Importance Of Multilingual Email Marketing

Let’s look at importance of multilingual email marketing. And what do you need for multilingual marketing?

Although the use of email for social media has decreased in recent years, email marketing but is not the same.Many advertisers have made significant investments in their digital presence to boost sales.

However, according to e-commerce studies, email marketing affects 4.24 percent of customers. In comparison, search engines affect 2.49 percent of people. Furthermore, social media affects 59 percent of people. Not only that but an order placed by email costs three times as much as one placed via social media.

This shows that email remains the global digital market’s leader.

Importance Of Multilingual Email Marketing

Email marketing is one way to build your company’s global brand by staying in touch with clients. You can grow subscriber numbers and improve your connection with clients globally.

Without moving to the market’s locality, you can save your money and time. Email material that is culturally relevant is vital to your company’s success and growth.

Furthermore, each of the benefits listed below is perks of Email marketing.

Email’s widespread Use;

Our audience is inherently divided by platforms when it comes to social media marketing. To meet potential customers, they must first choose to be on that platform.

When engaging with foreign audiences, this preference for specific platforms becomes more important. According to a recent Hootsuite survey, social media use varies significantly by region.

Email is essential globally and through demographics. Students need it to communicate with their teachers. The majority of the workforce requires it for work-related purposes. And some people even use it to communicate with their family and friends.

A total of 293.6 billion emails get sent and received every day. And it’s expected that this number will continue to grow.

The English Language Dominates The Internet.

More than half of all websites are in English, which is undeniable. This is also the reason why it is currently the most learned language. According to statistics, marketing in English is more likely to attract potential clients. But, as is often the case, there’s another viewpoint.

Although Chinese and Indian subcontinental languages account for just 2% and 0.1 percent of the Internet, respectively, they cover 36 percent of the world’s population.

With the introduction of the Internet in these countries. A range of previously untapped markets is now available for digital marketing.

When the product details are in their native tongue, about 55 % of users make purchases online. When they also know English, the percentage jumps to 80%.

Importance Of Multilingual Email Marketing  – Boosts Business;

It is vital to building confidence and intimacy with your foreign customers. Offering the way to bond more directly and personally with your target audience in global markets, without the language barrier, will increase your clients’ trust.

When writing email subject lines, be careful. It is much more significant than you might think. Your subject line will decide whether your target market opens your email or deletes it.

Importance Of Multilingual Email Marketing – Boost The Selling Process;

Another advantage of multilingual email marketing is that it speeds up sales. Translating the emails into the client’s native language makes it easier to build a connection with them. Furthermore, by communicating in the same language, it is possible to create a sense of trust.

Lead nurturing becomes more accessible as a result. As consumers pass through the sales, funnel more quickly.

Here, localization is essential. Dealing with cultural considerations to increase the brand’s appeal in the global market leads to higher conversion rates.

As a result, businesses can adapt their brand to match the customers’ cultural preferences and requirements.

Importance Of Multilingual Email Marketing – Localize Content;

Localization entails more than just translating words. It also includes formatting, sound, and imagery. It ensures that your brand is as appealing to foreign prospects as your main targeted customers.

Culture and localization are inextricably linked. In contrast, translation is neutral and, at times, insensitive to it.

In our example, a localization expert can contribute significantly. We should avoid using slang when engaging with Spanish-speaking people from Latin America.

Keeping an excellent neutral in our Spanish can make us more approachable to clients worldwide. But it can seriously restrict us when interpreting metaphors or wordplay.

A localization specialist would have enough cross-cultural knowledge. He can recreate the meaning of original words in their context of the target language.
Your company is focusing on global future growth plans as a result of localization. Many businesses are now able to enter foreign markets thanks to localization! Which was not possible only a few years ago.

The ultimate aim is to build a user experience. That will help you get the most out of your email marketing campaign.

Importance Of Multilingual Email Marketing – Higher Conversion Rates;

According to statistics, 99 percent of customers check their emails daily. This shows that clients keep up with both new and old emails.

That means using multilingual content in marketing campaigns has a huge potential to boost conversion rates and sales.

Conversion rates would rise with a translated email campaign. That emphasizes the “personal attention” factor and the human element while remaining cost-effective.

What Do You Need For Multilingual Marketing?

Now that we’ve persuaded you that emails are still significant. You’re probably wondering how you’re supposed to interact in your client’s native language.

Permission Of The Target Client;

Almost all marketing funnels have email marketing as a step of increasing sales.

What’s the secret to email marketing’s success? Is that it all begins with the customer’s consent to receive targeted content.

Your target market is asking that you provide them with valuable information. They’re letting you know that they’re interested in what you’ve got to sell.

Understanding who the consumer is? What do they want from you? And what part will your product or service play in their daily lives or goals? These are some of the most crucial aspects of successful marketing.

Determine Your Goal;

Multilingual email marketing has a great potential for attracting increasing customer sales. Consider whether consumers are browsing your target market. Or if this is sufficient to justify a local marketing campaign.

One way to find out is to use Google Analytics. This will provide you a detailed summary of user visits and the web page activity based on the user’s location.

A large number of foreign users implies that your brand and what you sell have already excited viewers’ attention. You may also look for market data and predictions.

Content And Language;

It’s not that easy to translate. Of course, language is the most obvious necessity for a multilingual campaign. Things can get even more complicated when there is a language barrier between the client and vendor.

The solution isn’t Google Translate! Never use it for professional translations. Because machine translation has a high rate of errors.

For efficient communication with international customers, email translations are essential. You’ll need to hire qualified linguists and experts to help you. You’ll also need to localize your campaign. The text must be translated to the local socio-cultural sensitivity. In marketing, this is important. Each business, such as the British and American markets, needs differentiation.

For your international market, you must also build multilingual marketing content. This strategy would boost your overseas sales by driving traffic to your website from emails.


To save time and money, you can always automate your email campaigns. Special tools enable you to
  • schedule your email campaigns
  • monitor their delivery,
  • conduct A/B testing,
  • personalize your mailing list, and
  • segment your mailing list.
All are essential ways to check how your multilingual marketing campaign is working. Use MailChimp, GetResponse, or other email marketing software to automate email delivery.

In Sum;

Multilingual email marketing, unlike other types of digital marketing, is a powerful tool. For better access to global markets and a more consistent return on investment.

You will not generate any return on investment if you do not thoroughly research your local target audience.

Jordie van Rijn, an email marketing expert, likes to use the following culinary analogy:

“It must be made clear that each area has its taste, tastes, and working methods.”

Some national dishes are hot and spicy, while others have a floral aroma. If you want your emails to have real meaning, you need to know who your foreign audience is.”

Keep in mind to:

  • Make your message more targeted and meaningful by adapting it.
  • Make sure you’ve segmented your audience correctly.
  • Provide regionally appropriate content.
  • Measure your results and review your data to learn more about your target audience.

Contact Us;

If you need multilingual marketing campaigns and translating emails, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

The Language Doctors can easily translate your content into the target language. While also considering cultural diversity and tailoring it to each audience.

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