Automotive Industry Translation Services

Since buying a car is such a big life decision – one simple grammatical mistake can be the difference between making and losing a sale.

Don’t risk losing a customer because you worked with an unqualified translator. Here at The Language Doctors, we guarantee 100% accurate translations every time.

We are able to hire only the best of the best translators due to our rigorous vetting system. While our competition guarantees translations within days, we deliver translations within hours.

We work directly with our translators – allowing us to slash prices and offer you the lowest costs in the industry.

Automotive Industry Translation Services
Localization and Globalization in the Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry Translation and Localization Services

Connect directly to the hearts of customers through localization. Buying a car is a long process – besides a home, a car could be the most expensive purchase a person makes.

This makes it crucial that all information about their vehicle of interest is available and is easy to understand.

We use localization so that texts are altered in a way that appeals directly to every customer. By using both translate and localization services, your brand will be able to easily win over the customer’s trust which is the most crucial factor when selling a vehicle.

Our localization team will also make sure legal requirements are approved and also formatting specifications. We will match you with a localization specialist that knows your target market so well – the person reading will feel like the ad was made especially for them.

To get connected with a translator, call us at 1 (202) 544-2942.

How We Choose Our Translators

We are able to guarantee the highest quality automotive translation services in the industry today because of our strict vetting system.

We require each translator to pass a fluency test for each language they plan on translating to and from.

We also make them pass a technical knowledge test to demonstrate they have enough knowledge of the automotive industry to create accurate translations.

After they pass these tests, we then enter them into a mentorship program where a project manager reviews and corrects each of their translations until they are 100% accurate every time.

We also require the following qualifications:

Native English speaker
Bachelor’s degree or higher
5+ years of experience in translation
5+ years of experience in the automotive industry

Our translation process starts with a translator completing a document. The document is then sent to a proofreader who scans for any errors and corrects any that they find. The document is then proofread a second time, and then finally submitted for approval.

Although this is a long process, it is the only way to guarantee the highest quality translations – it’s also the reason why we have a 99% retention rate with each of our clients.

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Automotive Translations

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Localization and Globalization in the Automotive Industry

Why You Should Go International

Global supply chains need to function together as one – although many different languages are involved throughout the process.

Since parts of a vehicle are made from countries throughout the world, we can no longer say a car was made in one country.

Translation and other languages services are not only necessary for the consumer but also for the entire manufacturing process.

With over 95% of the world speaking a language other than English, it’s critical that your business goes international.

Even if you just target 1% of the world’s population, it will result in over 78 million people. The possibilities are endless when you decide to take your brand internationally, and our language professionals are here to support you every step of the way.

Fast and Cost-Efficient Automotive Translations

Don’t allow yourself to be overcharged by one of our competitors. Other automotive translation companies charge a 20% service fee on all transactions.

Often times they include hidden fees as well, that go unnoticed until you receive your final bill.

We are 100% transparent about all of our costs. The price that we agree on the first day is what you will pay at the end of the contract.

We never charge hidden fees, and we are able to eliminate service fees by working directly with our translators.

When expanding to another market, it’s important that you receive translate documents as soon as possible.

While other translation agencies take days to deliver work, we are able to deliver 100% accurately translated documents within hours.

For any questions, call us at 1 (202) 544-2942.

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Automotive Translation Documents

Documents need to be 100% accurate or else customers will be confused – which will damage your brand’s reputation.

We offer translation services in over 200 different languages including:

Arabic (AR)
Chinese, Simplified (ZS)
Czech (CS)
Danish (DA)
Dutch (NL)
English (EN)
English, UK (UE)
Finnish (FI)
French (FR)
German (DE)
Italian (IT)

Japanese (JA)
Korean (KO)
Norwegian (NO)
Polish (PL)
Portuguese, Brazilian (PB)
Russian (RU)
Spanish (ES)
Swedish (SV)
Thai (TH)
Vietnamese (VI)

Even if your language isn’t listed above, we have a global team that can translate the rarest of languages.

Our team of translators is able to translate the following materials:

Owner manuals
Production documents
Assembly line instructions
Internal corporate communications
Marketing content in diverse formats
Vehicle Specs

Engine repair manuals
Cooling system specifications
Battery assembly instructions
Transmission user guides
Exhaust system installation guides
Parts reference manuals
Warranty documents
User interface

Automotive Translation Documents
The Best Automotive Translation Company

The Best Automotive Translation Company

Don’t wait another day to get your documents translated – with our rush order service we can have your documents ready in just a few hours.

The Language Doctors in the best automotive translation company is the industry today for the following reasons:

1. We are able to offer the lowest costs by eliminating service fees and never charge hidden fees.

2. We are able to deliver translated documents within hours.

3. Each member of our team of translators is thoroughly vetted – ensuring themselves as the best in the business.

4. We offer a lifetime guarantee to each of our clients.

5. We offer 24/7 support for any questions or concerns you may have.

For a free quote, call us at 1 (202) 544-2942.

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