Should I Learn French Or German? Best Guide in 2021

Language learning has become increasingly important in today’s global village. People belonging to different languages have more avenues for engaging with one another. And this is one of the reasons for the current language learning trend. You are also here to find the answer should I learn French Or German?.


French and German are very high standing international languages. These two languages can prove to be very useful for travelling, studying, and immigrating.

Should I Learn French Or German

France and Germany are considered to be one of the best countries to study. Some of the top countries for immigration in the 21st century are ones where French and German are spoken. The cultural and political standing of both French and German makes them highly useful languages.

But deciding on which language to learn can be a pretty tough decision. If you are looking for which language you should learn; French or German, then we are here to help.

When deciding which language to learn you need to take few factors into account. These factors include;

1. Purpose for Learning

The purpose of learning the language is one of the most important considerations. So the first thing that you need to do when deciding to learn a language is to identify your purpose. Having a personal reason for learning can boost your learning process.

The purpose for Learning – Should I Learn French Or German

These reasons can vary from having to attend school in Germany. To loving the French cuisine and culture. Work on finding your personal purpose.

There is no denying that when we do something because of our own choices we are more motivated. And language learning requires nothing but motivation.

So now you know that when deciding between French and German language go for the one that has more personal appeal for you.

2. Should I Learn French Or German – Language technicalities

Both these languages are fairly easy to learn for English language speakers. English and German belong to the same language family; Germanic, which makes it too easy for English speakers. French and English also share lots of common words.

This convenience is not restricted to English speakers. If you are a native speaker of any of the Romance languages then you will feel it easy to learn French. On the other hand, Germanic language speakers will find German a little easier.

Native speaker of any of the Romance languages can learn French

Don’t get too happy. There are some grammatical rules both in German and French that can prove to be an uphill task. This is a challenge that you will face no matter which language you chose to learn. You must be wondering why?

This is because of the change in the grammatical structure of the two languages. We are usually accustomed to the grammatical rules of our native language. And when we start learning a second or third language we compare it with our native language.

The German language has three genders for all the nouns and mastering them can be very tricky. French also follows the same two-three gender rule. The German language also has declension which means that words change slightly with a change in function.

German has six variations only for the word ‘the’. Yes, you read it right six. But the more you spend time learning German the easier it will get for you. Whereas the further you go with learning French the more complicated it gets.

Language Technicalities – Should I Learn French Or German

German pronunciation is a lot easier than French. Words are pronounced in German as they are spelled. Whereas in French words are spelled based on the twelfth-century pronunciation.

Don’t get intimated by these language technicalities. With motivation and dedication, you can learn both the French and German languages.

3. Associated Culture:

Language and culture share a very deep relationship. By choosing a language you also choose culture. When choosing to learn a language never forget to consider the cultural association.

If you are mesmerized by the French culture, then you should choose the French language. You would be better able to appreciate the art, architecture, cinema, and food.

But if you are a fan of engineering, analytical thinking, and scientific theories then you should choose German. A number of renowned scientists have published their work in German. Knowing the German language would help you better understand appreciate their work.

4. How you want to use the language:

So my language-lovers how you want to use the language is an important factor to consider. If you want to learn a language because you want to travel around the world, then French is for you.

French speakers are spread all across the globe. The majority of people speak French in countries like; Belgium, Canada, French Guiana, and 31 countries in Africa.

How you want to use the language

The French language will come in handy when travelling to these countries. But if you have a love for science then it better to opt for German. I need not tell you that German is an important language in scientific writings. Also, Germany the largest economy in Europe and is spoken in lots of Eastern European countries.

Learning French And German Together

Learning cognate words in your language and target language can boost your confidence. Starting this way can prove to be very helpful.

1. Should I Learn French Or German – Don’t Worry About Getting Confused

We are talking about how similar the French and German languages are. I know this might make worry you about getting them confused. No doubt French and German are not that different and you can learn them back and forth. But they are different enough that you will not end up confusing them.

French is a Romance language, whereas German is a Germanic language. So there a very little risk of confusing vocabulary. The two languages share grammatical genders. Which makes them not so foreign language and yet not very easily confused.

So you can take advantage. Learning both the languages together without worrying about confusion.

Language geeks, you need to do one thing if you are going to learn French and German together, that is:

2. Manage your time:

If you are considering learning French and German then you have to study both daily. Ideally, you should manage your daily schedule to squeeze in learning time. I know it can be hard but don’t forget;

Manage your time – Should I Learn French Or German

No matter how hard you try, there will be some days when you will have little time at hand. And you can find it hard to spend time learning both the language. In that case, you should prioritize learning your weak language.

Work on language which you find difficult first. So if you have to miss one language because of time then it will be one you are confident about.


No matter how much someone guides, it is you at the deciding end. When selecting a language don’t just go by trends. Make a decision wisely, weigh all the factors. Because if you will choose a language that you cant you use can put a stop to your language learning journey. Choose a language that you can use and will be beneficial for you.

We at The Language Doctor would love to get your feedback. Tell us whether this article was useful for you. Share your experience with us through the comment section.

If you have any other questions in mind feel free to contact our team of linguistics. The Language Doctor’s team can help you with any language-related problem.

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