How To Find An ASL Interpreter For An Event – Qualifications

If you are looking for an ASL interpreter for an event, you can find them on:

  • Freelance websites
  • Interpreter referral services
  • Interpreter training programs
  • Interpretation Companies
  • Speech and hearing centers
  • Deaf schools and organizations.

Communication between yourself and your audience is the number one factor in running a successful event.

With 3.6% of the U.S. population who consider themselves deaf, you want to make sure each audience member is able to understand what is going on.

Common events that require an ASL interpreter include:

  • Concerts
  • Theater productions
  • Conferences
  • Expos

Although deaf audience members may not be able to hear what the singer is sayings, they still are able to feel the atmosphere of the music around them and the energy of the people as well.

With an ASL interpreter present, they will be able to interpret vocals, song titles, and performer dialogue.

One of the main reasons people attend conferences and expos is to network with like-minded individuals.

People with limited hearing can bring value to others around them, and it’s important that they are given the same chance to show others their skills. By having an ASL interpreter by deaf peoples’ side, they will be able to network effectively and will appreciate the effort you put into helping them.

Top Freelance Websites for ASL Interpreters

Many interpreters choose to work as freelancers. This way they can choose their own schedule and have the freedom of charging their own rates. The best freelance websites for American Sign Language Interpreters are:


Users are able to showcase their portfolio, certifications, and education through their Upwork profile. Customers can also read past reviews from other clients that the user has worked with.

Fiverr Upwork And Guru Are Best Places To Find Interpreter
Top Freelance Websites for ASL Interpreters


Fiverr allows users to own “Gigs” where they explain what they offer and the price it costs. Users may include bonus gigs as well, or discounts for large orders.


Although Indeed offers many full-time and part-time positions, it is still a great website for interpreters that wish to work with a client long-term.


With 1.5 mullion users, Guru is a great platform for matching freelancers with job posts.


Users are able to leverage their network with the use of LinkedIn. You can usually get a good feel of an interpreter’s personality through their LinkedIn profile and can see if they are a good fit for your needs.

Best ASL Interpretation Companies

Using an interpretation company is a good way to cut down your search time. Instead of spending hours to find an ASL interpreter freelancer —an interpretation company will assign you an ASL interpreter that they trust.

Acutrans, Inc.

For over 20 years Acutrans has provided ASL interpretation services for their clients. They use cutting-edge technology and make customer service their number one priority.

American Sign Language Services, Inc

ASL services provide trilingual interpreters, spoken language interpreting, artistic interpreting, video remote interpreting, and onsite interpreting to its clients. And they have been around since 1989 and meet ADA requirements.

The Said Companies Will Provide You An ASL Interpreter
Best ASL Interpretation Companies

The Language Doctors

The Language Doctors offers fast and cost-effective ASL translation services of the highest quality. They thoroughly vet each interpreter before hiring them—ensuring you only work with the best of the best interpreters in the industry.

IU Group

Established in 1970, Interpreters Unlimited provides language services in order to make connections nationwide.

Partners Interpreting

Partners interpreting looks to bridge the language gap between individuals with varying degrees of hearing loss.


Languagers offers ASL interpretation services for professionals that work in medical, legal, business, education, and government.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an ASL Interpreter?

If you plan to work with a private interpreter, you will have to negotiate the rates with them.

These rates depend on the interpreter’s certifications and years of experience. On average you can expect to pay about $100 to $150 for a 2-hour session.

You must also pay for other expenses as well, including travel time and mileage. And travel expenses can add up fast, especially if you are working with an interpreter who lives in another state, or far away from your location.

Find An ASL Interpreter
How Much Does It Cost to Hire an ASL Interpreter

So you should try to work with interpreters within driving distance of your location in order to save on travel expenses.

Another option for saving money is to hire a video-remote interpreter. Also, depending on the size of your event, you could have an interpreter communicate through a projector screen, computer, or tablet.

Qualifications Every ASL Interpreter Should Have

Before hiring an interpreter, you should always look at their qualifications first. And working with a native English speaker is the first qualification you should always look for. Other qualifications that are important include:

  • Completed bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited institution
  • 5 or more years of experience working as an ASL interpreter
  • National Interpreter Certification (NIC)


What Qualifications To Look For While Finding One
Qualifications Every ASL Interpreter Should Have

You never want to make the mistake of working with an unqualified interpreter.

Your entire event can be ruined if hundreds of people are complaining that they do not understand the ASL interpreter you hired.

You are risking your brand’s reputation which can take years to fix. So you should always vet your interpreter first or work with an interpretation company that thoroughly vets its interpreters.

What Skills Should ASL Interpreters Have?

Clear communication between multiple people is the number one priority of a great interpreter. In order to carry out accurate interpretations, interpreters must have great listening skills.

They must also have great English skills as well. Since interpreters will be working with a variety of personalities, it’s important that they have a good grasp of psychology and how to deal with many different types of people.

Find An ASL Interpreter
What Skills Should ASL Interpreters Have

Effective interpreters must be empathetic and have a good understanding of different cultures within the deaf community. So they must also have the following skills:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Writing
  • Excellent memory
  • Ability to sign for long periods of time
  • Attention to detail

If you have any more questions about how to find an ASL interpreter for an event, you can leave us a comment below. If you have a friend or colleague that could benefit from this information, feel free to share this article with them as well.

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