with over 20 years experience translating thousands of legal documents from English into French, Spanish, German & Italian.

We guarantee that our translations will not only be technically correct but also culturally appropriate so you can avoid any potential misunderstandings or costly mistakes down the line.

Our expert translators are fluent in both languages involved so they know exactly what each word means when it comes to the law. We take pride in our work. Our clients always come back because they trust us to deliver high-quality translations that are 100% true to source, every time.

Legal Interpretation Services

We offer three different options for your interpreting needs; over-the-phone interpretation, video interpretation, and in-person interpretation.


is a fast and cost-effective option for your law firm. During a client meeting, you can call one of our certified interpreters and put the call on speakerphone.

Video Remote

is also fast and cost-effective. You can connect with an interpreter directly through our platform or video applications such as Zoom or Skype.


is great for ASL interpretation or older clients who may struggle using technology.

This is an excellent option for in …

Best Legal Translation Services

You’ve got a lot on your plate, and you can’t afford to make mistakes with legal translations.

The Language Doctors is the best company in the translation world that holds every legal translation service to the highest standard of quality.

We deliver fast, accurate, high-quality translations for every type of document – no exceptions! And we do it all at an affordable price.

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