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How Pharma and Life Science Companies Can Run Accurate Multilingual Events

Both healthcare and science have become essential walks of our lives, and there’s no denying their massive influence on humanity. Nowadays, medicine is much more universal than it was about a century ago. Thanks to the localization processes, scientific resources have been spread worldwide, international medication circulation has been arranged, and running multilingual medical events has become much easier.

Let’s imagine the situation: you are about to run a multilingual conference where your partners discuss the supplies of the newest medication. It may become a real issue since your attendees speak and understand different languages. Any possible mistake or misunderstanding might have awful consequences, creating unnecessary delays in the drug distribution itself. The best way to avoid such aftermath is to hire proper translation and interpretation services, like The Language Doctors, which will ensure the accessibility and understanding of your event, saving a huge amount of time.

Understanding the Importance of Precision in Multilingual Events for Pharma and Life Science Sectors

Overall, clarity and accuracy are crucial in providing pharmacological or scientific translation, especially in the case of live meetings. Unlike other industries, various requirements and regulations were created specifically to ensure the correctness of the finished medical translation. But why does it gain so much significance after all?

This is one of the specifics of our society; our health is the most important asset possible. The localization is meant to make medical resources accessible to a larger number of people and help those who are in need. You can’t just let a random person translate some biological study, not when it might help discover new ways of keeping us healthy or dealing with unknown illnesses. 

That’s why asking for assistance from various language services is a great idea. For example, The Language Doctors are one of the most reliable translation services providers, and we can assist you fully with a translation of any type. Check how we can help you here:

Challenges in Organizing Accurate Multilingual Events

Hosting a multilingual event is always challenging for the unprepared host, but it becomes even more confusing in pharma and life sciences cases. So many possible issues arise, and so many things need to be arranged, which might scare new people. Language issues, technical malfunctions or delays, and lack of clear communication – all influence the originally successful meeting much more than we could imagine. They might become a great obstacle in achieving the main goal of the meeting.

But what can a host do? How to avoid errors that might ruin the conference experience and cause many problems in the future? The answer is simple: going with a certain organized plan, properly arranging every step, and having a backup plan will help create the most comfortable conditions for every meeting’s attendees. 

Linguistic Nuances in Medical Terminology

Accurate translation of any of the provided materials is a crucial step in establishing clear cross-cultural communication. Medical or scientific texts are usually the trickiest for the interpreters due to the massive amount of language nuances that come with them:

  • To provide a clear translation, the interpreter must be fully aware of specific medical terminology, which might become a real challenge for someone not fluent in this. This contains specialized terms, abbreviations, or specific scientific slang.
  • The medical industry is evolving rapidly, and so does its terminology. New biological terms and new devices are appearing in the scientific language, so it’s essential to keep up with it to keep the translation both correct and contemporary.
  • Some people often neglect the general awareness of other people’s cultural differences. For example, some names of medications or other terms might have a different meaning in another language due to their traditions.

medical terminology

Ensuring Compliance with Regulatory Standards Across Languages

Pharma and life sciences translations are regulated by many laws and regulations to ensure the accuracy of the finished translation. The company you seek assistance from must have a specific license, allowing them to work with medical texts or speeches on an international level. It also involves following the specific translation protocols. This way, complying with the rules settled by the local laws or stated by the World Health Organisation (WHO), you can settle a clear understanding of scientific material at your event.

Managing Technical Challenges in Multilingual Conferences

Multilingual virtual and multilingual hybrid meetings might be seen as challenging due to the technical difficulties that come with it. But in reality, dozens of digital programs, apps, or other sources usually simplify the work. Here are some tips that help with overcoming possible challenges in multilingual conferencing:

  1. Choose the right video conferencing platform, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.
  2. Learn about the chosen program’s functions and how they can help your medical event in particular.
  3. Check the internet connection before the conference starts and ensure there are no malfunctions in the program’s work.
  4. Ensure everyone’s camera and microphone work properly, especially the speaker’s and interpreter’s.
  5. Arrange chat or other support channels for attendees to contact to deal with possible errors instantly.

Benefits of Running Accurate Multilingual Events for Pharma and Life Science Companies

Since the pharma and life science industries are considered some of the most influential ones, companies that provide such services profit greatly from hosting multilingual virtual meetings. These events are meant to help share life science materials and establish collaboration between international companies, leading your business to the upcoming advancements.

