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Over 10 percent of the entire U.S. population has difficulties understanding English. 25 million people living in the U.S. have limited English proficiency, and over 10 million are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing. You can help these individuals by investing in language programs that help them overcome these barriers.
At The Language Doctors we provides an all-in-one interpreting platform. Quickly connect with thousands of trained interpreters either on-demand or scheduled in advance, via video and audio, whenever and wherever you need them! You can dial us by phone, download our app for mobile or simply use the desktop version. Below you can learn more about different interpreting services offered by The Language Doctors.

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On-Demand Interpreting Services

Providing access to language solutions to limited-English speakers, you empower and ensure trust in your organization. The Language Doctors professional interpreting services focus on delivering the right interpreting format for your organizational needs. We provide language access to limited-English speakers, Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing individuals. Our specialty is rare languages and dialects.

Our platform offers on-demand interpreting in more than 300 languages via phone call, video or mobile device. Within seconds and one click away, our clients are able to access a team of more than 10,000 professional interpreters with specialized industry expertise. With The Language Doctors you can access remote interpreting services anywhere, anytime. Our interpreters are specialized in over 10 key industries. This includes medical language interpreters, sign language interpreters, and thousands of others that match your business needs.


We Provide Three Types of On-Demand
Interpreting Solutions

We understand that every organization has different internal structures and requirements. We approach our
customers as partners and tailor our solutions for your needs.


Select required language and connect with an interpreter over-the-phone within seconds.

Video Remote

Connect with required interpreter over video conference via Language Doctors communication software.

Third-party Dial-Outs

Select required language to connect with an interpreter and dial in third party to join the call.

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On-site Interpreting

Human communication is complex, it combines verbal and non-verbal communication. In some instances there is no substitute for having an in-person interpreter present.

Language Doctors is able to schedule and deliver an in-person interpreter to your meeting whenever and wherever you need it. We are able to accommodate the right interpreter with required language skills and industry expertise.

Our interpreting services are not limited to spoken languages, we provide trained professional interpreters for American Sign Language. Our professional interprets can be scheduled by appointment in advance or available in emergency.

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Total number of U.S. and noncitizen residents speak other language than English at home.


United States has the largest immigrant population than any other country. This represents 19.1% if the total number of 244 international migrants worldwide.


Percentage of immigrants in the United States who have limited English proficiency and are entitled to language assistance services.


Percentage of immigrants make up the the total U.S. population today.

Our Unique Approach

We understand that every organization has different internal structures and requirements. We approach our
customers as partners and tailor our solutions for your needs. Each of our interpreting solutions can be adjusted to your company requirements.


Word-class talent

We first qualify and then hire the most qualified interpreters and translators, and continuously train and educate our team to improve quality and delivery.

Customization support

We offer assistance with installation and customization of our interpreting program to your requirements.

Easy reporting

We provide access to customer reporting, offering full transparency on your monthly usage.

Customer support

Our customer success team is able to assist you with any issues and queries 24/7.

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