Film Script Translation

Your film is already missing out on 95% of the world’s population if your script is only available in English.

International films and series such as “Parasite” and “Squid Game” have become worldwide hits thanks to multilingual translations and full-length subtitling services.

We are able to expand your audience to over 200 different languages spoken across the globe.

Work with the best of the best translators – and have your film ready within 24 hours by working with us. We offer the lowest prices in the industry – it doesn’t matter the budget.

The Benefits of Film Script Localization and Translation Services

Don’t risk offending your audience by using a translator who doesn’t understand your target audience’s culture.

In order for your film to maintain the same feelings and emotions from one language to another – it needs to be translated and also localized.

Localization is the art of translation taken one step further. Our localization experts adapt your script so that it keeps the purpose, content, tone, and passion of the original language.

Adding these details will make audience members have an emotional connection to your movie – as if the original script was written specifically for them.

Our team is able to:

1. Translate script to any text
2. Translate more than 200 languages
3. Add subtitles
4. Add dubbing
5. Translate any project size
6. Localize film script and screen pay

We will always assign you a translator who is not just an expert in your target languages but has years of experience living in the culture you are targeting.

Our translators are experts in your field and understand the technical knowledge and terminology to complete the highest quality work.

Even though many countries share the same languages – accents, slang, cultures, idioms, and jokes can vary greatly. It’s essential that you only work with a translator and localization expert who understands these differences.

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Why Do You Need Film Script Transcription Services?

People use transcribed texts and subtitles when they want to watch a video but using sound is not a possibility.

There are many situations where users cannot access sound including:

Not having headphones
On a loud subway train
In the back of a car
At work during their break
At night when others are sleeping

Users still want to watch videos and movies even if the sound is not available – which makes transcriptions essential for all businesses.

Users can easily read what is being said by characters in your film, or actors in your plays. The use of subtitles and transcriptions significantly increases viewership as well.

In order to appeal to audiences with limited hearing, the use of transcriptions services allows these individuals to enjoy any film.

Many people may have better reading skills than listening skills in a certain language, so allowing users to read what is said during certain parts will make your movie easier to understand.

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The Highest Quality Film Script Translators

Working with an unqualified script translator can offend audience members – leading to bad reviews for your film.

It’s vital to only work with a script translator who has been previously vetted in order to avoid grammatical errors and language errors.

We created a vetting process to ensure that we only hire the best of the best script translators in the business.

Our vetting process starts with a language fluency test for each language the translator will be translating to and from.

After they pass these tests, they enter into a mentorship program where a project manager reviews their work until it is 100% accurate every time.

We also require each of our script translators to have the following qualifications:

Native English Speaker
5+ years of experience working in film translations
Experience living in the culture of specialization
An active member of the American Translators Association (ATA)
Hold a bachelor’s degree or higher

Our translation process starts with a language expert translating and localizing your film to the best of their ability.

Next, a proofreader reviews the completed work and checks fro grammatical and language errors.

After that, another proofreader reviews the word and verifies it is 100% accurate.

Finally, the project manager reviews it one last time, approves it, then sends it to the client.

Fast and Cost-Effective Services

Don’t wait days or even weeks to have your film translated – our film translators can have your film fully translated within 24 hours.

We understand the film industry has extremely tight deadlines. Certain months out of the year and days out of the week perform better than offers – making time incredibly valuable.

If you are working with an extremely tight deadline and need your film translated the same day, we have our rush-delivery service which is perfect for your situation.

For this service, our team of language professionals works around the clock to deliver your film fully translate within hours.

It is the fastest delivery service in the entire industry and the reason why we have a 99% retention rate with all of our clients.

Other film translation companies charge service fees as high as 20% – don’t allow yourself to get taken advantage of!

We are able to eliminate this fee by working directly with our film translators. Other companies also charge hidden fees. We never charge these – what we agree on the first day is what you will pay at the end of our contract.

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Number One Film Translation Company

Don’t work with an unprofessional film translation company – only work with the best of the best.

We are the number one film translation company for the following reasons:

1. We have the fastest services

2. We offer the lowest prices

3. We vet each of our translators to ensure the highest quality services

4. We offer a lifetime guarantee to each of our clients.

5. We are available 24/7 to answer any of your questions or concerns.

6. We offer translation services in over 200 different languages.

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