E-Learning Translation and Localization Services

You are already missing out on over 95% of the world’s population if your eLearning organization is not localized and not available in languages other than English.

e-Learning makes it possible for anyone to learn new skills – and about new topics from home.

We’re able to help you reach clients from all over the world who are looking to improve themselves through online education.

Our team of language experts is able to adapt your course so that it appeals to a foreign audience through our localization services.

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eLearning Translation and Localization Services

What are E-Learning Localization Services?

Localization is the process of adjusting content so that it appeals to a specific culture. Localization experts enhance texts by including jokes, slang, idioms, and references that are used in a culture or a certain area of the world.

When users read your content, they will feel as if a close friend, relative, or someone they grew up wrote it.

For example, if you are an American company that focuses solely on U.S. citizens but wanted to target a new market in England you could change the word “vacation” to “holiday.”

Since people from England refer to going on vacation as going on holiday – making this adjustment would make citizens of England feel more connected to your content since it is written the way in which they speak.

This is just a small change, but it can have tremendous benefits for your business over the long term. Since websites with localization perform better than websites without it, you will be able to surge past your competition immediately.

With the business world becoming more globalized languages such as Mandarin, Spanish, and Portuguese are being used throughout the industry of commerce.

It’s not enough to just have your online content in English, you must be able to appeal to multiple languages in order to remain competitive.

We are able to localize:

Text to Speech
Graphics and Photos
Audio and Video

Dates, Times, Currency
Navigation Elements
Humor and Local Expressions

What are eLearning Localization Services

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Localizing and Translating eLearning Content

Localizing and Translating E-Learning Content

Translation and localization go hand and hand. It’s important to work with a localization expert who is a native of the culture you are targeting in order to avoid offending people.

Cultural sensitivity should always be in the localization expert’s mind especially when it comes to religion, history, and ethnicity. Religious symbols that could offend people in a certain culture should be avoided.

It is also important to fact-check the history of a country to ensure accuracy if you plan on including the history in your content.

Diversity should also be achieved through images you are using in your platform in order to accurately portray the ethnicity of a culture.

Certain symbols could also have different meanings in different cultures – you would need to change these symbols in order to keep them from offending readers.

Translating jokes or expressions literally can also be a recipe for disaster. For example, if you were to translate “Break a leg.” from English to Spanish – people would be concerned.

It would be better to choose a Spanish expression that means “Good luck” since that is the meaning behind “Break a leg.”

Just having a bilingual coworker is not enough and could result in harmful mistakes – that is why it is essential to work with a professional team with years of experience to avoid costly mistakes.

How We Guarantee the Highest Quality Translations

Hiring a translate over the internet can be risky. Oftentimes these translators are lying about their language level which results in poorly written translated texts.

In order to ensure the highest quality translations, we thoroughly vet each of our translators before hiring them. We require them to pass language proficiency tests in each language they will be translating to and from.

We then have a project manager review their work until it is 100% accurate every time. We also require the following:

Native English speaker
Bachelor’s degree or higher
Accreditation from the American Translators Association (ATA)
5+ years of experience working in translation and localization

How We Guarantee the Highest Quality Translations
Low Cost and Fast E Learning Localization Services

Low Cost and Fast E-Learning Localization Services

Don’t wait days for your product to be delivered – we can have your content translated and localized within hours with our rush-order service.

We are also able to save your business money by working directly with our translators. Other localization service companies charge a 20% service and offer hidden fees that you won’t see until you receive your final bill.

We are completely transparent about all of our costs – what we agree on the first day is what you will pay at the end of our contract.

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Businesses We Have Worked With

Many businesses today are seeing the benefits of offering free information to users. Often times you see brands offering a free e-book in exchange for a person’s email.

It’s clear that offering people valuable information has a positive impact on attracting and keeping clients – which is why more and more businesses are offering some type of eLearning materials.

We believe every business can benefit from eLearning localization and we have worked with businesses across every industry to help achieve this.

Some of the businesses we have worked with include:

Law firms
Medical Clinics
Advertising Agencies
Marketing Firms

International Corporations
Travel & Tourism Services
Immigration Services
Technology Companies
Schools & Universities
Financial Firms

Businesses We Have Worked With​
Best eLearning Localization Company

Best eLearning Localization Company

Working with an unqualified localization expert can fill your content with mistakes that are costly to correct. You should only work with an e learning localization company that has a proven track record of delivering high-quality results.

We offer a lifetime guarantee to all of our clients.

We offer translations in over 200 different languages.

We offer the fastest deliveries in the industry today.

We only work with the best of the best localization professionals.

We are able to offer the lowest prices possible by cutting out service fees and hidden fees.

Call us today at 1 (202) 544-2942 for a free quote.

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