Telephonic Interpretation Services Top 10 Services in 2021

Telephonic Interpretation Services Top 10 list will help you decide to hire the best over the phone interpretation services provider. In this age of Globalization, communication over the phone in different foreign languages is crucial for any organization operating globally. However, global communication to various foreign native language speakers over the phone is not easy.


Here comes to the qualified, experienced, expert, and reputed Telephonic Interpretation Service provider to break down the language barriers. Thus, in this blog post, they’ve highlighted the top 10 Telephonic Interpretation Services to help you select the right service partner. So, keep reading this review post until the end.

Telephonic Interpretation Services Top 10. Pick Your Language Interpretation Services in 2021:

Telephonic Interpretation Services Top 10 is the focus of this current blog post. Here they’ve highlighted the top 10 industry-leading interpretation services providers specialized in Telephonic Interpretation Services. Moreover, these top interpretation companies or agencies have become experienced and expert on Telephonic Interpretation in various industries over the years.

So, check out this following post to get more insights about their service quality, features, benefits, credentials, etc., to hire the best interpretation services provider to meet Telephonic Interpretation Services.

The Language Doctors- Telephonic Interpretation Services:

The Language Doctors (TLD) is the global leader in telephonic interpreting services, document translation, Website localization, and various interpreting services.  In fact, it is number one in Telephonic Interpretation Services Top 10 list.

Moreover, they build long and meaningful relationships with global enterprises to develop deeper relationships with their customers. Likewise, TLD works across six continents and are fluent in 300+ languages. Additionally, their team combines the best of human expertise with the best of machine intelligence. Furthermore, they have 25+ years of industry experience and continue to grow.

They specialize in app localization, the healthcare industry for medical translation, and Telephonic interpreting services. Moreover, TLD is a HUB Zone Certified, GSA Schedule holding Small Business. In fact, they have been in business for almost 20 years.  Additionally, TLD maintains a comprehensive database of over 5,000 professional linguists.

Moreover, their project managers are professional and responsive. In fact, their screening process is comprehensive; they ensure that only qualified linguists will work for each project considering their experience, education, clearances, specializations, and certifications.

Likewise, their Legal and Medical Translation specialization has enabled them to extensively serve the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Additionally, TLD has provided numerous law firms around the country with the ability to transcribe, translate and summarize vast quantities and volumes of discovery materials before trial.

Moreover, TLD ensures the confidentiality of its content materials and strictly adheres to all nondisclosure agreements’ regulations. Thus, TLD themes translators and interpreters with the highest qualifications.  Moreover, they are also corporate members in good standing of the American Translators Association (ATA).

For more information, contact The Language Doctors today:

Telephone: +1 773-983-6744




TransPerfect was founded as a two-person operated company in 1992. Now, the company has over 3,500 full-time employees. Moreover, it has a global network of over 5,000 certified linguists and subject-area specialists. Additionally, their offices have expanded from a single dorm room to 90 offices worldwide, making TransPerfect the world’s largest privately held language services provider.

The world’s best businesses understand that potential customers can be anywhere globally. So, TransPerfect helps their clients to communicate with any part of the world. Moreover, TransPerfect has a global headquarters in New York and offices in 104 cities across six continents.

In fact, TransPerfect is the world’s largest privately held provider of Telephonic Interpretation services and Translation Services. Likewise, it is number two in Telephonic Interpretation Services Top 10 list. Moreover, the TransPerfect family of companies offers a full range of language and business solutions, including the following:

– Translation and Language Services

– Website and Software Localization

– Globalization Management Technology

– Multicultural Marketing

– Legal Support and E-Discovery

– E-Learning Platform Internationalization

– Multimedia and Studio Solutions

– Interpretation and Call Center Support

For more information, contact TransPerfect today:

Telephone: +1 212-689-5555



LanguageLine Solutions- Telephonic Interpretation Services:

LanguageLine Solutions has provided Telephonic Interpretation Services, translation, and localization services worldwide for more than 36 years. Their team assists over 28,000 clients in speaking, hearing, translating, and understanding more than 240 languages, including American Sign Language.

They work closely with the Limited English Proficient and the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing communities. Modern organizations recognize that the nation’s face is changing and entering an age of unprecedented diversity. Likewise, already 64 million U.S. residents speak a different language than English at home.

Furthermore, this number is multiplying, as ethnic majorities will become the majority in the U.S. by 2045. A police officer founded LanguageLine in 1982 as he sought to overcome his experienced language barriers in that field.

Today LanguageLine Solution became an essential part of managing and growing modern organizations to welcome all people, regardless of language, culture, or ethnicity. LanguageLine Solution has the experience, team, and technology to convert the linguistic landscape’s complexities into a powerful business asset for you.

