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Looking to reach international markets with your new app or software? We can help you localize your product into 100+ different languages.

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What is app localization? 
It’s a process of changing and refining your app in order to prepare it for internationalization. In other words, it is about setting you up to be relevant in a specific target market. 
How does it work?
We work on app localization in several stages. 
1. Development and Internationalization
You need to make sure your app has been developed for internationalization. This means your code would need to be flexible to modified and released in multiple languages.
2. Localization
Once your code is set up for internationalization, we will be reviewing your target markets and languages to set up localization scope and process.
3. Testing 
After we have translated your strings and reimported everything back into your app,  we will begin testing. Testing is the stage where we verify that everything has been translated accurately and there are no errors.
4. Release 
Once we have done rounds of quality assurance and testing, your app is ready it be released to the public! 
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