Is Learning Japanese worth it? 10 Undeniable Benefits

Many people are asking the same question, “is learning Japanese worth it?” I think you are one of them. After searching a lot on Google about it, maybe you did not find a satisfactory answer.

Don’t worry about this blog post. You will clear all your confusion about, learning Japanese is worth it or not.


Now, your main question, is learning Japanese worth it? The answer is, yes, learning Japanese has a considerable worth. How it has enormous value, we will discuss it now.

Is Learning Japanese worth it? 10 Undeniable Benefits:

you can earn $30 hourly if you learn Japanese. Working as a Japanese interpreter, you can make that amount of money quickly. It was just one example. There are plenty of samples we will draw in that blog post. You need to keep patience and read the full post.

1. for an Interpreter Is learning Japanese worth it?:

In today’s age, interpreters have enormous demand. Besides, if you are a Japanese interpreter, then you need not worry about the money. Because the money will run after you. In the international arena, there is a high demand for a Japanese interpreter. Many global brands are ready to pay a high amount of money to a Japanese interpreter.

Is learning Japanese worth it for an Interpreter-learn the benefits
Is learning Japanese worth it for an Interpreter?

If you learn Japanese, you can work as an interpreter. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, you can easily earn $30 per hour by working as an interpreter. It was just the minimum salary. You can earn more than $47000 annually as an interpreter. Moreover, you can work as a translator also.

2. Start Career as a Japanese Translator:

Like interpreters, translators also help in cross-cultural communication among businesses and individuals. A Japanese translator can help businesses or individuals to convert their essential documents from Japanese to English. In return, he charges a high amount of money from them. As an interpreter or translator, you can work as a freelancer or work in different interpreter or translator service companies.

Start Career as a Japanese Translator-discover the opportunities
Start Career as a Japanese Translator

So, if you learn Japanese, you have a high opportunity to work as a translator or interpreter and earn a lot of money. Still, do you have any confusion, is learning Japanese worth it or not? Don’t worry, and you can go to the next part.

3. Is Learning Japanese worth it? For Business:

Do you know? Japan has the world’s third-largest economy. Top companies like Philips, Sony, Panasonic, Toyota, etc., exist in this country. One of the best business-friendly nations in Japan. Japan produces the best quality products in the world, this you can’t get anywhere. Moreover, due to globalization, businesses are shifting from local to international.

Is Learning Japanese worth it For Business-it helps the business to grow
Is Learning Japanese worth it for Business?

That’s why most multinational and global companies are doing their businesses in Japan easily. If you want to expand your business in the international arena, Japan can be the best choice for you. Doing Business with international clients communication is one of the most critical factors. If you know Japanese, it will be easier for you to communicate with different Japanese clients.

Accordingly, your communication skills will be more effective, and you can bring more business opportunities. When you communicate with your clients in their native language, they will feel comfortable talking with you, and he will trust you.

4. For Education:

Is learning Japanese worth it for education? Yes, of course. In Asia, Japan is the preferable place for education. Students from different countries around the world come to Japan for higher education. Getting a degree from Japan always gives you high value. Their education system is very much professional. However, their conditions are challenging.

For Education-you have to learn Japanese if you want to get Scholarship in Japan
For Education

Because if you want to continue your higher education in Japan, then you have to know Japanese. Moreover, if you’re going to get a scholarship, then you must learn Japanese. If a student knows Japanese, he gets an extra advantage in getting a scholarship.

At present, both the Japanese government and Japanese higher learning institutes actively try to increase the number of international students numbers by offering scholarships and making the path to admissions easy. So, it’s a massive opportunity for you to learn Japanese and get a scholarship if you are a student.

5. Is Learning Japanese worth it? For Traveling:

The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness report shows that Japan ranked 4th among 141 countries in the tourism sector. Japan has some great heritage places. Likewise, there are 21 World Heritage Sites, including Himeji Castle, Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto, and Nara. Each year more than 30 million tourists come to this country.

Is Learning Japanese worth it For Traveling-you will enjoy your trip to Japan if you know Japanese
Is Learning Japanese worth it for Traveling?

Japan is such a beautiful country. Their people and cultures are wonderful. Now, you may ask how language can influence tourism. If you want to know Japan’s true beauty, you have to communicate with the Japanese. Then you can learn the history behind that places, different exciting facts, and story, etc.

Because traveling becomes more effective when you communicate with the local people, you will explore more about the language and more about their culture. Moreover, if you travel to Japan frequently, then it’s better to learn Japanese. On the other hand, if you know Japanese, then you can work as a tourist guide. That can help you to earn some money.

6. Working as an Employee:

Japanese always prefer multilingual employees. Having multilingual employees are always beneficial for an organization because multilingual employees understand Japanese corporate cultures better than others. Moreover, recent research in neuroscience finds that multilingual people’s brains work differently.

Working as an Employee-you will get more job opportunities
Working as an Employee

For example, they can make more rational decisions if they are functioning in a non-primary language. Working in another language reduces loss aversion. As a result, people become better at assessing risks and benefits. Japanese tends to hire proportionately more multilingual employees than others.

Because they instinctively believe that multilingual people can solve complex problems.

7. Is Learning Japanese worth it? To Explore Culture:

Many of us are familiar with Sumo wrestling. It is one of the most excellent sports in Japan. Around the world, it has vast popularity. Now, if you want to learn Sumo or explore more Japanese Culture, it’s better to learn Japanese. Because Japan has a colorful and beautiful culture, you can learn many things. The most exciting thing is still now Japanese buildings and infrastructure represent their Culture.

