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Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation Services

The Language Doctors is not just a company - we are skilled translators with native-level proficiency in law, providing the highest quality and experience in delivering accurate and precise translations! Our spectrum of services encompasses legal translation solutions, which include (but not limited to):
  • Civil Lawsuit Translations
  • Court Interpreting, Reporting And Notices
  • Legally Binding Contract Translations
  • Affidavits Translation
  • Legal Document Translations
  • Corporate Law
  • Foreign Decisions And Declarations
  • Immigration Process Documentation
  • Notices Of Appeal
  • Mergers And Acquisitions
  • Patents And Copyrights
  • Trial Transcripts And Pleadings

Certified Legal Translation Services

Imagine you made the mistake of working with an uncertified translator. This resulted in having your legal documents translated with serious mistakes, lack of localization, and use of improper words. However, it could be omitted (read further to avoid falling into a trap)!

At TDL, we are working only with professionals who are certified for legal translation services. We select our applicants carefully by testing them on special tests, demonstrating their fluency in the languages they will be translated to and from. Besides, the potential translators and interpreters are also tested in terms of their legal experience to guarantee that they know the correct terminology based on the type of law they choose to specialize in.

Furthermore, our team uses the latest translation technology, which helps us deliver translations of the highest quality much faster than other translation companies. At TLD, we provide the most cost-effective legal document translation services in the industry today!

Medical records
Marriage certificates
Academic transcripts
Legal Name Change
Academic diplomas
Birth Certificates
Adoption Papers
Driver’s Licenses

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Translation of Legal Documents

Hindi? Chinese? Japanese? Well, for some translators, these languages sound very scary to translate legal documents to, but... Not for The Language Doctors!

Our goal is to provide you with high-quality legal document translation services in any language you need that are consistent and easy for everyone on your team to use. We offer translation services for companies that want precision in their legal documents.

Besides, TLD is the only company that allows you to get in touch with highly skilled and experienced translators at any time, 24/7. 

Finally, we work faster than any other translation company, so you get your document back sooner!

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Legal Translations For Any Language

The Language Doctors have over 20 years of experience translating dozens of legal documents from English to French, Spanish, German, Italian, Hindi, Chinese, and 200 other languages.

Our translations are guaranteed to be both technically accurate and culturally appropriate. Hence, you can prevent any potential misunderstandings or costly mistakes from occurring in the future.

Moreover, The Language Doctors’ team of professional translators is fluent in the languages they translate to and from to comprehend the meaning of every word in the law. Because of that, our customers trust us to deliver high-quality legal translations that strictly stick to the source.

Legal Interpretation Services

Over-the-phone interpretation, video interpretation, or in-person interpretation? Choose the best one!


TLD certified interpreters are highly skilled in providing flawless interpretation services during your legal meetings. All you need to do is put the call on speakerphone and let our interpreters work their magic.

Video Remote

You can easily connect with an interpreter through our platform with a few clicks. Alternatively, you can use known video applications such as Zoom or Skype to overcome language barriers.


Enjoy the convenience of face-to-face communication, where skilled interpreters bring sign language to life. It’s a great option for those who prefer a more traditional approach or find technology challenging.

Best Legal Translation Services

There is too much at stake, and you can’t even think about mistakes with legal translation.

The Language Doctors is the best company in the translation world, holding every legal translation service to the highest quality standard.

Our team provides translations that are fast, accurate, and high-quality for every document type. We offer an affordable price for everything we do. Take a look now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Accurate translation of legal documents is crucial to ensure clarity, prevent misunderstandings, and uphold the integrity of legal proceedings. Errors in translating legal documents can lead to legal disputes, financial losses, and damaged reputations. Precision in translation is paramount for a just and equitable legal system.

At The Language Doctors, we understand the importance of accurately translating legal documents. With over 20 years of experience, our expert translators are trusted to deliver precise and culturally appropriate translations, ensuring the integrity of your legal materials. Get a quote today!

Documents often necessitating certified legal translation services include contracts, immigration documents, court transcripts, patents, and legal agreements. Certification ensures accuracy and compliance with legal standards, making these translations crucial for legal proceedings and official purposes.

At The Language Doctors, we excel in providing certified legal translation services. With a team of seasoned experts, we guarantee precise translations for crucial documents, offering peace of mind and quality assurance in all your legal endeavors.

Using legal language services is essential to navigate the intricate and precise terminology of the legal world. These services ensure that legal documents are accurately translated, maintaining the integrity of contracts, agreements, and court proceedings, preventing costly misunderstandings and legal disputes. Trust in experts like The Language Doctors for dependable legal language services!

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