Connected Care: Who Can Benefit from the Cloud-based Interpreting Platform?

Traditional interpretation and translation services are rapidly being phased out in favor of modern, cloud-based solutions. Connectivity makes all the difference on the modern market, and many customers are now specifically looking for companies that can deliver quality on-demand services with minimal friction. 

Connected CareInterpretation and translation services

What Is Connected Care? 

Connected Care is a cloud-based interpreting platform that puts companies in touch with the right translators and interpreters for their needs. A project of The Language Doctors, the service leverages the company’s existing in-depth knowledge of the translation market. In addition, combines it with an advanced approach based on modern technology. 

What Is Connected Care? A project of The Language Doctors

The service aims to provide a fast solution to any situation that requires interpretation services with no compromises. This includes complicated and sensitive situations, including cases that involve patient privacy and other legal issues. 

How Does It Work? 

The platform offers on-demand translation services for over 300 languages, allowing companies to connect to professional interpreters around the clock. The dedicated app can contact experts, or by just calling a dedicated number. Video calling is supported as well, and the company even provides on-site interpretation services for specific cases. 

How Does It Work? Video calling is supported as well

Billing works on a per-use basis, unlike some similar services which always charge a minimum upfront fee regardless of how much their services were actually used. This can make it easier to make budget plans with the confidence; that they will be as close to reality as possible. 

Who Can Benefit from Connected Care? 

The flexibility of Connected Care can make it attractive to many types of businesses. Finding on-demand translation services can still be surprisingly difficult even today. Despite all the advancements we’ve seen in that field in recent years. 

Who Can Benefit from Connected Care? On-demand translation services

Connected Care is perfect for cases where no compromises can be made about factors like quality, speed, and knowledge in specific fields. The company constantly reevaluates its approach to refine it even further. Also allowing companies to easily connect to specialists that can support them in specific areas. 

Interpretation experts are available for more than 300 languages, including specialists that cover niche areas. 

Companies in Need of Interpreters with Specific Skills 

Sometimes, even the best general interpreter on the market will not be suitable for a task if it requires in-depth knowledge of a specific area. Translation services that cover these cases are traditionally expensive and limited. Connected Care removes that barrier. And provides companies with access to a wide range of experts with years of knowledge in different areas. 

Some examples include: 

  • Legal

    Proper interpretation services can make or break a challenging legal case. One small communication error can have drastic consequences, raising the bar for translation services very high. Connected Care can put companies in touch with interpretation specialists. This is because they understand the sensitive nature of those situations and are well-versed in legal jargon. 


This can allow you to focus on the actual case instead of worrying over auxiliary details. It will also help you understand the situation in the courtroom more easily. As interpreters can also condense crucial details in a more comprehensible manner. 


  • Medical

Healthcare is another example of a field that requires a different approach to translation. Interpreters need to not only be knowledgeable in the languages they are translating between. But also understand medical terminology to a good extent. 


On top of that, they must have a patient approach since most cases requiring their services are delicate on at least some level. Finding a reliable, quality medical interpreter can be very difficult without services like Connected Care. But with the help of this cloud-based solution, an appropriate specialist will be available within seconds of requesting one. 


  • Corporate

Corporate meetings are fast-paced, full of jargon, and often require quick, confident responses to inquiries. This makes them a nightmare for inexperienced interpreters who don’t understand the corporate world and aren’t used to navigating high-stakes situations like these. 


That’s why working with a reliable partner like Connected Care is important if you want to maximize your chances of success in any business negotiation at those levels. Not only that, but the right interpretation service can provide you with an extra edge in negotiations. As you will have access to more information than the other party might assume initially. 

Working in Challenging Areas 

Occasionally, companies need to work with interpreters in challenging environments. Hard-to-reach areas and unsafe regions are common examples. Many professional interpreters might refuse to physically travel to these locations. Sometimes may charge exorbitant fees for their services in those cases. 

Working in Challenging Areas Companies need to work with interpreters in challenging environments

But with Connected Care, you’re always one video call away from having a reliable interpreter by your side. You’ll never have to worry about the logistics. We get them where they are needed. Besides can count on having someone available 24/7.  

Expanding on the Global Market with Connected Care 

Expanding a business to new countries comes with a variety of additional challenges. Complying with local legislation is a common example. Sometimes, companies will struggle to build any reliable partnerships simply because of the language barrier standing in their way. 

Expanding on the Global Market with Connected Care Expanding on the Global Market with Connected Care

That’s another case where Connected Care’s services can truly shine. Business leaders can confidently move into new fields without worrying about communication issues during important meetings. And thanks to Connected Care’s wide language coverage, companies can count on the service regardless of which part of the world they are expanding into.  

Securing Compliance with All Legal Frameworks 

Complying with all legal frameworks that cover specific interactions is always important for a business. Failing to treat HIPAA, GDPR, and other similar regulations with the appropriate level of respect can quickly lead to severe fines and legal issues. 

Securing Compliance with All Legal Frameworks Securing Compliance with All Legal Frameworks 

This makes it important to only work with interpreters who are fully aware of the implications of these laws and know how to comply with them.

In fact, this requires additional training, education and limits your range of options significantly if you’re searching on the common market. Not with Connected Care though – the service has a large number of experts who have in-depth knowledge of specific legal frameworks. And know how to keep their services compliant with them at every step of the way. 

Take Your Business to the Next Level – Book a Demo Today! 

Integrating Connected Care into your company’s workflow is a straightforward process that only takes a few minutes. Find out how modern translation and interpretation services can help boost your performance. Because open the doors to new opportunities on the market. And see how the service works and what it has to offer – thousands of qualified translation experts. Book a demo today!

Take Your Business to the Next LevelSecuring Compliance with All Legal Frameworks 

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