Moreover, Today LanguageLine Solution is the largest Telephonic Interpretation Services provider – more extensive than their next ten competitors combined. Likewise, it has over 12,000 highly skilled professional interpreters available on demand. This means they can scale to client’s needs, no matter how unexpected that may be.

Furthermore, they handle roughly 40 million interactions per year, answering each call within just seconds.

For more information, contact LanguageLine Solutions today:

Telephone: +1 800-752-6096



Universal Translation Services:

Universal Translation Services is a leading U.S. Telephonic Interpretation and Translation company that provides full linguistic solutions for businesses and individuals at low rates. They provide Telephonic Interpretation services, document translation services, and translation software, apps, and entire websites for businesses.

For individuals applying to immigrate to the U.S., they provide certified translation for all personal documents required by THEMCIS. Universal Translation Services delivers your birth certificate translation or certificate of diploma translation within 24 hours at only $20 per page.

They are ATA certified, and you can ask for a quotation on their website and read more about Universal Translation Services. Universal Translation Services provides high-quality over the phone interpretation, professional translations, efficient localization, and excellent DTP services at affordable rates.

Additionally, they work 24 hours round the clock, seven days a week for the clients. Moreover, professionals worked on a full-time basis and are regarded as expert speakers of various native languages. Besides, they have offices in Aventura and Miami, Florida, which are open around the clock to suit anyone’s language service needs.

They also provide certified translation for THEMCIS at the lowest rates in the market.

For more information, contact Universal Translation Services today:

Telephone: +1 844-938-7267



The LinguaLinx- Telephonic Interpretation Services:

The LinguaLinx Telephonic Interpretation Services instantly connects you to phone interpreters 24 hours a day, seven days a week in over 100 languages. Unlike other options, their Telephonic Interpretation Service does NOT require equipment leasing, predictability requirements to satisfy, set-up fees, monthly minimums, or maintenance charges.

Moreover, Translation Services are at the heart of their primary operations. However, it’s not all they do in the domain of language services demands. Reach people in their language in ways that suit them best. They work with clients of all sizes in almost every language and industry imaginable. Thus, this is why they say: There Starts Here.

The LinguaLinx Telephonic Interpretation Services will help you:

– To connect with your telephone interpreter instantly in 30 seconds or less.

-Pay only for the time you ger services, down to the second.

-Avoid contracts, up-front charges, or monthly fees to help you save money.

-Offer better customer service to non-English speakers to avoid miscommunication.

-Spend less time relying on in-person interpreting services.

-Reduce the cost of hiring full-time bilingual staff or contractors at a high cost.

Furthermore, The LinguaLinx-Telephonic Interpretation services instantly connect you to professional interpreters in over 200 languages for various industries. Likewise, it’s available whenever you need it: 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

For more information, contact The LinguaLinx today:

Telephone: +1 518-388-9000



Universal Language Service:

Universal Language Service is the premier Telephonic Interpretation Services provider, and Translator referral service agency offering experienced certified professionals for Over-the-Phone Interpretation services, Video, and Remote Interpretation services.

Moreover, it offers On-Site Interpretation, Document, and Multimedia Translation. It provides all the mentioned services in over 200 Languages, including Sign, Tactile, and Captioning. With their global presence, experience, and expertise, they can handle projects of all kinds and sizes in a wide range of businesses in many industries.

For example, this list includes Healthcare, Government, Legal, Technical, Education, Insurance, Travel, and many more. Universal Language Service’s professionals’ team ensures that their clients don’t have to face any miscommunication due to language barriers.

Their language experts offer cultural knowledge, industry expertise and certifications, academic credentials, and practical industry experience. Moreover, their language services complement native linguistic fluency to guarantee optimal telephonic interpretation, translation, and other types of interpretation results.

They help communicate important information, find new markets for products or services, and achieve the best return on investments from worldwide campaigns. Universal Language Service is well-informed with the language industry know-how and substantive proficiency.

Moreover, they have advanced technological infrastructure to move forward confidently with any new challenge. Superior equipment, technology, offices, data centers, and a persistent commitment to excellent customer service helped their business grow continuously for 20 years.

In the workplace, they value honesty, diversity, integrity, and equal opportunity for everyone. Their team members have different ethnic, religious, and political backgrounds, but they are united to serve their community and clients.

For more information, contact Universal Language Service, Inc. today:

Telephone: 1 (888) 462-0500 ∙ 1 (425) 454-8072



Interpreters Unlimited (I.U.) Group:

Interpreters Unlimited (I.U.) provides Telephonic Interpretation Services to overcome language barriers for effective communication. Moreover, they specialize in foreign language interpretation, American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation, and document translation services for various organizations.

