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Modify your website content to conform to the needs and preferences of users in a different geographic region

We understand the importance of allocating qualified linguists with industry expertise and experience in specific subject matter to the right job. We are not just linguists; we work with specialists in the following areas:



– Full range of services to localize software, web applications, help files, user interface documentation, etc.

– Software application localization and websites in over 100 languages with the highest linguistic quality.

– We provide a full range of internationalization consulting services to help your developers better design software products for easy downstream localization

Authentic, purposeful, and customizable, Localization (L10N) represents an important step for any brand or business interested in expanding its influence.
Localization can take on many forms, but the best way to understand how it works is adaptation.

Translated text (or audio) is the first part of the process. When one language is translated into another, it increases consumability for a target audience. However, if intended for a specific geographical location or demographic, translation by itself misses the mark.

The language may become understandable in terms of general words and syntax; but it may fall short of accurately capturing important nuance that strikes a chord with readers, users, or potential customers.

Simply put: just because words are translated does not mean they are adequately absorbed. The language needs to be presented in an authentic, familiar manner. Localization ensures that there is a precise, genuine rendering of information that directly addresses a target audience’s concerns or interests.

Internationalization → Localization

The Language Doctors works closely with government agencies as well as privately-owned corporations when it comes to delivering real-time solutions fit for every global campaign, big or small.

How do we do it? By expertly leveraging international objectives with localized content and data, in addition to promoting messages that go the extra mile.

Our staff is comprised of linguistic professionals who blend flawless translation with intricate knowledge of cultural directives prioritized around the world. We know what to say — and how to say it — when it matters most.

Serve a Global Audience:

The biggest obstacle facing brands and organizations, of any size and from any industry, when looking to expand on a global scale is offering an authentic message that rings true for every audience.

If your company is trying to break into different markets outside of the US, localization is absolutely vital in ensuring a genuine, consistent tone on every web page, document, or media file. When deployed the right way by a professional team that understands the details and metrics necessary for a successful campaign, the result is more traffic, more engagement, and undeniable brand loyalty.

Software/Database Engineering

Each and every facet of a proprietary web domain primed for translation requires a heightened focus on optimization. That means a seamless structure and the kind of responsiveness that is capable of presenting its content to a multitude of venues without missing a beat. Without these core strengths, it is extremely difficult for any website or data bank to gain positive traction.

That is only the first half of the battle. The second half is all about localizing content — both on-page and on the back-end.

If an organization has employees overseas who need back-end access (logins, files, coding, etc.), it is not enough to simply translate the language and commands. Instead, all of this vital information must be rendered completely seamlessly so as to avoid costly mistakes.

For front-end users, be them customers or subscribers, there is nothing more important than accessing material that speaks to them with unerring accuracy while also intimating a sense of comfort. This is perhaps the most necessary step to building a worldwide audience.

At The Language Doctors, our team of web developers works in conjunction with localization engineers and subject matter experts (SME) boasting a wide range of localization experience. We perform a full, uncapped analysis of each domain or database, identify key areas for improvement, and then generate mockups that are eligible for testing.

We will collaborate with you and your team to establish a digital infrastructure and presence that widens your reach and leads to consistent results. Each leg of the process will be accounted for so that we’re all on the same page, with the goal of helping your business or organization widen its reach by orders of magnitude.

Reshape an Entire Community — Or Build a New One!

Facilitate conversations that make a difference. With a purposeful localization plan in place, more and more businesses can have the opportunity to deliver concise, unmistakable messaging that brings people together.

Leverage your verticals. Whether they are multiple domains, social media accounts, blogs, or bulletin boards, localization elevates the degree of participation. Gone is the ability to reach only one segment of an audience. With the help of a dedicated localization effort, users from different cultures and backgrounds hear what you have to say, and they will reward you for it.

Get Started On Your Localization Plan

TLD works alongside a variety of government agencies and private sector businesses when it comes to developing results-driven localization strategies. Discover a whole new world of possibilities today by getting in touch with us. We will help you take your organization to the next level.



Our translation services are designed to provide you with professional translation in accordance to the ISO 17100:2015 quality standards. It includes the following items:

– Project set-up and document preparation

– Project management

– Bilingual editing (revision) of the translation

– Final review by the Project Manager and our Chief Linguist

– Formatting as requested

– Terminology management, if requested


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