Media and Entertainment Translation Services

Media and Entertainment Translation Services

Multimedia Translations

1. Nearly every business or organization, including local stores and restaurants, rely on various forms of media to get their messages across.

2. There are more non-English speaking users living in the United States than at any other time in history.

3. Information, online and otherwise, is consumed and shared tens of millions of times per day.

4. Critical alerts, health and governmental guidelines, as well as everything from educational materials to music videos represent the majority of media posts on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

5. Domains hosting media that is available in multiple languages have the potential to reach users at orders of magnitude higher than those that don’t

Identifying the Need

Ultimately, you are in control and our job is to construct a strategy on which you can depend to set the record straight.

Entertainment translations have picked up steam in recent years due to the growing influence social media has on virtually all demographics. But this is not limited to snappy video clips and marketing ads. At The Language Doctors, we also provide multimedia translations for movies, lectures, scientific conferences, legal depositions, and much more.

We will work with you on examining demographics, user behavior, and then coordinate with your staff to ensure a seamless translational launch. Which is vital.

Media translations have to match the essence of the business or organization while offering a user experience people walk away from feeling enriched.

Let Us Help You

The Language Doctors will listen to your vision and immediately get to work on formulating a multimedia translations plan that not only makes sense, but will be designed for optimization at every level.

Thanks to a staff of certified translators, linguists, and dedicated project managers, we are able to dig right into an enormous number of languages (and specific dialects) and deploy unrivaled resources that connect users to content in more ways than ever before.

There is no special secret. It comes down to expertise…and hard work. Add in our intense focus on localization, and what you have is a winning combination that guarantees success.

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