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10 Best Languages to Learn for Business Globally

Language plays a crucial role in business, and it can be powerfully effective for business at a global level. So, exploring the best language to learn for business can help you better understand the target market and the local customer base’s requirements. We enjoy it as a global platform in the internet age, so we should take its underlying advantages.

So, we should ask the international business perspective why wouldn’t we expand our business beyond the national boundaries? Here comes the issue of language barriers to conducting business communication worldwide. Likewise, formulating Marketing Strategies for the different local markets is essential. So, if you confine to one language, you will have the opportunity to target only the native consumers.


However, you can have enormous potential to grow your business by stepping in the cross border. It is only possible if you have at least the necessary skills in some essential foreign languages.

10 Best Languages to Learn for Business Globally

Are you interested in absorbing more about this? No worries! Here we have discussed the 10 best languages to learn for business considering the industry and economic importance. So, find this following post and keep reading to the end to get more insights on discovering the best languages for business.

1. One of the Best languages to learn for business is Mandarin:

Most of the people in China speak Mandarin. Mandarin has approximately 879 million native speakers. Additionally, about 193 million people speak Mandarin as their second language. So, in sum, there are 1.05 billion people who speak Mandarin. Besides, China is one of the world’s economic superpowers and very advanced in trade and commerce.

So, Mandarin is one of the best languages to learn for prospering in business worldwide. Moreover, China has the largest economy based on purchasing power parity, as reported by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Additionally, China is the origin of many big businesses, such as Alibaba, QZone, Sina Wibo, etc.

Best languages to learn for business is Mandarin

China has a unique and ancient culture with a variety of traditions. So, the necessary knowledge about the language and culture can be beneficial while trading with China. China also has the world’s second-largest economy by nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Moreover, it recorded a ten percent average economic growth over the last 30 years.

Because the county has the largest manufacturing and export network worldwide, there are substantial business opportunities in China that many entrepreneurs aim to exploit. Apart from China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore also speak Mandarin.

So, China is the nation with the fastest growing economy in terms of production and purchasing power, which’s enough to learn Mandarin for business purposes.

2. English is One of the Best Languages to Learn for business:

English is a widely spoken language in the world. Around 983 million people speak English worldwide. However, only 371 million people are native speakers of this language. Likewise, the total number of native speakers includes the countries- United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. We can find English speakers anywhere in the world.

The primary foreign language in many countries is English. Similarly, English is familiar to one-third of the world’s population, and it is increasing day by day. Besides, many leading organizations in the world use it as their official language. So, to expand and grow your business globally, you must communicate in English.

English is the Best language to learn for business.

English is the most common language globally as people in 94 countries speak English. Not only it holds the number one position, but also it is the most commonly used internet language. English is a primary language and medium of instruction in the teaching and researching the top educational institutions globally.

Moreover, computers and mobile phones are an integral part of any business today. Since English plays a pivotal role in most software development and usages, it is necessary to learn this language to achieve business purposes. English is the best language for business, considering the current trend and the rise of globalization.

3. Spanish as the Best Business Language:

Approximately 436 million people speak Spanish as their native language. Moreover, Spanish has about 527 million speakers globally. Many countries like Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Spain, and the United States speak Spanish as a primary language.

Besides, almost thirty percent of the US population speaks Spanish. So, Spanish plays a pivotal role in global business and daily life communication. Some scholars have projected that the number of Spanish speakers will cross 60 million by 2020. Moreover, many words in the English language also derived from Spanish.

Spanish as the Best Business Language

Besides, over 20 countries use Spanish as their official language. British Council reported that 34 percent of the business communication in the UK happens in the Spanish language. Learning Spanish will be beneficial if you want to expand your business, especially in the UK and US. So, it is better to learn Spanish to expand and grow your business globally.

4. Arabic is the Entry to the Middle East:

Speaking Arabic can be the Entry to the Middle East. Because the people of the Middle East mostly use the Arabic language in their daily life. Moreover, approximately 422 million people across the world speak Arabic.

According to the demographics, the Arabic language has grown by 2500 percent in the last 10 years. Similarly, it has even crossed the benchmark set by English and Spanish.

Arabic is the Entry to the Middle East.

In the Middle East, the Arabic language has grown with its oil and gas businesses to communicate business. However, today the company of Arabic-speaking people doesn’t only confine to oil fields. Moreover, they are also growing their businesses in tourism, infrastructure, and fashion. If you plan to start trade and commerce with these nations, we highly recommend learning this language for business purposes.

5. One of the Best language to learn for business is Portuguese:

About 229 million population speak Portuguese, out of which around 218 million are native speakers. These Portuguese speakers are mostly live in Brazil. Moreover, this language has similarities with the Spanish language.  This language plays a vital role as it is native to Brazil.

Brazil is an essential part of BRICS, and they are influencing the world with the way they conduct business. Similarly, Portuguese is a substantial foreign language in South America, and it has a more significant impact on business communication. We can also see the Portuguese’s past invasion in other parts of the world like China, India, and Africa.

