Maryland Translation Services

With more than one million people in Maryland speaking a language other than English at home—you are already missing out on a massive market if your content is only written in one language.

Our language experts are available 24/7 to translate and interpret more than 200 languages. We work with a global team that specializes in medical, legal, finance, government, insurance, and other industries.

Our services are fast, cost-effective, and 100% accurate every time. We only work with the highest quality translators in the industry—call us today at 1 (202) 544-2942 to get started.

Maryland Translation Services
Maryland Translation Services

The Best Maryland Translators

Working with a translator who hasn’t been previously vetted can lead to texts filled with errors that are expensive to correct. To ensure quality, we thoroughly vet each of our translators before hiring them.

Our vetting process starts with the translator passing a language fluency test for each language they will be translating to and from. They must also pass a test that proves they understand the proper terminology for their area of specialization.

After they pass these tests, the translator enters a mentorship program where a project manager reviews their work until it is 100% accurate every time. We also require the following qualifications for each of our translators:

Native English Speaker
Completed a bachelor’s degree or higher.
An active member of the American Translators Association (ATA)
5+ years of experience working in translation and interpretation
5+ years of experience working in their industry of specialization

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Maryland Transcription Services

If you are searching for medical transcription in Maryland, we are here to serve you.

We offer medical transcription services in over 200 different languages.

Each of our transcribers is a native speaker—you never have to worry about language or grammatical errors in your patients’ charts by working with us.

We offer dictation options from your iPhone/iPad, recorder, or an 800#. We streamline the transcription process from start to finish—texts being readily available with hours.

Our team of transcribers is available for other industries as well—including legal, finance, and marketing.

With more and more people using their phones to watch videos, sometimes the sound is not readily available. Video content that is transcribed and has subtitles increases user engagement which leads to longer watch times.

Give us a call today at 1 (202) 544-2942 to connect with a transcriber within 5 minutes.

Maryland Transcription Services

Fast and Low-Cost Translation Services Maryland

Don’t miss another important deadline because you had to wait for your documents to be translated – we can have them ready within 24 hours.

If you need documents translated the same day, we have our rush-delivery service that is perfect for your needs. For this service, our team of translators works around the clock to deliver your documents within hours.

Other translation companies charge service fees as high as 20% and also charge hidden fees—which dramatically increase your final bill. We are able to eliminate these fees by working directly with our translators. We offer the most competitive prices in the industry.

We offer Maryland court certified translation services, medical translation services, financial translation services, and translation services for other industries as well.

We are able to translate the following:

Marketing copy, Ads, Social media, Website localization, Mobile app localization, Birth Certificates, Certificates of Graduation, Transcripts, Movie Scripts, Game localization, News articles and entertainment, Travel listings and guides, Emails & Letters, Legal contracts, Business documents, Medical documents, Personal documents, Product descriptions, Customer support translation.

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Maryland Professional Interpretation Services

Don’t risk being sued for millions of dollars because you didn’t hire a professional interpreter. Often, a patient will be a friend who will interpret for them—which is a huge mistake.

This friend doesn’t have the medical knowledge to deliver an accurate interpretation, and if the patient feels they did not understand the risks of surgery or medication—they could sue you and your hospital for millions of dollars!

We offer interpretation services in three different options:

  1. Over-the-phone: Connect with an interpreter within five minutes. You can also save money because you do not have to pay for travel expenses.
  2. Video-remote: If you need a last-minute interpreter for an ASL patient—this is the option for you. All you need is an iPad, tablet, or phone to get all the benefits of an in-person interpretation session.
  3. In-person: Don’t worry about technical problems or internet connection issues—by choosing an in-person interpreter the session can be completed quickly and easily. We will always connect you with an interpreter located within driving distance of your office.
Fast and Low-Cost Translation Services Maryland
Industries We Work With

Industries We Work With

If you are looking to create an emotional response within readers—which will lead to higher conversation rates and more sales, you need to localize all your content.

Our localization experts understand the words, idioms, sayings, jokes, and references specific to each city and town in Maryland—and can insert them into your content.

As a result, the reader will feel as if someone they grew up with wrote your content specifically for them. We have helped a variety of businesses across every industry localize their content including:

Law firms
Medical Clinics
Marketing Firms
Financial Firms

Private Practices
Technology Companies
Advertising Agencies
Schools & Universities
Digital Marketing Agencies
International Corporations
Immigration Service Companies
Travel & Tourism Service Companies

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The Best Translation Services in Maryland

The Best Translation Services in Maryland

Don’t get overcharged again—other translation companies charge high service fees and hidden fees that dramatically increase your final payment.

We charge the lowest possible prices in the industry—allowing you to save money. We are the best translation company in Maryland because…

We only work with the best translators in the industry

We can deliver your fully translate documents within hours

Our prices are the most cost-effective.

We translate and interpret more than 200 languages

We are available 24/7 to answer your questions and concerns

We offer a lifetime guarantee to all of our clients.

For a free quote, call us today at 1 (202) 544-2942.

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