Top 5 things to consider when selecting remote healthcare and medical interpretation services for your company

As the world continues to get smaller, medical translation services become increasingly valuable. This is especially true in company settings (be they large or small) where the need for on-demand interpreting has grown considerably over the last couple of decades. 

Top 5 things to consider when selecting remote healthcare and medical interpretation services for your companyRemote healthcare and medical interpretation services

Providing a high end service like this is not easy and there are many factors to consider. The sheer size of the remote network needed to offer on-demand interpretation, the speed and variety of ways to connect given the remoteness of some parts of the world, and the support to back it all up. These are all pieces of a much larger puzzle. The result though is a company like The Language Doctors, a service that strives to make connections between medical personnel, patients, and interpreters as smooth and hassle free as possible. 

Here is a look at the top 5 things to consider when selection remote healthcare and medical interpretation services for your company: 

1. Access

Medical interpreters bridge the gap between doctors and patients. This bridge can only be built if the interpreter is fluent in many languages. They must also be able to break down sometimes complicated medical jargon into language that is easier to understand. 

Access to remote healthcare and medical interpretation servicesInterpreter is fluent in many languages

This means that a translation service needs a wide base of interpreters. The Language Doctors offer a pool of specialists who combine to speak over 300 languages. These specialists understand the difference in dialects and regional differences in language. This is because many are native speakers. 

Each patient has a different and unique background. This can make it impossible to know what languages (or languages) a patient needs upfront. Having the flexibility to dip into a pool of languages this diverse removes that worry. This also nullifies any concern that the translation will subpar.      

2. Speed – Medical interpretation

There are few things in life as time-sensitive as a medical situation. There are also very few things as stressful for all involved. That stress is only amped up by waiting. This is especially true if it is a full-on medical emergency. 

SpeedStress is only amped up by waiting

Now imagine being in a medical situation and not understanding a word the doctor is saying. Even worse, would be understanding parts of the conversation. This could result in a patient agreeing to take a drug they are allergic to. With no ability to give a medical history or talk about current medication, the scope for tragedy is huge. 

Accessing on-demand interoperating quickly is as important as having an interpreter speak the correct language. The Language Doctors can provide a connection to the right interpreter in 20 seconds. This is truly a lifesaving service. 

3. Type – Medical interpretation

The type of interpretation service that a patient can use differs based on their circumstances. That is why The Language Doctors are able to offer three different types of help to their clients. This is the basis of the system that sees human expertise in the medical field powered by technology. 

The ideal method to communicate is via video stream. Achieving this connection with a phone camera, a tablet, or a computer with a webcam is simple. A huge part of language is unspoken and this is true when interoperating. A video link will allow the patient to see the interpreter, reading their body language as much as they hear the spoken word. 

TypeMedical interpretation

If video is not an option accessing an interpreter through audio via a phone is available. While this is not quite as ideal, it is still a  valuable tool for getting across the information. In a matter of life and death, which many medical situations can be, this easy access to a fellow speaker of the language via a device as simple as a phone is invaluable. 

The third option is less for emergencies and more for prearranged visits. The Language Doctors also have the option (often) of an in-person interpreter. This is ideal for more complex medical cases. This is also helpful for patients who need a more personal experience. 


It would be wonderful if connectivity was guaranteed worldwide. That is not (yet) the case, however, and connection to the cloud can still be spotty depending on a patient’s location. This also depends on the internet reception offered in that place. 

This platform does everything possible to use the cloud. This makes connecting quick, easy, and hassle-free. A big part of this is that the platform is simple and efficient. This means that it uses the lowest amount of data required to connect in any given situation. This means that this platform is able to connect in low reception areas. This is often even the case when other technologies cannot. 

Even with the prioritized use of low connection bandwidth, there are some areas where connectivity simply isn’t possible. In these regions, it is still possible to use this remote interpreting service. This is easily achieved by dialing a number from a cellular network and connecting the old-fashioned way. 


All of this sounds perfect. All of this, however, would mean nothing to a company without the technical support to back up the service. 

This platform has a 24/7 support desk that will immediately get to work on fixing any technical issues or bugs in the service. The support staff knows that time is of the essence. Their role in the company is as important as the interpreters for who they are providing a digital service. 

Support 24/7 ssupport desk 

If a technical issue is in play, then patients are not getting the interpreting help that they need. That is why a capable and flexible support staff on the technological side is a vital part of what The Language Doctors have on offer. 

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right fit for a company when it comes to medical interpreting. These five are the ones that we have found the most important during our years in business. They are the five aspects of service that we have focused on to give the best possible medical translation services. This is true for companies both large and small who want one less plate to spin as they grow. 



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