How To Get Certified Translation Services? 3 Key Steps

How to get certified translation services? It would be best if you asked this question first to find a way to get a certified Translation Service provider. No worries! You are lucky because you will find the solution to get your desired service by reading this blog post.


Moreover, we’ve discussed some most important questions with answers in the next section. So, check out this post to get a detailed overview of Certified Translation Services.

How To Get Certified Translation Services? 3 Key Steps:

Here we’ve explained 3 key steps to get certified translation services to fulfill your language services demands. It is not easy to find a perfect certified translation service in your city. Here credentials, experiences, and reputation play a pivotal role in selecting certified translators.  So, by following these simplified steps, you will find certified translation services quickly:

1. Find a reliable Certified Translation Service Agency:

First, find a reliable language service agency that offers certified translation services. This might seem like an obvious thing, but very few people realize the benefits of finding the perfect company. If they get many options in front of them, making the right choice becomes more challenging.

Find a reliable Certified Translation Service Agency.

However, by comparing the facilities and service quality, we can determine which one is the best company. So, this will help you finalize one certified translation service agency and then rely on them to get your certified translation documents.

2. Share Certified Translation Requirements & Get a Free Quote:

In this step, you can go to the agency’s website and upload your required document on the ‘get a free quote’ page. When you complete uploading the documents, you will need to answer some relevant questions about your translation service requirement.

Share Certified Translation Requirements & Get a Free Quote.

Thus, your accurate answers will help the service provider to complete the job successfully. It is also common to add a deadline at this point.

3. Place Order for Certified Translation Service:

After entering all necessary information on the free quote page related to your required certified translation services, you will see the final bill. Furthermore, you must go through the payment process to go ahead with the current translation service order. Similarly, If you are OK with the amount displayed on the order page, you can pay it to them, and they will go ahead to start with your project.

Place an Order for Certified Translation Service.

So, when they finish your project, they will deliver it to you along with the translator’s signed statement. In case of any mistakes or missing portions, you can request the agency for a revised version. Likewise, they will be happy to provide the desired service to you as soon as possible.

So, when everything is according to your given requirements, you may leave feedback and use your certified translated document as per your need. Finally, whether you are applying for university admission or immigration, the whole process will become simpler once you get the certified Translation.

An Overview of Certified Translation Services:

Here we’ve discussed some key questions and answers relating to the Certified Translation Services. Moreover, this detailed overview will provide you more insight and guide you to find the right certified translator service agency. Similarly, these frequently asked questions will help you to overcome all the confusion on this topic. So, keep reading until the end.

1. What is a certified translation service?

A certified translation service is the attestation of the fact on documents by a translation company or translator. Moreover, this certified translation reflects the translator’s best ability accurately and in complete alignment with the original form. Similarly, it also proves that a qualified translator has produced the translated document and does not have any discrepancy.

What is a certified translation service?

The general manager signs the statement that contains the translator’s credentials, qualifications, contact number, address, etc. This helps verify the documents and allows the concerned authority to contact the translation agency about their authenticity.

2. Who is a Certified Translator?

A Certified Translator has enough credentials, qualifications, training, experience, and institutional affiliation. To become an expert certified translator, you have to study a lot. However, your certificates and diplomas aren’t enough to work as a certified translator. Moreover, you have to work hard and do many things to establish yourself as a certified translator. Suppose you want to become a surgeon, but your study and exams are not enough for it.

Who is a Certified Translator?

Moreover, you must also undergo proper practice and intensive training. When you complete your training, you will get your certificate to declare yourself as a surgeon. But all of this would not be possible without your hard work and achieving credentials.

3. When is a Certified Translation Service required?

A certified translation is required to submit legal documents to any legal issue or USCIS in the immigration case. Likewise, they will ask for birth certificates, marriage certificates, educational records, or various personal documents. Moreover, in some cases, they will ask for a notarized copy of the translated documents.

When is a Certified Translation Service required?

If skilled and experienced linguists will handle your documents and maintain a service standard, then USCIS will accept your documents for sure. Check out another interesting blog post on Do Translated Birth Certificates Need to Be Notarized?

4. What do you mean by legal Translation?

When a translation of documents and text’s primary goal is to serve a legal purpose or perform due to a legal requirement, we say it courtroom translation. Moreover,  legal translation also includes a legal subject, and it is often culture-dependent.