Moreover, this list includes government agencies, healthcare, medical facilities, law firms, school districts, universities, corporations, and insurance companies. Additionally, the I.U. The database comprises over 9,000 contracted linguists worldwide, offering interpretation and translation services in over 200 languages.

Services are managed and coordinated across the country from their San Diego headquarters and their other office locations. Atlanta, Georgia, Little Rock, Arkansas, Atlanta, Georgia, Tampa, Miami,  and Orlando, Florida. Furthermore, the I.U. Group of companies includes Interpreters Unlimited, Albors & Alnet, Accessible Communication for the Deaf (ACD), and Arkansas Spanish Interpreters and Translators (ASIT).

For more information, contact Universal Language Service, Inc. today:

Telephone: +1 800-726-9891



eTranslation Services:

eTranslation Services provide high-quality professional Telephonic Interpretation Services, Translation, and other related services using over 200 languages. They also offer in-person and OPI over the phone interpreting services or  Telephonic Interpretation Services in over 125 languages.

With a combined more than 22 years of experience in the language industry, their staff provides all types of interpretation services and translation services for clients worldwide. At eTranslation Services, they strive for excellence and celebrate diversity to deliver quality service each time.

Their team has a shared passion for communication and language services. They are flexible and focused on customer satisfaction. Their collaborative attitude, professionalism, and respect towards their clients lead to their success in the language service industry.

They always strive to provide the most accurate interpretation and translations, but they also ensure that the customer service experience is their priority.

For more information, contact eTranslation Services today:

Telephone: +1 800-882-6058



Multi Lingual Solutions:

Multi Lingual Solutions Company specializes in Telephonic Interpretation Services, Translations, and all other language services on demand. Moreover, it specializes in designing customized, added-value foreign language and cross-cultural solutions for business and government clients globally.

Likewise, they provide highly skilled linguistic and technical experts in over 100 languages and experienced project management staff. Additionally, they help their customers communicate effectively and thrive in today’s global environment.

Their Business Solutions Division offers a comprehensive suite of services, including telephonic interpretation services, document translation, website localization, and different interpretation. Additionally, they also provide cultural and language training.

Likewise, they work closely with companies to implement practical cross-cultural communication approaches with employees, consumers, and partners. Besides, their linguists have specific marketing, advertising, health, law, H.R., manufacturing, and finance expertise.

Moreover, their Government Solutions Division provides operationally-focused linguist, analyst, and training support to fulfill critical mission needs throughout the U.S. and overseas. Likewise, they become the partner of choice for agencies seeking high quality, innovative solutions in accelerated timeframes, particularly in the training arena Over the years.

In such cases,  they offer engaging programs to enhance job skills and improve professional performance with commitment.

For more information, contact MultiLingual Solutions, Inc. today:

Telephone: +1-800-815-1964


Interpreters & Translators, Inc:

Interpreters and Translators, Inc. (iTi) is a reputed and award-winning language agency for telephonic interpretation services, translation, and other language services. It is based in Connecticut, but it has a full-service branch office in Puerto Rico to fulfill all your language services demands.

iTi was established in 1986, and it provides a wide range of language services to customers all over the United States and the Caribbean. Moreover, It’s professional language services include telephonic interpretation services, VRI (video remote interpreting),  in-person interpreting, translations, localization services, audio transcriptions, and language assessments.

Furthermore, iTi offers various services in all languages and dialects as they have an extensive network of professional interpreters and translators globally. Likewise, The demand for language services is growing with an increasingly multicultural society and continued immigration population into the U.S.

Besides, iTi provides professional telephonic interpretation service and translation services to many private and public organizations. Likewise, This list includes Hospitals, law firms, social service agencies, advertising companies, international businesses, schools, and other organizations.

Furthermore, iTi also provides language services on contract to various state agencies and the Federal Government.  It provides all these services under the GSA (General Services Administration ) contract.

iTi’s has professional language specialists and coordinators as their employees in every office.  Moreover, it has to theme state-of-the-art translation software and scheduling programs. Furthermore, its management handles each translation project or interpretation assignment very carefully, with continuous monitoring and evaluation in each phase.

Hence, this efficient handling project process makes iTi a pleasure for the clients and provides you with consistent, quality results.

For more information, contact Interpreters and Translators, Inc. (iTi) today:

Telephone: +1 888-703-1002




Telephonic Interpretation Services Top 10 list has distressed all the critical points regarding the services’ benefits, features, quality, experiences, etc. So, we hope that the highlighted above information will help you hire the best over-the-phone interpretation services to achieve your goal.

Let us know if you find any information helpful in the comment section below or if you have any further questions on this topic to share. They would be happy to help you with all the necessary information.

Call The Language Doctors Team today to hire the best Telephonic Interpretation Services and Translation Services within your budget. Our expert and experienced team will be happy to help you as per your language services demands.

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