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Many dramatical advancements are going on since the lunch of the first iPhone, which is known as the device that was the pioneer of the new smartphone age. Nowadays, there’s a multitude of frequently used apps to serve a wide variety of purposes in our daily life. For example, if you are looking for language interpreting, you can just search an app online, download, install it, and start enjoying the service it offers as you wish.

However, not all phone interpreting apps provide the same service. There is no surprise if you end up using an average app that generates low-quality translations or services provided by unskilled and inexperienced human interpreters, then you or your business will be in big trouble with the huge language barrier for success.

Interpreting Apps For Phone

If you want to find an awesome interpreting app for your phone, consider the following alternatives carefully. We have examined them and highlighted their reliability, correctness, user-friendliness, and other useful features.

TLD Interpreter Manager

App Store: link

Google Play: link


  • Outstanding design to serve as a unified interpretation platform
  • Features advanced customization for call routing
  • Certified by HIPAA and EU GDPR
  • On-demand interpreting for over 300 languages
  • No subscription or service contract required

The Language Doctors app has an outstanding design to serve as a unified platform for language interpretation. Moreover, it declares to be the “first and most comprehensive unified interpretation management platform available in the market today.”

Although it is not primarily targeted at typical app users, it surely serves as a reliable and precise phone interpreting app alternative for all kinds of users. It not only focuses to reduce the cost associated with the interpretation service but also handles management activities and administration. 

The Language Doctors app provides easy and quick access to three main service areas: interpreting over the phone, video interpreting remotely, and interpreting on-site. This app service is strictly compliant with the standards set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR).


App Store: Link

Google Play: Link


  • On-demand personalized phone interpreting app in more than 30 language pairs
  • Automated users matching to the appropriate interpreters by mentioning the target language
  • No subscription or service contract required
  • Allows users to connect the same interpreter every time if they need the same service

Chatlas is popular for the next level of phone interpreter service provider that offers always at hand “personal interpreter.” Similar to the Day interpreter apps, Chatlas facilitates on-demand access to human interpreter services by establishing a conference call between the client and interpreter easily with the app. However, it also allows the users to call the desired interpreter over the phone instantly (instead of an online conference call).

Chatlas also follows the prepaid billing model. You must buy a credit balance to your user account first in advance to connect with an interpreter. It accepts PayPal and credit cards as payment methods.

The main difference between Chatlas and the Language Doctors is the number of supported languages and the available interpreters. Chatlas serves only a little more than 30 language pairs and available interpreters are around 300.

The whole process of connecting you with an interpreter (in the automatic method) may take around 60 seconds, though. If you want to connect more quickly, you can manually choose the interpreter.

In Chatlas app, if you want to find an appropriate interpreter for your project simply you have to select your desired language in the app, and it will find the interpreter for you instantly. In the automatic method, the whole process of connecting to the right interpreter usually takes around 60 seconds. Moreover, you can choose the interpreter manually, if you want the result more quickly.

Day Interpreting

App Store: Link

Google Play: Link


  • Offers both real-time and on-demand human interpreting in more than 92 languages
  • Facilitates easy dashboard reporting
  • Service without any Subscription, agreements, and set-up fees
  • Support 24/7 round the clock, 365 days a year

The uniqueness of the Day Interpreting apps is human translation among other interpreting apps. Although there are huge advancements in translation technology is going on, but machines are still a far way to substitute human interpretation. Likewise, an experienced human interpreter is more accurate and reliable than any technology or machine in the case of language translation.  Even with the use of the latest AI tools and neural network developments, the way real people do interpreting is still more advance than any machine ever invented.

However, we cannot conclude that machine interpreting has no utility. Similarly, there are some practical uses of the text to speech translations provided by many popular apps in this domain. Even the instant interpretation is possible with some special devices marketed as a travel companion that serves real-time translation of what a foreigner is saying. Likewise, Day Interpreting has a sister app named Day Translations, which is very useful with a speech-to-speech translation functionality. Machine-based or automated interpreting has some contextual usefulness, but no technologies can supersede human interpretation at least in the upcoming years. 

You can get in touch with a professional human interpreter quickly and easily in Day Interpreting to get service remotely at any time. So, you don’t need to set an appointment. It’s uncommon that you will not find anyone to serve you for an urgent interpreting work as Day Translation has a global network of over 1,500 interpreters.

The good news is you don’t require to take a subscription for using the Day Interpretation app and services. You will get a unique user ID and access to a user-friendly interface to get self-service after simply sign up for a free Day Interpreting account. Then, you have to set a four-digit passcode to secure your account access.