Best languages to learn for business is Portuguese

Likewise, it has remarkable influence whether it is culinary cuisine or it’s the administrative setup. Hence, if you wish to unleash business opportunities in different parts of the world, you should learn this language because Portuguese is a widespread language and can expand trade and commerce globally.

6. Russian One of the Best Business Language:

There is about 267 million Russian speaking population globally. Moreover, out of the total speakers, approximately 153 Russian speakers are native to the Russian Federation. In addition to that, the rest of the Russian speakers live in Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. Again, considering the power of BRICS, the Russian language is essential in the business world.

Russian One of the Best Business Language

Because we consider Russia is one of the world’s largest nations that have a significant influence in business. Similarly, Russia is also the sixth-largest economy in the world. There is a projection that Russia will overtake Germany by 2030. Moreover, Russia has the finest minds and skilled workforce in core science, engineering, information technology, and materials science.

However, the population of Russia is less proficient in English. This indicates that learning Russian is essential for expanding business and trade internationally. Moreover, if you want to explore Russian business opportunities, acquiring Russian language skills will be fruitful for you in the future.

7. German As the Best Business Language:

The German language is one of the influential languages in Europe, or we can say in the European Economic Zone, the European Union (EU). In Germany, around 76 million people are native German speakers. Moreover, worldwide approximately 129 million people speak German as a foreign language.

German knowledge is a must in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Lichtenstein. Likewise, Germany has nine border countries, and people also speak German at the neighboring countries’ adjacent border. Over the decades, Germany has dominated the automobile sector and produces the world’s most luxurious car brands like BMW, Mercedes, Porsha, Audi, etc.

German As the Best Business Language

Moreover, only around 80 million German population contribute to 4.5 percent of global GDP. Similarly, German is also an essential language in the banking industry as the European Central Bank’s head office is situated in Frankfurt, Germany. Besides, Germany is very advanced in research and technology, and they are the third-largest contributor in research and development globally.

If you want to walk shoulder to shoulder with one of the finest craftsmanship in the world, you must learn German. Your German knowledge can be beneficial if you wish to do business with Germany. German is very famous for the following sectors such as healthcare, medical equipment, machinery, information technology, green energy, automobiles, etc.

8. French is Another Best Business Language:

Globally, about 229 million people speak French, and around 76 million speakers are native. We all know that French is the language of Romance and Love. However, it still holds greater importance in the business as well. Overall, about 102 million internet users comprise the French-speaking community. International organizations like the United Nations (UN) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) also include French as the official language.

French is Another Best Business Language

Besides, 39 countries across the world speak the French language. Similarly, it has a significant influence in many parts of Africa, such as Rwanda, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. Likewise, these countries are not proficient in the English language. So, learning French can be very useful if you plan to pitch a business in these regions.

9. Best languages to learn for business is Japanese:

Japan is famous for its technological advancement and the prosperous style of the people. In Japan, there about 129 million of the population primarily speak Japanese as their native language. Japan is the country of incubator for innovations in learning and manufacturing. Because it is one of the most technologically advanced nations of the world.

Best languages to learn for business is Japanese

Moreover, it is one of the dominators of global trade and commerce. Japanese is an essential language because of Japan’s involvement in different vital industries globally. Besides, Japan is a significant contributor to development assistance all over the world. Likewise, it also has a remarkable influence on climate policies, finance, energy, and natural resources security.

Japan accounted for around 89 billion dollars in sales through e-commerce in the year 2016. If your business is relevant to Japanese policies, technology, and environmental sustainability, learning Japanese and their culture can be beneficial.

Moreover, Japanese knowledge gives an edge, and it can be an advantage for partnering with Japan to expand and grow your business globally.

10. Hindi is the Entry of Indian Subcontinent:

There is about 544 million population speak Hindi and Urdu. Moreover, out of a total, about 329 million people are native speakers in India. Again, the second largest populated nation is India, which is contributing to the workforce. However, the national language of India is not Hindi. Instead, it is one of the official languages, along with many other provincial languages.

Hindi is the Entry of the Indian Subcontinent.

Moreover, Hindi is standard in all official documentation despite the diverse language group found in India. India is a growing and emerging economy in the Asian subcontinent. So, it plays a vital role because the Indian consumer market is growing significantly.

Indian is famous for its diverse culture, art, and agriculture. Moreover, it is a primary growing consumer market, and its manufacturing sector is developing. Although English is a popular language in India, around 85 percent of people are not fluent. Therefore, if you want to expand your business and trade with this growing economy, learning Hindi can help you capture the local marketplace.


These are the best languages to learn for business purposes. Whether it’s an established company or just founded as a Startup company, any business must overcome the language barrier to expand and grow its market globally. However, if its representative can communicate to the target marketing using their native language, it is only possible.

As a result, it can be an effective business communication considering the cultural differences and localization. So, you can learn the best languages for business purposes to take full advantage of business opportunities.

Call The Language Doctors team for all your queries regarding Translation and Interpretation Services for Business Globally. Our experts and experienced linguists from various sectors and industries will be happy to help you meet up with all language service demand types.


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