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25-09-2020 | The Language Doctors 0 Comments

Video Remote Interpreting – Everything You Need to Know about VRI

Video remote interpreting is growing. Zoom calls have taken over the landscape. Google Meetings and Microsoft Teams aren’t too far behind. Skype is still around, and everyone is familiar with what FaceTime is, even if they have never picked up an iPhone.   Video conferencing has played an important role in the world of digital […]

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22-09-2020 | The Language Doctors 1 Comments

What exactly is “over-the-phone interpreting”?

Those new to the world of translation, or those simply curious as to how it all works, may come across the acronym “OPI” and wonder to themselves, What exactly is this, and who needs it? Believe it or not, OPI — or Over-the-Phone Interpretation — is an exceedingly common translation service that is used on […]

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18-09-2020 | The Language Doctors 0 Comments

Medical Interpreting: What You Need To Know

Whenever the subject of medical interpreting is brought up to someone outside of the translation industry, say an imaginary individual whom in this case we’ll refer to as a “lay person”, they almost inevitably see it as easy, self-explanatory. They figure, Okay, an interpreter who relays information from a non-English-speaking patient to a doctor, and vice-versa. Simple.   […]

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15-09-2020 | The Language Doctors 1 Comments

Difference between translation and interpreting

It’s an age-old question. It is also an honest one, and still increasingly common in the world of translation services. The question relates to translation, interpreting and the main difference between the two. Many still struggle to distinguish between the role of a translator from an interpreter. Let’s investigate, what is the difference between a […]

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