Advertising Translation Services 

Here at The Language Doctors, we are an advertising translation agency that offers translation for advertising agencies across the globe.  

Each of our professionally certified translators is thoroughly vetted and required to pass a series of tests that prove their fluency in both English and the languages they are translated to and from.  


We require each advertising translator to have years of experience working in advertising and marketing so that they can speak the language of your business.  


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Advertising and Creative Translation Services
Transcreation Services

Translation of Advertisement 

We offer advertising services in every language spoken in the world today. Our translators are here to translate all your marketing and advertising materials, including websites, newsletters, market research, brochures, marketing plans, public relations documents, sponsorship agreements, press releases, business cards, and advertising software.  

Expanding to global markets can be a challenge. There are many cultural differences across different languages you may not have considered before targeting a certain market.  


Our translators are here to help you bridge the cultural gap by creating texts that resonate with readers across every country, city, and continent you should do business in.  


Translation Ad Agency 


Our translators offer fast, secure, and safe deliveries for every translation task they are assigned. Since we work directly with our translators, we are able able to provide the most cost-efficient prices in the industry today. 


Other platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and others charge a 20% service fee which gets added to your bill when you work through these platforms.  


You never have to worry about a service fee this high when working with us. We are able to offer the lowest prices amongst our competitors and better service as well.  


We keep up to date with the latest translation technology, which saves you time and money by working with us.  


We always assign our clients translators based on three factors, industry specialization, language pair, and location.  


We always try to match our clients to translators who are within driving distance so that if needed, they can meet in person. We do this for convenience and so that you do not have to spend money on travel expenses or hotel accommodations for your translator to arrive.  

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Along with in-person translation, we offer remote options as well. You can connect directly with your translator through video by using our platform, Zoom, or Skype. Our translators can also be contacted by phone call as well.  


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What is Transcreation? 

When it comes to marketing and advertising, the text you use has to be worded in a way that sells your product.  


Since advertising is sales in the written form, it is essential that the texts you have translated have the same message in both English and the language you are translating to.  


The text must have psychological triggers and target the wants, desires, and fears that each customer can relate to and how your product will solve their problem or make their lives easier. 


A simple translation won’t cut it in advertising sales copy. What your brand really needs is transcreation.  


The difference between translation and transcreation is that translation is the literal meaning of each word being translated from one language to another. On the other hand, transcreation is translating the message of a text from one language to another.  


Transcreation factors in localization, which uses words and phrases specific to the region you are targeting.  


For example, the transcreation of a text will be different when targeting citizens of Mexico vs. Argentina, even though they both speak Spanish. That is because Mexican and Argentinian culture is vastly different. Both cultures use different words, have different wants, fears, and desires, and have different slang.  


Transcreation adjusts your copy so that the market you are targeting feels they are reading an advertisement that hits close to home. They feel the writer knows them personally, which makes them more likely to buy your products. 


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Advertising Translation

Expand Your Brand To International Markets 

With an expanding global marketplace, it is essential that your brand is able to reach customers across the globe. Whether that be Japanese speakers in Japan or Spanish speakers in Mexico, we have a team of translators that are here to expand your brand globally. 

All of our advertising translators are native speakers of the language that they work with. Not only that, but they understand the culture of the market you plan on targeting.  


They know the differences between cities in different countries and what motivates the citizens of that country to buy.  


For example, in Colombia, each city has a very different culture. Most people who have been to Colombia before say it’s like visiting four different countries in one. You have the Caribbean coast, the southern summer climate of Cali, the Spring climate and people of Medellin, and the cold capital of Bogota.  


The people of the Caribbean coast and Bogota are the most different, from the music they listen to, the food they eat, and their motivations in life. Our translations would adjust your copy so that the friendly musical citizens of the coast better relate to what is written. We will then adjust the copy to target the more serious people of Bogota.  


Our translators keep this in mind when they recreate your ad campaigns in every country you plan on advertising in and every region of the world as well. 


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