15 Factors Tell How long does it take to learn Spanish?

At some point or the other, we all have tried our hand at language learning. And we know that learning a language is a long term commitment. So whenever it comes to learning a language, we are bound to have lots of questions in mind. Be it hard to learn a language like Chinese or easy to learn a language like Spanish. There is no exception.


In this busy world, one of the top concerns that we have is; how much time something requires. The same applies to language learning as well. It is not a surprise if you are wondering; how long does it take to learn Spanish?

You must be expecting to get answers in numbers like days, weeks, and months. But let me tell you that answer to your simple question is not that easy. You ask why?

There are plenty of different factors at play here that makes the answer to this question difficult.

15 Factors Tells How long does it take to learn Spanish

Spanish is considered to be an easy language to learn. Special for English language speakers. As both English and Spanish share a lot of similarities; alphabets, vocabulary. But like any other foreign language, you will find it tough to learn.

So when determining how long does it take to learn Spanish? The answer depends on you. It is simply because of the change in learning styles and abilities. For someone who has a knack for language learning, it will take less time.

There are also many other factors that influence the language learning time-frame. Understanding these factors can help you to speed up your learning.

The factors affecting the languages learning, in this case, Spanish are:

1. What level of fluency you want to attain

The level of fluency you want to attain in Spanish has a lot to do with the time it will take you to learn. If you want to just learn Spanish for a trip to Spanish speaking country, then it will take you less time. You can pick up a few words and phrases in a few days or weeks.

What Level Of Fluency You Want To Attain

But if you want to hold proper conversations in Spanish, then it will take you longer. The time frame, in this case, can vary from few months to years. And if you want to attain native-like fluency and pronunciation, then you have to be patient.

2. Number of hours you can spare for studying Spanish

If you spend more time on learning, then you are likely to learn quickly.

We have all heard the:

‘Practice makes you perfect.’

And it’s 100% true in language learning. Dedicating longer hours for learning can help you learn and practice more. So if you are looking to speed up your learning, then increase the number of hours you spend learning. Spare a few hours every day to learn Spanish.

By doing this, you will see a great change in your Spanish acquisition.

3. How long does it take to learn Spanish Depend on the Amount of effort you are ready to put in

If you are not receiving results even after increasing the number of hours for practicing. Then you have to work on the effort you are putting in.

Having a laid-back approach towards learning will also help you achieve your targets. But if you want to attain your language goals quickly. Then this is one thing you need to work on.

If you are having trouble focusing for long hours. Then prioritize quality over quantity.

4. Motivation Driving you

Motivation has a great role to play in language learning. Motivate yourself to speed up your language learning.

Motivation Driving You

If you are having trouble keeping yourself motivated, then try finding a study buddy. In this way, both of you can motivate each other when in the low phase. Maintaining your motivation is necessary to keep your studies on track.

5. How long does it take to learn Spanish depend on Your experience with language learning

Are you bilingual? Or multilingual? Then I have great news for you. If you have already acquired a second or third language, it will be easy for you to learn Spanish. Knowing multiple languages enhances your cognitive skills and help in language learning.

Also, you are a native speaker of a Latin language family; you find it easy to learn Spanish. That is because of the similarity between spelling, sound system, and grammar shared by the Latin root languages.

6. Resources you are using for learning

Be very mindful when selecting the resources for language learning. They not affect your motivation but will also determine how long it will take you to learn.

Choose resources that are user friendly and helpful. I am sure that you definitely don’t want to make things complicated for you. Another way to speed up your learning is to select resources that you enjoy using.

7. How long does it take to learn Spanish depend on How frequently are you using Spanish

When you have acquired a few Spanish words and phrases, start using the. Because when you start using the language, you have learned, you retain better and learn more quickly.

How frequently are you using Spanish

You can do this by holding a conversation with someone in Spanish. You can also read and write in Spanish. Using Spanish frequently will keep you engaged with the language and help speed up your process.

8. To what extent are you immersed in Spanish

Immersion is one of the most effective language-learning techniques. This technique works on the idea of thinking in the target language than translating back and forth. Using this technique for learning can prove to be the fastest way to learn. As it requires you to interact the most with the target language.

So if you want to speed up your learning, then immerse yourself in the target using this technique.

9. Your innate abilities

Just like some people have an innate ability for maths, music, or sport. Some people are naturally better at language learning. But don’t worry if you don’t have the innate ability.

You can still learn Spanish. It’s just that for people with a natural ability to learn a language learning Spanish will be faster.

10. How long does it take to learn Spanish slightly depend on How old are you

You must be wondering how this works?

There is no doubt that it’s fairly easy for children to learn a language. That is because of biological factors, including the structure of the brain. This definitely doesn’t mean that adults can’t learn a language.

How old are you

Adults also have some advantages. We can better understand the grammatical rules.

As an adult, you will have to put in more effort and time. Because unlike children, our minds have grown from the age of language learning.

11. Reason for learning Spanish

Language learning is not easy. It is also easy to lose motivation and put a stop to language learning. To make sure that you don’t give up on a language, you need to have clear reasons for learning.

If you have figured out the reason for learning the language, then you will keep on track. This reason can vary from connecting people and culture to pursuing a career or academics.

If you haven’t figured out your purpose for learning. Then do it now!

12. The Methodology You Are Using

There are several different methodologies that you can use to learn a language. All of them will yield results for you. But using some methodologies can be effective and faster.

We all have been using the rote learning method. But none of us tend to like it because of the countless repetitions that need to be done.

Using this method for language learning can be pretty boring and will slow down your process.

Instead, try using the mental image method.  Making mental images for words can help you retain information better.

The Methodology You Are Using

13. Your Consistency With Learning

Learning for long hours one day a week will not help you in language learning. It requires consistency. Because by practicing every day, you will be immersing yourself in Spanish. And over the period, you will start thinking in Spanish.

Consistency with language learning is very important.

14. How passionate you are about Spanish?

If you are passionate about learning Spanish and have personal reasons for it, your learning will be faster. But if you are only learning Spanish because of the trend, then your learning will not be as effective.

So try and find a reason to be passionate about learning Spanish. Check out another interesting blog post on the Top 10 Differences Between Spanish And English.

15. How long does it take to learn Spanish Depends On Your Attitude

Your attitude has a lot to do with your language learning. Your determination and commitment to learning are vital. If you want to attain fluency in Spanish, then it is important that you can believe that you can do it.

This is one of the main reasons that experienced language learners learn a language easily because they believe in themselves.

How long does it take to learn Spanish Depends On Your Attitude

So never underestimate your strengths. Always maintain a positive attitude.


It is very important to understand and optimize the above-mentioned factors according to yourself. By doing so, you can speed up your learning process. This will also ensure effective and efficient learning of the language.

The Language Doctor team would love to hear your feedback. Do tell us in the comments section how useful these tips were for you. If you have anything to add, then please do share. You can also contact The Language Doctor’s linguists team if you have any more questions in mind.

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