Is Learning Japanese worth it To Explore Culture-without learning language it is difficult to learn culture
Is Learning Japanese worth it to explore culture?

Thousands of exciting comics, novels, fiction, drama, and non-fiction books are written in Japanese. If you want to explore these things in detail, then it’s better to learn Japanese. Moreover, Understanding Japanese Culture, trends can open up your opportunity to communicate with Japanese clients, making your relationship stronger with them. This is good for your Business.

8. Getting Promotion:

Many of us raise the question is learning Japanese worth it for getting a promotion. After reading this, you may get your answer. In Japanese companies like Sony, Panasonic, Philips, you will always prioritize if you know Japanese. It will be easier for any employee to get a promotion if he or she learn Japanese. Because you can quickly adapt with their Culture.

Getting Promotion-will be easier if you have Japanese language skills
Getting Promotion

Moreover, to provide the best outcomes, you have to know Japanese. Knowledge of Japanese increases your international value as a global marketer. Your boss will love your effort if you try to speak Japanese with them. Moreover, multilingual employees get more facility than others.

9. Productivity Technique:

If you are very interested in increasing your productivity, you should go to Japan and learn from them because they work smartly. One of the best techniques of productivity is KIZEN which is invented in Japan. Due to the KIZEN technique, Toyota becomes the world no 1 car company. Though, you will get many books about this topic. But if you want to do comprehensive research about this technique, learning Japanese will be good for you.

Productivity Technique-it will help you to adopt Japanese productivity techniques
Productivity Technique

Do you know how to find your passion? Thousands of years ago Japanese invented an excellent technique for finding love which name is IKIGAI. IKIGAI helps you to find your love. Moreover, you will find many books on this topic in both Japanese and the international language. A lot of researchers are researching this valuable topic. If you also want deep research on this topic, then you can learn Japanese.

10. Is it Hard to Learn Japanese?

Compare to the other languages, learning Japanese is much more difficult. Their grammar structures, letter structures are totally different from other languages. Japanese letter structure is very complex. Most of the letters are hard to read. Is learning Japanese worth it for you? After reading this post, if your answer is “yes,” then you should know this language.

Is it Hard to Learn Japanese-it is hard but it will bring you endless opportunities
Is it Hard to Learn Japanese?

If you try to learn Japanese properly, then it will be easier for you. The first time it seems very difficult, later it will be easier.

How to learn Japanese? Top 5 Tips for Smart Japanese Learners: 

Learning a second language is always very challenging and time-consuming. Especially when it is Japanese, it becomes more difficult. However, if you follow step by step process, then it becomes easy. Most people fail to learn Japanese because they don’t follow the proper procedure. In this part, we will discuss the appropriate process of learning Japanese.

1. Join a Course:

You can join a Japanese course or classes to learn Japanese. Moreover, you will find plenty of online and offline courses without having any difficulties. You can enroll in a good language class. If you find an online time, you can complete it by staying at home. Finding the best language class, go to the language learners’ forums.

Join a Course- to make your Japanese learning faster
Join a Course

2. Use Dictionary:

Due to advanced technology and faster internet, you can find any language dictionary at any time. You can get it on your phone. A Japanese dictionary helps you to improve your basic vocabulary.

Use Dictionary-to learn more words any time any where
Use Dictionary

It also helps you to improve your understanding of the language. There are hundreds of Japanese free or paid dictionary app are available for both iPhones and Androids.

3. Reading:

Learning a language firstly you have to read more. Because reading improves your brain muscles and makes faster your learning process, read more and more. Read different books which are written in the Japanese language. Japan has excellent storage of literature.

Reading-is another smart way to make your Japanese learning effective

They have different exciting novel, fiction, comics, and non-fiction books. You can read them to improve your Japanese.

4. Maintain a Journal:

Learning Japanese is a lengthy process. If you are not entirely determined to learn Japanese, then you can’t learn this. Journal can help you to track your everyday learning and keep your motivation to learn this language.

Maintain a Journal-will help you to rack you Japanese learning progress
Maintain a Journal

However, it is challenging to develop a deeper understanding of a second language if you do not practice it regularly. So, you can start slowly practicing reading and writing regularly. Try to read and write at least one line of a sentence every day.

5. Stay Connected with Japanese Speaker:

Please stay connected with the people who are learning Japanese or who have already known it. They can help you to improve your speaking skill. If you regularly practice speaking with them, it can increase your fluency also. Moreover, staying with a Japanese learner or native speaker may help you by giving some advice.

Stay Connected with Japanese Speaker-to practice and gain fluence
Stay Connected with Japanese Speaker

Getting Japanese people, you don’t need to go to Japan. Within 1 or 2 clicks, you can join any Japanese learner community in this social media age. Is learning Japanese worth it for you? Now this answer is up to you. If it is, “yes.” Then don’t worry, follow these processes and you will get the result.


Is learning Japanese worth it or not? I think you have got your answer after reading this informative blog post. Learning Japanese is always good for your business, education, job, and enjoyment. If you entirely determined that you want to start your career in Japan, learning Japanese must need you.

Still, if you are confused about learning Japanese worth it or not, then attentively read this post thoroughly again because we have tried to cover everything that can guide you.

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