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Transcreation Services: Why and When You Need Them

All global companies started small and have come a long way in creating their perfect formula for adapting to a new market. New businesses that aim to expand into new markets begin on the same path. They seek the most profitable and suitable methods to catch an audience’s attention in another country. And one such method could be transcreation.

What makes this method stand out from the rest? Is it different from regular translation? Or is it just a creative translation? Together with The Language Doctors, we will figure this out!

What is Transcreation?

First of all, let’s define the term itself. What is transcreation? Simply put, it is not just a translation but an adaptation of a text in another language while preserving the original intent and emotional impact.

Transcreation allows copywriters to be creative to accurately convey the original message in a new language that evokes the desired emotional response from the audience. All cultural features, such as idioms, expressions, and symbols most often used in the new market’s culture, are considered to achieve the desired result. Thus, the message inspires the trust and loyalty of potential buyers. This approach can also be called transcreation marketing.

The Importance of Transcreation in Global Marketing

Content transcreation is important for companies expanding into new markets as the production and consumption cultures differ. Why? Let’s look at a couple of examples for a more precise explanation.

Surely, you have once heard about how KFC encourages visitors to eat their fingers off or how Pepsi brings ancestors back from the dead in China. All this is due to the verbatim translation, which was not adapted to the market’s language.

Here is another example of one of the most popular fast-food chains: McDonald’s, which demonstrates its adaptability quite well in its products and slogans. They often adapt their slogan “I’m lovin’ it” because in some languages, the word “love” has an emotional meaning that is too strong and cannot be applied to a fast-food chain. Because of that, Italy uses the slogan “Me encanta,” which means “I like it”.

By using transcreation marketing in this way, companies do not just tell their message to the audience; they communicate with them, better attracting their attention. Transcreation helps customers better understand a company’s motives and the value of a product or service, which is important for brand ratings in a new market.

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Key Differences Between Translation and Transcreation

As we have already discussed, transcreation is different from regular translation. Although the term combines “translation” and “creativity,” it does not imply an exact translation of words from one language to another. What are the other differences? Not taking into account the already obvious fact that transcreation, unlike translation, adapts the text to the culture, here are a few more ways to distinguish between them:

  • Transcreation has the word “creativity” in it because it plays an important part in adaptation. Copywriters can completely change the source text, sometimes even assign a different meaning to it, but at the same time, it will convey exactly the message and idea that was originally intended.
  • In addition to the previous point, transcreation may change tone, style, or emotion to fully tailor the text to the new audience because cultures perceive such factors differently.
  • Copywriters deal with transcreation all the time. Even though translators have excellent language proficiency, not all are sufficiently aware of cultural characteristics and nuances to adapt the text. Copywriters create text based on their knowledge of the new audience’s values, traditions, and main ideas.
  • Transcreation is most often used specifically for marketing. Technical documents in legal, medical, business, and other industries require clear word-for-word translation to convey information accurately. Creativity and adaptation are more suitable for promotion and marketing purposes, which is what transcreation marketing implies.

When do you need transcreation services?

We have already figured out that transcreation is needed for properly targeted marketing, such as advertising, content, and promotion in general. You may have a question: what specific case should you address to a marketing transcreation specialist?

Mostly, branding and product naming require transcreation. As a rule, the name of a product in a particular language should be chosen to ensure that it does not have an incorrect or negative meaning in another language. Unfortunately, as more than 7,000 languages are worldwide, developing a name that would go with each of them is not always possible. In such cases, transcreation specialists help.

Transcreation is also used for short marketing and advertising texts that should catch the reader’s attention.

Less commonly, transcreation is used for websites, multimedia, and entertainment. In such cases, transсreaction often replaces the text and changes the design: selecting the suitable colors, placement, size of buttons, font, symbols, etc. This way, the website will show the information the company wants to convey to its new audience from a different culture.

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Creative Translation vs. Transcreation

If transcreation is literally “translation” and “creative”, what is the difference between this method and creative translation?

They are very similar, so it may not be immediately clear that these are slightly different methods:

  1. Creative translation differs from transcreation in that it is mostly used for translating fiction and poetry, where it is important to show creativity and, at the same time, preserve the style and message of the artist.
  2. Transcreation is used mainly in marketing and is freer in changing some text elements. Creative translation remains translation and does not have the same flexibility.

creative translation

Benefits of Utilizing Transcreation

In the article, we have already mentioned some of the advantages of transcreation. Now, let’s put them together and complement them.

Enhanced Brand Messaging

This method skillfully adapts the brand or company’s message to a new audience since it considers cultural and linguistic characteristics. It improves the effectiveness of cross-cultural communication. Thus, companies using it could easily overcome cultural and language barriers without losing their identity and differentiation from competitors.

Improved Audience Engagement

Transcreation also increases customer engagement by considering new audiences’ desires and expectations, which helps create the desired emotional resonance and connection.

Ultimately, transcreation leads to success and recognition on a global level because clients, partners, and investors know you as someone who respects cultural preferences and successfully adapts to them.

How to Select the Right Transcreation Service Provider

If you are a business owner and want to grow in the global market, you have probably already thought about using a transcreation method. Now, deciding how to choose the right provider among all existing transcreation companies remains.

Factors to Consider

  • It is important to choose a team of specialists who provide this service specifically for your target culture. Ideally, it contains people who represent the desired culture or have lived there for a long time. Such specialists will be able to adapt your content accurately.
  • Next, you must consider whether they provide a service specifically for your industry because they must understand your terminology and nuances.
  • Also, pay attention to the experience of this company, who they worked with, and whether they have reviews about their services.

If you are already looking for a company that would meet all these requirements, contact The Language Doctors! In addition to the listed points, TLD will cope with the task quickly and efficiently to ensure your successful promotion in the market.

Questions to Ask Potential Transcreation Agencies

Before hiring a company to transcreate your content, ask them such questions:

  • Do they provide services for your industry? What is their experience with your industry?
  • Do they have native speakers and people from your target culture?
  • What services and technologies does this company use for transcreation? How do they communicate with the audience during the process?
  • Can they adapt to specific requests and time frames?

Ask them to provide a portfolio and certificates confirming their language proficiency and knowledge in your industry.


Transcreation is a useful technique for changing key slogans, titles, and other promotional details. Specialists using this method are not just translators. They use creativity and knowledge of the culture and language of the new market to convey the original text so that the new audience will accept it as something created in their culture.

Global companies need transcreation to successfully promote their products and services in a new consumer culture. Through transcreation, organizations can convey their message authentically and correctly. This way, the audience understands the company’s goals and values and begins to feel trust and loyalty.

Use transcreation for your promotions with the help of an experienced TLD team to discover new markets and reach the next level!

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