With the help of various translation services, you can make your meeting more accessible and, in return, more profitable for yourself. Let’s look at certain perks you gain from running a medical multilingual event accurately.

pharma and life sciences

Enhanced Global Collaboration and Communication

One of the most significant assets you get from a correctly localized meeting is the ability to invest in the world’s healthcare globalization. By hosting an event for an international audience, you can help your product gain attention in all parts of the world and enter a completely new market. It helps you to establish new communication channels and seek further cooperation.

Enhanced collaborations are essential for the medical industry since they assist with spreading awareness of scientific studies and resources, sharing the newest technologies and tools, and establishing medical regulations and protocols. You can become a part of that and engage in various collaborations.

Improved Patient Care through Clearer Communication Channels

If we talk about the benefits of an effective medical multilingual conference, the first thing that comes to mind is improved patient treatment with the help of all the provided materials. Our health is the most important asset possible and heavily depends on life science conferences. They open many possibilities, each helping to enhance general medical care in particular regions.

Successful multilingual events can lead to great deals or sharing, which expand important life science resources or essential medications for a wider audience worldwide through recently developed communication channels. This way, you can assist the general progress of global medicine. 

Strengthened Partnerships with International Stakeholders

With increasing your brand’s popularity comes the interests of international stakeholders. By creating all the necessary conditions for effective cross-cultural communication between all the attendees, you can make some successful deals with other international companies that are interested in further cooperating. It will help to enhance the exchange of various drugs, technologies, or other medical resources. Anyway, getting a successful partnership due to a productive multilingual meeting is a great opportunity to engage in worldwide medical diplomacy.

This way, organizing a proper life science conference will allow you to expand your company further and, more importantly, invest in global pharmacological and life science progress. To be fully sure about language assistance at your event, you can seek help from The Language Doctors – a highly trusted and professional language service provider that assists with solving various language issues.

Strategies for Ensuring Accuracy in Medical Multilingual Events

As was mentioned before, medical multilingual events are far too valuable to allow some language misunderstandings to slip into. The host must ensure the properness and accuracy of the event’s live translation to fulfill the international attendees’ demand and achieve the main goal of a multilingual meeting. But how to do it correctly? How can we ensure that the provided translation will be top-class and meet the event’s needs? Just like with anything else, there are certain tips and regulations meant specifically to keep the high quality of the translation at the medical multilingual meetings.

life science conferences

Leveraging Expertise: The Role of Language Service Providers (LSPs)

Language Service Provider (LSP) – an agency or a company that provides various language services. It can be translation or interpretation, verbal or non-verbal services, or anything to assist people with language issues.

Seeking help from professional LSPs is a good option to ensure the quality of the translation at your medical multilingual meeting. Many of them specialize in the pharma or scientific text, allowing you to hire a linguist who knows specific medical terminology and essential regulations. 

But choose your provider wisely. For example, The Language Doctors is a highly praised language provider that will ensure the accuracy of the translation at your multilingual event.

Integrating Technology for Precision: Automated Captioning and Interpretation Tools

Since language issues have become quite common in every industry, tons of digital resources have been created to assist people. This is especially true in pharmaceuticals and life science.

Automatic captions or subtitles are a great way of ensuring accurate interpretation of speech. The specified program will transcribe the talk into words and automatically translate it to the desired language. Nowadays, many of the video conference platforms already have this particular feature. It’s a convenient technology for listeners and interpreters, simplifying the real-time interpretation. Not only that, but it also helps hard-of-hearing people to understand the speech in the language they speak.

Partnering for Comprehensive Support: Choosing the Right Service Provider

Service providers are considered a decent choice for a beneficial partnership, especially regarding pharma and life sciences. The language providers were already mentioned, but what about other necessary aspects, such as legal consulting or IT services? A good provider will help you not only to ensure localization at your event but also assist with other stages while organizing the medical meeting itself. Here are some tips that will help you to choose a suitable service provider:

  1. Understand the theme of your multilingual conference clearly, as well as its goals and other people’s expectations.
  2. Look for providers specialized in the medical industry in particular.
  3. Compare the quality and the price on the market, and check the feedback and their previous works.
  4. Confirm that they are consistent with all the necessary laws and regulations to ensure the accuracy of the finished result.
  5. Ensure they can meet your requirements thoroughly and are ready to adapt to them if necessary.

