How to hire an Interpreter with 6 Considering Factors

It is essential to know How to hire an interpreter if your Company plans to expand its business operation worldwide.  Whether it is a startup or an established business, it should consider some interpretation service requirements before jump into the service contract.


For this reason, we have put together the most critical issues and useful tips in the following section to hire the perfect interpreter for your Company.

How to hire an Interpreter with 6 Considering Factors

You can set up interpreting services mainly in two ways: set up a team in-house or make a contract with an agency. Which alternative best fits with you depends on some conditions. Let’s see what they are. You may consider hiring the interpreters directly if you have a simple requirement, plenty of time, and a tight budget. Conversely, suppose you have never arranged interpreting services before.

Likewise, you have a complicated schedule to organize, and your time is limited to set everything, then you would be better off using an agency. In this blog post, we focus on how to hire an interpreter with the most important considering factors stated below.

1. Examine to Hire Your Interpreter

No doubt everybody wants to hire an interpreter with colossal experience and outstanding language skills. Checking the language ability of candidates is time-consuming. Likewise, it can be challenging for you when you don’t speak one of the languages that your hired interpreter will translate for you. In this case, making a contract with an interpreting service agency will be a great choice because it is an expert in hiring an interpreter.

Examine to Hire Your Interpreter


Moreover, they will examine or test their employees’ interpreting serviceability and quality thoroughly. Besides, they ensure that the interpreters have other soft skills and confidence to correctly deliver the interpreting service. Before allowing the interpreters to serve any company or individual, the agency double-checks and ensures the service’s quality.

2. Look for Specialist Knowledge

You are working in an industry that uses lots of jargon or particular terminology such as Healthcare, Legal Service, Engineering, etc. So, it is worth hiring an interpreter who is well conversant with your industry. Likewise, finding someone having the right experience can ensure that everything in your business runs smoothly. Thus, medical phrases, legal terminology, or construction industry concepts that your interpreter needs to convert into another language will be more comfortable.

Look for Specialist Knowledge


Because hiring an interpreter who continuously needs to look at terms in one or both languages will fail to make a positive interpretation service experience. In this case, making a contract for interpretation service through an agency can help you a lot because all agencies keep track of their interpreter’s particular areas of expertise. Moreover, they can quickly tell if they have the right interpreters who fit for the job or not.

Keep in mind that interpreters who provide specialist service as part of their work can cost more than a general interpreting service provider. So, you should arrange your budget accordingly to hire a professional and specialized interpreter. Besides, you need to ensure that the linguist you hire has the right set of skills for the ongoing project, and the revenue covers the extra cost.

3. Understand Your Interpretation Needs

You may need different types of interpretation considering various situations. You will need a consecutive interpretation if you join a business meeting and require a good interpreter to translate for the delegates who speak a different language.

Understand Your Interpretation Needs


If you are delivering a conference paper and need someone to translate your words to the target audience, they speak different languages and listen to you through headsets. In this case, you will need a simultaneous or conference interpretation. To hire the right types of interpretation service providers to meet your requirements, you should first understand your need.

4. Consider More Than Just Language Skills

The interpreter must be fluent and expert in both languages that you need them to translate between is essential. However, you should not consider only language skills to hire a perfect interpreter. If you need an interpreter on multiple occasions, you should confirm that your selected interpreter has the flexibility to fit with your requirements.

Consider Additional Service Needs to Hire an Interpreter


Moreover, it is also essential to hire an interpreter who will provide you the service properly. After all, a professional and personable interpreter can make a difference, and make everything easy during a business meeting can be a real asset.

5. Focus on Quality Assessment

To assess the quality of your interpreter, you can follow various ways or techniques. Be sure you have read enough online testimonials and reviews about the service quality before committing to a signed contract. Moreover, you should check what do their previous clients mentioned as their best skills? Similarly, what past clients are saying about their remarkable areas of weakness or lacking. Additionally, it is also worth checking out their LinkedIn profile and Facebook business page.

Focus on Quality Assessment


It would be best if you weren’t ignoring anything when it comes to quality assessment. Because without quality interpreting service, your business will lose customers, reputations, business partners, and so forth. It’s also crucial that after hiring them, you should closely examine your interpreter’s use of language continuously. Moreover, it would help if you gave extra attention, mainly when using any specialized phrase relevant to your business sector.

Lack of quality interpretation service can lead to misunderstandings and communication gaps that can significantly damage your business possibilities. For instance, your interpreter uses clumsy phrases or does not follow pace with the business meeting conversations. Therefore, you should be careful about it, and it could be time to double-check your current arrangements.

6. Consider Additional Service Needs to Hire an Interpreter

To find the perfect interpreter, you should follow the above guidelines. However, it is also worth considering any other language services that you may need in the future. Many companies often start by using interpretation services, and following that, use a translator to work on their documents.

Consider Additional Service Needs to Hire an Interpreter


For example, if you are looking to use an agency that provides a wide variety of language interpretation services, that can save time looking for translators later.


The right and efficient interpreter can help you to achieve your business goal and make global communication possible. Moreover, he/she can help you to establish international connections and a business network. To hire the right interpreter who best meets your interpretation needs by following the tips mentioned above.

Call The Language Doctors team today to find out more How to hire an interpreter to meet your needs. Our expert and experienced interpreters will be happy to help you!


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