The 3 Main Differences Between In-house vs On-demand Interpreters

When you need interpreting services in the long run, hiring your own in-house specialists can be an attractive prospect. However, it comes with its own set of challenges that should not be underestimated, especially in smaller companies with less flexibility in their budgets. 

On-demand Interpreters

On-Demand interpreters

On-demand interpreting is a viable solution in many cases, and it brings more to the table than most leaders assume. If you haven’t explored it as an option for your company, it’s highly recommended to take a look at the market for remote interpreting services before committing to a particular approach.  

1.Cost of HiringOn-demand interpreters

Working with in-house interpreting services has some advantages in terms of availability and scheduling. However, this comes at a significant cost – especially in terms of overhead. You have to set up appropriate contracts, take care of all necessary insurances and other expenses that come with hiring full-time employees. These costs can add up fast if you need multiple interpreters with a variety of skills. 

On-demand Interpreters On-Demand interpreters

On the other hand, working with an on-demand interpreting service means that you typically pay as you go, and only pay for the amount of work that you’ve actually used. Combined with the additional scheduling flexibility that these services bring to the table, you can usually make much better use of your company’s finances that way.  

Of course, this also depends on the exact service that you’re using and may not apply to every provider by default. That’s why it’s important to work with a competent interpreting company that can provide you with the additional flexibility you need to get your work done without your costs ballooning. 


If you have a large group of in-house interpreters, they can typically handle most work in a reasonable timeframe. However, you can run into some problems if you decide to scale up and need to increase the workload of your interpreters accordingly. This usually means that you have to hire lots of new employees on short notice. 

In that case, you’re not only going to deal with the extra overhead that we mentioned above. But you’re going to run into other problems as well. Your situation with increased demand might not last forever. And you may eventually find yourself in the uncomfortable position of employing multiple people with no work for them. 

 interpreting services On-Demand interpreters

When working with an on-demand interpreting company, you have immediate access to thousands of qualified professionals within seconds. At least when you’re working with some of the best companies on the market. This means that you can easily scale up your usage without compromising any aspect of your operations. You can also scale things back down in the future once demand declines. 

You’re also not going to be limited by the capacity of your current workforce at any point. You can easily ask the interpreting company you’re working with to allocate additional resources to your current project and then gradually release them as your workload decreases. 

3.Availability of Languages 

When you work with your own in-house interpreters, you’re limited to the languages they specialize in. You can typically expect an interpreter to be good at 2-3 languages, in some cases a bit more. But you’re still severely restricted in this regard, especially when it comes to translating between two relatively rare languages. 

 interpreting services On-Demand interpreters

With an on-demand interpreting company, you have hundreds of languages at your fingertips at any time. You don’t need to dedicate resources to the permanent employment of someone who possesses a rare skill on the market. And you can just adjust your requirements towards the interpreting company as you move along. 

This is perfect for those rare edge cases where you urgently need to translate something from one rare language to another. As long as you’re working with a competent remote interpreting company. You can expect that they can easily handle a situation like this without any complications.  

Other Factors to Consider – On-Demand Interpreters

There are also other factors to consider in this. For example, scheduling things at odd times of the day is going to be no problem when working with a remote interpreting company. Part of the deal with many of these companies is that they offer their services around the clock. And since you’re working remotely, you don’t need to consider any complicated scheduling issues for travel and accommodation. 

 interpreting services On-Demand interpreters

Even if you have the resources to allocate to a dedicated interpreting department, you will still be limited by who’s available on the market. You may quickly find that most of the specialists you want to hire are already taken. And in many cases, they will actually be taken by none other than the best interpreting companies in your area. 

In the end, it doesn’t make sense to compete against these companies for talent when you can just use their services as they’re intended to be used. This will allow you to save money and grow your business in a more predictable manner. While at the same time building a long-term partnership with a company you know you can trust. 

Who Should You Go With? 

As you can see, working with an on-demand interpreting service is the best move you can make in this regard. If you’re not sure where to start, Connected Care can be a good point of entry into this market. The service has been around for a while and has managed to attract a lot of attention from many sides of the industry. It’s already actively used by various organizations around the world. And offers more than 300 languages and thousands of qualified professionals. 

 interpreting services On-Demand interpreters

Combined with its flexible schedule, Connected Care is one of the top choices when you need an interpreting company that offers everything in one convenient package. The company has been hard at work refining its product even further and optimizing its prices too. So you can expect to pay very little for its work compared to what others on the market are charging right now. 

Another benefit of using Connected Care is the company’s proven expertise with large-scale projects. Large expansions of your requirements are going to be no problem for a provider of this caliber. While it’s easy to change providers at a later time. Finding the right one early on can save you from a lot of trouble in terms of wasted expenses and scheduling issues. 

Closing ThoughtsOn-demand interpreters

Setting up your in-house interpreting department can make sense in some contexts, but it’s rarely the best option nowadays. You can see more benefits from building a long-term partnership with a competent company that offers remote interpreting services. There are a few notable choices in this field. And no matter what languages you’re looking to translate from and to. You will always find someone who can take you up and provide you with a quality service. 

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