Investing in Top-Quality Interpretation and Captioning Technologies

To fully ensure the accuracy of the interpretation at your medical multilingual meeting, it’s a great idea to invest in various digital interpreting technologies, which will help you increase the quality of the finished result and provide pleasant conditions for your attendees. Seeking help from basic interpretation services allows you to finance your own success by hiring a proper interpreter.

If we talk about different captioning technologies and tools that have already been mentioned before, they are commonly easy to find online. Usually, they don’t cost much and often contain all the necessary functions to interpret a speech into the text automatically, not wasting much time and money on the interpretation itself. It’s a great option that simplifies the whole interpreting process and helps to make translation much more accurate.

multilingual meetings

Ensuring AI Accuracy: Implementing Glossaries and Specialized Tools

Nowadays, AI technologies have slowly crept into various industries, and the healthcare industry is no different. With the help of various AI resources, it has become much easier to ensure the quality of the informative aspect of life science. There are so many different tools online that can help you write scientific texts, find the necessary medical sources, or translate already made-up materials.

AI glossaries are considered very useful technology, especially in medical cases. It works pretty much the same as a typical glossary; it’s a huge database of numerous medical terms and other specifics, which helps both the host and the interpreters better access the required information and enhances the quality of the finished interpretation.

Setting Up Interpreters for Success: Comprehensive Briefing and Support

The interpreter’s work at the life science conferences plays a key role since the total understanding of the whole meeting depends on that. To ensure complete accuracy, it’s crucial to provide fitting conditions for the interpreter and set up clear communication first. Both of you arrange great cooperation – you provide the work and the payment, and the interpreter provides top-class translation at your multilingual event.

Primary briefing before the work itself is essential in establishing clear communication. While arranging the interpreter’s work at your event, try to instantly define the basics – the theme of the meeting, its type, working hours, possible compensations, and so on. Set up clear communication channels with the interpreters so that you’ll be able to fix things immediately in case of possible technical delays or other issues.

Empowering Speakers: Guidelines for Effective Multilingual Presentations

You can’t imagine yourself in a meeting without a proper presentation; life science events are no different. Except they are usually considered to be much more demanding to all the people involved with them. The speakers hold a major place in all of it since they are the ones to provide the information and engage the listeners in the subject. They need not only to be aware of the industry’s specifics but also to be able to work with the audience. Overall, there is some advice to help the enhancing of the multilingual presentation at your event:

  • Keep the scientific language of the text, but try to make the information as clear as possible for the listeners.
  • Use examples to prove your point better.
  • Present graphics, pictures, or other visual materials for a better understanding.
  • Don’t forget about the translation of other materials and sources.
  • Encourage dialogues and other ways of communication with the audience.
  • Try to keep the atmosphere light and comfortable for everyone.
  • Always look for feedback to improve your presentation even further in the future.

Cultivating Clear Communication: Encouraging Clarity and Moderation in Speech

Overall, you can already tell that the most indispensable thing about ensuring the full success of your life science conference is establishing clear communication at the event. Just like with everything else, some tips will help increase the quality of the speech and make it both understandable and pleasant for the listeners.

  1. The speech must be clear, not too quick or slow, so everyone can understand the words clearly.
  2. The information you give should not only be correct but also structured and simple. 
  3. It’s important to adapt the language to your general audience, considering the age, occupation, preferences, etc.
  4. Eliminate offensive language, jokes, or jargonisms towards any group; the language should reflect full tolerance.
  5. Every question from the audience should be answered, enhancing communication with the listeners.


Ultimately, multilingual events are essential for the pharma and life science industries since they allow you to engage with global medical progress. The ability to develop international partnerships helps not only to expand the influence of your company but also to provide necessary medical materials and treatment to people worldwide.

Multilingual meetings have many rules and regulations created specifically to ensure the quality of the translation at an event like this. You can’t let any mistakes slip up when it’s about human health, so it’s essential to follow those laws completely. Multilingual conferencing also requires further preparations containing technical, linguistic, and basic human aspects. Arranging a professional medical multilingual event might become a huge challenge for the unprepared host, but the results and benefits you gain are always worth it.

If you need localization at your multilingual event, The Language Doctors, one of the best language services providers specializing in medical cases, can help. You can hire a professional interpreter who will be fluent in the desired language and aware of this industry’s specifics. This allows you to assist your own multilingual meeting, creating perfect conditions for effective cooperative work.

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