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Global Web Design Services

Global Web Design Services

Your competitors are already reaching customers on a global scale with their website design – don’t get left behind.

In order to remain competitive in the business world today, you need to have a website that has content in multiple languages.

The Language Doctors is a company which provides web design services that helps companies like yours expand their brand globally and increase conversion rates.

We work directly with multilingual website designers, copywriters, and translators that can reach customers in Europe, South America, Asia, and other markets.

For any questions, call us at 1 (202) 544-2942.

Website Design Services

Our expert team of UX/UI designers and developers can help you convert your avision into reality.

First we discuss your goals, objectives and design criteria. Our project managers analyze project scope, timeline and milestones, which are then presented to you for approval.

Every website design element is presented to you before it’s sent to development stage. We analyze your design criteria, gather feedback and iterate on the go. The main goal is to work hand in hand with you on your vision and goals, to ensure the project is delivered to your expectations and satisfaction.

We work with:

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Why Multilingual Websites are Important

Having a website with content only written in English means your brand is already missing out on over 95% of the world’s population!

A multilingual website has content written and spoken in more than one language. A multiregional website has content that explicitly targets users in different countries.

By having content written in the reader’s native language, they will feel more connected to what is being said – which leads to higher conversions.

The next step to improve the content would be to localize it as well. Localization takes into account regional jokes, slang, cultural references, and the overall way of speaking and writing specific to a region.

To give you an example let’s think of California – although it is one state, the people vary differently from San Francisco and San Diego. San Diego is a laid-back beach city, where

San Francisco is a work-centered big tech city. You would need to localize your content to each of these cities differently to achieve optimal results.

What are The Best Practices for Multilingual Websites?

The best practice for multilingual websites is to make sure each page of content is clear to both search engines and viewers. You should include the default language in the header markup of each page of content on your website.

The Best Business Translation Company

Don’t allow yourself to get overcharged with hidden or confusing fees that other companies sneak into the final price.

Our prices are completely transparent, and we are able to save your company money by offering the lowest prices amongst our competition.

We are able to do this because other websites development companies such as Fiverr or Upwork charge a 20% service fee. We never charge a service fee because we work directly with our website developers.

Our website developers develop websites that are:

  • Multilingual
  • Localized
  • Scaled through Internationalization

Your brand will be able to easily scale your business – reaching customers across different continents, countries, and cities. Our team has a vast knowledge of your target audience and always uses best practices while developing your website.

We focus on making your website responsive so that users are engaged throughout the entire experience. A highly engaging website will lead to more conversions over time.

We make sure your company only works with the best of the best web developers by our rigorous vetting system. We require our web developers to have:

Businesses We Work With

Take your business internationally by directly working with us. We have a 99% retention rate with past customers due to our outstanding services and fast deliveries.

We work across many different industries and provide bilingual website design and multilingual websites for businesses such as:

Marketing Agencies
International Corporations
Law Firms
Universities &
Advertising Agencies
Small Businesses
Travel & Tourism Companies

Now is the perfect time to reach international markets. Give us a call today at 1 (202) 544-2942 and we will start working on your website.

The Best Web Design Services

Working with an unqualified website developer and designer can make your business look unprofessional.

Here at the Language Doctors, we are the best multilingual website design and development company for the following reasons.

Don’t wait another day, we are here to develop your website to reach customers across the globe and gain a competitive edge over your competition.

For a free quote please call us at 1 (202) 544-2942.

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