Top 10 Languages Of Future – 2021 Guide

The world in which we live is ever-changing. There are constant shifts in how we live our lives. Being witness to the constant change it is normal to think what next? What the future holds? How will be the future?

You will agree with me that this is true for everything around us. Be it how we work, learn, engage, and communicate.  

Our world houses a great variety of languages. But it is thought that in a decade or so the face of world languages will not be the same. With globalization and technological advancement, the world today has shrunken.


The different cultures, languages, and nationalities have been knit together. And with the increase of globalization and collective business operations, people have started using common languages to communicate. English, Russian, Mandarin, and a few other languages have dominated the world for a long now.

But this doesn’t mean that these languages will continue to be the only important languages in the coming years. To know the languages of the future we need to first understand and explore the useful languages. It is vital because my fellow language enthusiasts these languages will be leading the way in the coming years.

It might be early to name or point out languages that will be useful in years to come. But if you are looking for a language to learn that will be useful in a few years from now, then the following list will help you:     

Top 10 Languages To Learn For Future

The list shared here with you is not definite. Before you ask why we are sharing this list then?

Let me tell you that considering these languages for the future can prove to be beneficial. As there are high chances that these languages will be leading the trade and cross the borders communication

1. Chinese – Mandarin

The Chinese economy is one of the top growing economies. There is a rapid growth in China’s economy. And Chinese companies are no longer restricted to China. We see Chinese companies around the globe.

The Chinese language is also one of the most spoken languages. Chinese has the highest number of native speakers. This may not come as a surprise, knowing the population of China.     

A total of 1.3 billion people speak Chinese in thirty-eight countries. The majority of the Chinese speaker, speak Mandarin. It constitutes 70% of the Chinese speakers.  Out of thirty-eight countries, thirteen countries speak Mandarin Chinese.

Chinese – Mandarin

No doubt Chinese is hard to learn for people belonging to different native languages. English speakers also find Chinese hard to learn a language. But trust me you will never regret learning Chinese. You ask why?

Because of the massive growth of the Chinese economy, its language is thought to be the language of the future. With the current progress rate by 2050 China is thought to become one of the leading economies. It is already considered to be the second leading economy.

And we all know that language of power is always looked upon.

2. Languages Of Future – Spanish

After Chinese, Spanish is the second most spoken language in our world. The Spanish language is not restricted to Spain only. You will be very amazed to know that majority of the Spanish speakers reside outside Spain.

People from thirty-one countries around the globe use Spanish as their native language. Out of a total of 513 million speakers 38.3 million people speak Spanish in the USA.

Languages Of Future – Spanish

These numbers are thought to go up in the coming years. Spanish holds the status of the official language in many different countries other than Spain. These countries include Canada, Argentina, and Mexico to name a few. All these countries are one of the major economies of the world.

Spanish has the potential of becoming the language of the future. If you are an English speaker and considering learning Spanish then I have good news for you. Learning Spanish is comparatively easy for English speakers. As both these languages belong to the same language family. 

3. Indo-Aryan Languages

Both Hindi and Urdu from the Indo-Aryan language are potential languages of the future. Hindi is the native language of 535 million people in India. Like China, this population continues to grow every year.  

Urdu is widely spoken by 170 million people around the world. The population of Urdu speakers like India and China is on a continuous rise.

Learning both Urdu and Hindi can come in handy. India is globally known for the development in numerous industries. These include Information Technology. With that India is also becoming the center for trade and business.

4. Languages Of Future – Arabic

Another rapidly growing language is Arabic. We will not be able to move forward without Arabic. Like we can’t move forward without the oil produced by Arabic speaking countries.

Arabic the fourth most spoken language with 313 million native speakers. Native speakers of the Arabic language are evenly spread in 58 countries. While the United Arab Emirates can only export dates. It is one the biggest re-exporter of variety of products to many parts of the world.

5. Languages Of Future – Russian

With 150 million speakers Russian languages the official language of around 38 territories. Not only that more than 110 million people speak the Russian language as their second language.

The Russian economy is among one of the largest economies. Russia produces and exports a large variety of products. The Russian Federation is still the largest country in the world. Holds this status even after independence.

Languages Of Future – Russian

The growing economy of Russia makes its language one of the languages of the future.  

6. German

When talking about the language of the future one can’t forget to mention German. There are about 132 million native speakers of German spread around twenty-eight countries.

The German economy is one of the largest economies in Europe. And the German language is widely spoken in Europe. It doesn’t here German economy the fifth largest economy of the world.

If you want to gain benefit in business or academics in Europe then learning German is a must. The potential of the German market makes it one of the languages of the future.

The German language is not hard to learn for English speakers. Both the language share many similar words.   

7. Languages Of Future – Japanese

There is one other language from Asia that has a bright future. This language is no other than the Japanese language. Japanese has 127 native million speakers.

There are around the same number of speakers who use it as the second or third language. These speakers are not only concentrated in Japan, are evenly spread around the world.

The economy of Japan is also among the top economies. Japanese people are well known for their exceptional working skills. Japan has also made phenomenal progress in the field of I.T. and science.

There is no need for me to tell you why Japanese is the language of the future. If you are looking for a language to learn than learning Japanese can be a good idea

8. Languages Of Future – Portuguese

Portuguese is spoken in the majority of different countries. These countries include Brazil, Spain, France, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Africa, Macau, and few islands in the Caribbean.

These Portuguese speaking countries are among the growing economies. The economic contribution from these Portuguese speaking countries is a lot. And it can lead this language to becoming one of the most profitable languages.

There are about 236 million speakers of the Portuguese language. And this language is the native language of one of the rapidly growing countries ‘Brazil’.   

Languages Of Future – Portuguese

All of these factors combined together help Portuguese compete with English in becoming the language of the future. Moreover, check out another interesting blog post on 16 amazing fictional languages.

9. French

French is among the widely spoken languages in the world. No need to tell, French is not confined to France. There are about 295 million speakers of French spread in 53 countries around the world. Moreover, French is known as the language of romance

France has the 7th biggest economy in the world. It is one of the biggest providers of luxury goods, and cosmetics. With this France also provides manufacturing services in railways, aerospace, and automobiles.

All of these factors make the French language one of the languages to forward in the future.    

10. English

English speakers relived now! The English language is not going anywhere. Even though English might drop from the higher pedestal. But it will still be one of the top languages in the future.

There is no surprise in this one. We are all aware of the international popularity of the English language. This popularity as Lingua Franca is here to stay.

English the language of business, education, and research in the current global village. There are 1.2 billion speakers of English around the globe. About 350 million people speak English as their native language.


All of the above-mentioned languages have almost equal chances of becoming the leading language of the future. But one thing is for sure that all of these languages will be part of future languages. Only time will unfold which of these languages will be dominating in the future.

Whichever language might dominate the world. We can assure you that The Language Doctor’s team of expert linguistics will be there to help with all your language-related queries.

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