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With timely, accurate, and professional translation services you can depend on, rest assured that we have your back. Whether it's a simple document translation or a complex localization project, we are always here to assist you.

Our Service Expertise

Translation Services

Round-the-clock translation services are available to cater to your every translation need, ensuring uninterrupted support. Our vast pool of over 5000 tested and qualified linguists is readily available to handle your translation requests with utmost proficiency and efficiency.

Interpretation Services

Connected Care© is an on-demand interpreting platform. Quickly connect with thousands of trained interpreters on demand via video, phone or schedule on-site.

Transcription Services

Easily convert speech to text by sharing your audio and video files with us, as we adeptly transform spoken content into written text, providing seamless communication and accessibility.

Localization Services

Effortlessly create a local experience for your product or service through our exceptional localization services, ensuring your audience feels as if your offering was custom-made exclusively for them, fostering a deep sense of connection and relevance.

Certified Translation

As a provider of manufacturing translation services, we specialize in delivering precise and accurate translations for various industrial and manufacturing needs. From technical manual translation to data sheet translation, and even localized technical translation, our expertise covers a wide range of requirements in the field, ensuring seamless communication and comprehension across the board.

Transcreation Services

Win global markers with creative translation services. Access multilingual copywriters, content writers and writers to work on your next global campaign.

Why Choose Us

At The Language Doctors, we bridge the gap between advanced linguistics resources and everyday translation needs.

We elevate business and policy across a wide variety of fast-moving industries. Translation connects commerce to consumers, and provides people from all walks of life with the ability to make the world smaller and easier to navigate.

In short: Translation creates opportunity, sparks relationships, and brings everyone closer together. It is truly the backbone of honest communication in an increasingly digitized landscape.

How Do We Work?

We understand the importance of allocating qualified linguists with industry expertise and experience in specific subject matter to the right job.

We are not just linguists; we work with specialists that have track record of experience in your industry.

Each and every translation request we receive becomes the responsibility of one of our project managers, who then delegates assignments to team members bearing the most appropriate expertise and background.

In other words, translations are performed by humans for humans at The Language Doctors to ensure unerring accuracy within context, dialect, and formatting. However, we also utilize enhanced resources such as Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. This allows us to produce translations faster — and at a more affordable rate.

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