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Marketing to Hispanic Consumers

The objective of each company is to be recognized and achieve success, to achieve this it is necessary to have clients since they are the consumers; regardless of whether your company offers a service or a product is important to have them to achieve the goal. But the question is how can I attract more customers? Simple, with the help of “Marketing”. 


Currently, we hear this term very often, but perhaps we do not know well what it refers to, Marketing is the strategy used to study the behavior of the people to whom we want to focus our product or service, that is, the market. In turn, it analyzes the needs of consumers and the commercial management of companies. This technique is carried out to attract the attention of potential clients, increase sales, build customer loyalty, increase company profits, and make our company known to the public.   

It is important to mention that marketing tries to understand the behavior of a specific sector, therefore, the same marketing plan cannot be carried out for all markets. In other words, the strategies used for American consumers may not be the best for Hispanic consumers. For that reason, the best option is to create a marketing model specifically for the Hispanic market, which allows you to maximize your sales and investments in this sector. 


Marketing Strategies for Hispanic Consumers 

1.Electronic commerce

 Also known as virtual shopping. This strategy is becoming increasingly popular as it allows consumers wide access to product catalogs, in addition to offering variety and allowing them to compare prices, without having to go to the stores. For this reason, having a website can increase sales in the Hispanic sector. 

2. Content Marketing

 It consists of capturing the attention of consumers and involving them with the service or product, through the creation of useful, relevant, and eye-catching content; in this way try to retain them and become potential clients. 

3.Omnichannel Marketing

It offers the customer experience through all platforms, be it a digital channel, customer service support, or in person; to facilitate customer-company contact, immediately meeting the consumer’s demand. To perform this technique it is essential to have good planning and information management. 

4. Emotional Marketing

 Promote your products or services by generating emotional ties with consumers, that is, create attitudes or actions that link the brand with a positive feeling, making the client relate it to a pleasant moment. 

5. Product localization

 This technique is based on modifying the service or product to the new environment where you want to position; adapting the image, language, among other aspects. This would facilitate a natural entry of the brand into the new market, achieving greater acceptance among consumers. 

 6. Marketing through Influencer

It is currently a widely used strategy. It consists of establishing a relationship between an influencer and the brand, to amplify the reach of the company since the influencer or blogger transmit the message to a large community that could become potential customers. 

7. Organic positioning

It is the location or position of a website in the results of a search engine; this is done with the help of the keywords that users enter. In this case, only the logarithms of Google intervene, for that reason to achieve a better positioning it is done through an SEO strategy.

8. Sponsorships

This technique consists of supporting certain causes or people to achieve a greater reach in the market. In this case, a relationship is established between a person or company and the company, to achieve benefits for both parties.  

 9. Advertising on social networks

Being one of the most used and highest performing strategies, it allows you to quickly increase your visibility and reach a large audience, making use of social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, among others.

10. Street marketing:

It is a strategy that allows giving clients a more personalized experience, making use of creativity, innovation, and ingenuity, to publicize the brand. It seeks to impress consumers, capturing their attention in unconventional ways. 

Yemily Rodriguez – Community Manager at The Language Doctors

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