You must buy credits first in advance to use the Day Interpreting service as it follows the prepaid billing model (payment methods: PayPal and credit card). After buying the credits you will see the account balance and you will be able to contact an instant phone interpreter billing per minute as service charge.  The actual calling service time will be deducted from your prepaid account credits balance.

Voze Real-time Telephone Translation

Google Play: Link


  • Specialized in real-time over the phone, technical and sworn translations
  • Powered by more than 130 professional interpreters and service covers a minimum of 14 languages
  • No need for a subscription, setup fees, and reservations

Voze app is intended to serve as a platform for communicating over the phone, an intercultural mediation tool, and a business interpreting service. A language service company offers this platform as part of their services offered and it is based in Madrid, Spain.

At the time of writing this app review, it only supports 14 languages and those are English, French, Dutch, Chinese, Catalan, Eastern and Western Arabic, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian, and Urdu. However, there is no confusion that this app is good at its service.

This is a highly intuitive app and it is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use the app even for the new users of phone interpreting apps. This app offers 24/7 customer service to users. It doesn’t require any subscription or sign up for a user account to enjoy the interpreting service. Moreover, the app guarantees no waiting times for the users for having access to interpreting services. Another good news, there are no fees for reservation and set up the user service account. However, users are only required to pay for the actual time used.

You can use Voze app by only taking three steps: selecting your desired language pair, press on the call button, and activating the speaker to listen. When you are connected to an interpreter service provider, you can enjoy your phone like an uninterrupted interpreting device. The app produces the matching of the verbal translation if you just point the microphone of the device to the foreign language speaker.

SayHi Translate

App Store: Link

Google Play: Link


  • Powered as an instant smartphone interpreter for 90 languages and dialects
  • Featured as a text translator
  • Offers male or female voices with the capability of slowing down the speed of the speech

SayHi Translate interpreting app is the easiest one among the other interpreting apps. This app is convenient for verbal communication with foreign-language speakers from different countries of the world as it utilizes a “conversational translation” approach. If you want to start a conversation with someone who speaks another language, you simply need to open the app, then choose your desired input and output languages and start the conversation easily. It supports around 90 languages and dialects including French, Finnish, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Danish, Latvian, Hebrew, Lithuanian, Korean, Thai, Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese, Tamil, Urdu, and Hindi.

What’s more, you have male and female voices to do the interpreting. These voices can also be adjusted to a slower or faster speed to make sure the other party can understand what you are saying. If you don’t want to use your voice, you can also type the words you want the app to verbally translate. Just tape and hold the microphone button and start typing in your message.

Additionally, this app offers both male and female voices to interpret the supported languages. Another cool feature of this app is it allows the user to control and adjust the voice speed as slower or faster to ensure the foreign speaker can understand your speech. Moreover, if you want to use text instead of your voice, you can easily do that by typing the text in the app and it will translate the text verbally. So, you can start either typing in your message or just tape and hold the microphone button in the app to translate instantly.

However, SayHi Translate has also a drawback to mention it only based on machine translation. Similarly, it does not offer an option to connect with a human translator. Although it is a user-friendly language translator tool for many cases, when it comes to quality and complete accuracy that only can possible with a human interpreter, then you need to think twice for other better alternatives.

These are the top five apps you can use on your phone to enjoy interpreting. However, it is very common that you would have to spend money on taking an interpreting service of your choice. It is unusual to expect a free human interpreting service from the market and this should not be evaluated as a downside as it’s impossible to find an interpreting service completely free of cost. Because for a free app service no company would be willing to invest in assembling an on-demand interpreting team to serve the app user’s service request.

If you want to find an interpreter quickly for any translation purpose, the featured above alternatives are the best among the other options you can find available in the market. These apps are developed for both Android and iOS devices. Thousands of app users have tested these apps and generally, they have given positive feedback regarding these apps.

Get An Interpreter App Developed By An Experienced LSP

The most important criteria to use a mobile app for interpreting is reliability and accuracy. Similarly, the app must be user friendly. Moreover, it only makes sense if you choose an interpreting app developed by a trustworthy and extensively experienced interpreting service provider like The Language Doctors that knows language interpretation better, particularly human interpreting than the other companies with an outstanding track record in offering various language services to the clients globally.

Meet with our company, along with its global experts’ network of native language professionals to satisfy your all interpreting and other language service needs 24/7, 365 days a year. Feel free to pick up the phone and dial 1-202-544-2942 to ask any queries regarding our services or to discuss the details of your required interpreting services. Similarly, you can also reach us via email by filling out the contact form on the Contact us page of our service website.

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