What do you mean by legal Translation?

Experienced Translators in the legal field and specialists knowing how to translate in legal settings accurately demand legal translation. They must also translate the text using specific standard terms as per legal requirements.

5. Should I translate my marriage certificate?

You must translate your marriage certificate if your marriage certificate in another language than English. Likewise, it is also essential to translate your marriage certificate for immigration purposes.

Should I translate my marriage certificate?

According to the U.S. Immigration Office, it is a requirement, and you will find more information on their official website.

6. What is a professional translator?

A professional translator is fluent in another language at a bilingual level. Moreover, he/she has completed intensive training on translation and has experience in translating documents over many years.

What is a professional translator?

Likewise, they should understand, speak, read, and write in another language and obtain a Bachelor’s degree in that target language.

7. Can a notary public act as a certified translator?

The answer to this question is a bit tricky. A notary public can be fluent in a pair of languages and can offer certified Translation services. However, they can not work as a certified translator and a notary public simultaneously.

Can a notary public act as a certified translator?

A notary public can translate documents, but they are not allowed to notarize their Translation.

8. Can a notary public translate any birth certificate?

Yes, a notary public can translate a birth certificate if they know the target languages and sign the accuracy certificate. However, they won’t be able to notarize their signature. Suppose you need a birth certificate notarized with translation.

Can a notary public translate any birth certificate?

In this case, you must get a certified translation and bring it in front of the notary for signing the certificate. The notary will notarize that certificate after verifying the person’s identity who signed the accuracy certificate.

9. What is an ATA certified translator?

An ATA (American Translators Association) certified translator is a linguist who is an ATA member and has passed their required exams successfully. The ATA examination purely focuses on translation abilities and language knowledge.

What is an ATA certified translator?

Furthermore, it has nothing to do with the USCIS  requirements. Similarly, a translator doesn’t have to be an ATA member to provide certified translation for immigration purposes.

10. How to become an ATA certified translation company?

When a translation company joins as an ATA member, we will call it an ATA certified translation company. However, it is not easy to become a member of the ATA. To become an ATA member, a company should apply first.

How to become an ATA certified translation company?

If ATA accepts the company’s application, it will give the company a member status and a page on their website.

11. What is the alternative word for Certified Translation?

If you are wondering if there is an alternative word for the certified Translation, then let’s make it clear for you. You may become across the word official translation while searching for certified translation services. However, the official Translation is a term used instead of a certified translation in many offices and documents.

What is the alternative word for certified Translation?

So, the term means the same as accredited Translation services that are widely accepted. Usually, translators don’t need to check credentials while providing their translation service. Similarly, you can get a translation service without showing your credentials to translators.

It would be best if you shared the credentials with a translator in case of a certified translation. So, it is the process of getting the translation service as ‘official’ acceptance. Finally, in this way, the term ‘official translation’ become famous as the translator or the translation agency officially verify the credentials.

12. Documents that Required Certified Translation Services:

There are some documents the required certified translation services. Those documents are diploma certificate, degree certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, passport, visa, driving license, etc.

Documents that Required Certified Translation Services.

Furthermore, this service also includes legal contracts translation, pan cards, medical certificates, checkbooks, bank passbooks, government identity proofs, medical history documents, discharge papers, school leaving certificates, sports certificates, and so on.

13. USCIS Required Certified Translation Service:

USCIS is responsible for handling immigration, visa, and citizenship issues in the United States.  Moreover, it is a government organization, and It used to ask for either notarized or certified translation copies of the documents from foreigners. However, some changes in their rules later on now only accept accredited translation for documents.

USCIS Required Certified Translation Service.

Furthermore, only getting certified translation services is not enough for USCIS. So, hiring a translation agency that understands the different needs and knowing the standards and rules of the USCIS in detail is recommended in such cases.


How to get certified translation services? This crucial question is no longer unknown to you as you have gone through this informative blog post. However, it would be best if you always become careful to choose the right certified translation services for your convenience. So, remember all the important questions and answers before jumping into hiring a certified translation agency.

Please let us know in the comment section below if you find this post helpful or if you have any further questions on this topic.

Call The Language Doctors team to get more information regarding Certified Translations Services and Interpretation Services. Our expert and experienced linguist would be happy to help you to fulfill all your language services demands.

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