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5 Benefits of live language translation for marketing events

Marketing events have become common in expanding any business’ influence, and with that usually comes the necessity to localize it for people who speak other languages. Usually, localization helps not only to meet the demand of some cultural groups in particular and boost your product among a diverse audience but also to increase others’ confidence in your brand. One of the great options for providing such assistance is live language translation.

Live language translation is a bunch of various human services, digital resources, or technologies that instantly translate and interpret any language, which smoothes the communication between two or more people. Commonly, it contains services such as remote simultaneous interpretation (human), speech-to-text translation (machine), or simple text translation if we talk about written information. 

In this article, The Language Doctors take a closer look at those translation methods and how they can help fulfill the requirements of multilingual marketing events. Let’s start! 

Understanding Live Language Translation for Events and Video Conferences

As was previously said, live language translation is not a single term but many translation services that assist you in establishing clear cross-cultural communication at your event without any delays. For example:

  • Simultaneous Interpretation: An interpretation method provided by the interpreter’s ability to translate the text completely in time with the speaker. It is mostly used in verbal communication, allowing the listeners to hear the desired information right in time and set up a clear understanding. It saves a lot of time and makes it possible to have diverse featured languages at your event.
  • Text-to-speech translation or vice versa: Helps with both verbal and non-verbal live translation. The hired linguist can turn the audio speech into text subtitles in your audience’s language on their own or with the help of machine translation. Another case is when a professional interpreter can voice the text materials at your conference in the featured language. 
  • Machine translation is provided with the help of different digital tools and technologies. It includes automatic captioning (turning the speech into translated text instantly), translation of written materials on the screen, translation of the chats, and so on. It’s a good way of increasing the accuracy of the translation.
  • Hybrid translation is one of the most widely used methods since it combines all the translation approaches mentioned before. All these types have pros and cons, fitting for one or another type of event. However, only the combined work of real-time interpretation, captioning, machine translation, or other techniques can fully ensure the quality of the translation of your event.

Overall, seeking assistance from live language translation services is essential for hosting a proper multilingual marketing event. And what is the best way to do it? Definitely, by hiring a skilled interpreter who will be fluent in the desired language and aware of the specifics of that particular industry. It will expand the general awareness of your product and boost the brand overall, gaining so many benefits from investing in language translation of your event. For example, The Language Doctors is a great language provider that can meet your requirements and assist with live language translation. Check how we can help you here:

live language

Benefit 1: Expanded Audience Reach

Every business wishes for its product to gain more attention. Marketing events are supposed to lead not only to the increase of the general awareness of the brand but also to the market’s demand for this product. Everyone knows that the greater the popularity – the bigger profit you acquire from it. 

That’s where marketing event translation comes in handy: it can establish clear cross-cultural communication and, more importantly, expand the number of people visiting the conference. With the help of real-time interpretation and other language services, you can also reach a diverse target audience from other regions that speak different languages if you arrange an online event. Arranging localization at multilingual conferences is a great way of tapping into the international market and enhancing the brand’s position.

Benefit 2: Enhanced Engagement and Interaction

One of the most essential aspects of a productive marketing event is clear communication between attendees. It becomes complicated to achieve total success without people working together, so you, as the host, must set up all the conditions for effective interaction between members of your conference and, as a result, gain profitable sessions.

You can make your event as informative as possible, but it will only be worthwhile if your guests engage in the meeting itself using various collaboration approaches. By providing necessary language localization, you allow your participants to cooperate freely without misunderstandings caused by language issues. That’s why seeking help from various language services becomes even more valuable. 

Benefit 3: Improved Communication and Understanding

Human factors often play a key role, so you must provide the most comfortable conditions possible so your participants from all parts of the world feel at ease without misunderstandings. And that’s where live language translation can fully assist you.

Thanks to the numerous live translation services, now it’s less confusing to set up clear communication between people from completely different regions at the marketing event. The best option to avoid unnecessary issues is to seek assistance from professional language services, such as The Language Doctors, one of the renowned language providers.

cross-cultural communication

Benefit 4: Increased Brand Reputation and Global Presence

As was mentioned before, providing necessary localization at the marketing event opens many opportunities for your business growth. You gain the ability to popularize your business in the international market, which leads your whole brand to the world stage. 

Increasing the translation quality at your multilingual event allows you to arrange partnerships with other international companies and, as a result, make a statement globally. If you show the target audience the dedication you give to meet the needs of particular national or regional groups, your brand will attract much more attention. Your company’s reputation will grow, as will the general confidence in the brand and customers’ loyalty. 

Benefit 5: Higher ROI and Conversion Rates

With the ability to present your company and your product to a wider audience comes the willingness of that same audience to pay for your services. The increase in your profit overall is a good sign that your business is growing and progressing. The more money you get from your customers – the better you can cover the early expenses of developing marketing campaigns for your business expansion. That means that your return on investment (ROI) index will be higher, which signifies that you’ve finally reached success.

If we talk about such things as the Conversion Rates, you gain the possibility of them growing higher by providing the necessary live translation. The better localization at your marketing event, the more people you can reach. A new-found audience, on its part, will do interacting actions, whether it’s a sign-up or a purchase from the company. 

In general, with the help of live language services, you can easily interpret marketing events in different languages so that the number of conversions will only increase. 

Guidance for Selecting the Ideal Language Translation Solution

So, you’ve seen how many benefits you can gain from using the live language translation approaches at your multilingual event. And now, another question arises: how do you choose a language provider who can assist you with the necessary translation at your event? Let’s look at the tips to help you choose the translation provider for your multilingual conference.

  1. The first thing you need to check is the linguistic capability of a chosen provider. What language pairs are they working with, specialized in verbal or non-verbal translation, or how qualified are their interpreters? Do not hesitate to ask for diplomas or licenses that state a certain level of linguistic knowledge and allow this person to work with translation internationally. After all, the general understanding of your audience fully depends on that.
  2. Before starting the work with a certain provider, you need to ensure they’re competent in the factual industry your marketing event is connected with – whether it’s finances, healthcare, or entertainment. The interpreter you’ll be working with needs to be aware of specific terminology or other industry traits to provide an accurate translation
  3. Learn more about their technical approach, especially if you host a video multilingual event. In this case, if an interpreter lacks knowledge about particular platforms or other tools for video conferencing, it may ruin the clear live language translation at your event. This also includes the provider’s ability to work with various digital translation tools, which are meant to help increase the correctness of the final translation.
  4. Always review the feedback from the previous clients of this particular provider. That way, you can see how they’re working, manage possible issues, and, overall, assess the quality of their work. It’s also a good idea to check some examples of the translation they provide to make sure it’s top-class and able to meet your event’s requirements.
  5. One of the essential things in your work with a certain provider is how they manage basic communication with a client and customer service. To ensure the quality of live language translation at your event, you need to be in contact with your provider constantly in case of any errors or delays.

The Language Doctors is a top-class language service provider that can assist you with providing an accurate live language translation for your event. It presents over 200+ language pairs available, every type of translation practice, and years of experience with tons of happy clients. We also specialize in many spheres, so you’ll definitely find an approach that fits your multilingual marketing event in particular.

live translation


Overall, live language translation is a great way to provide necessary language localization and assist you with any language issues. It contains many different approaches, which vary in both technique and quality. Providing the necessary translation will help expand your business, lead it to the world stage, find new audiences, get more profit, and make your brand much more recognizable and reliable in the eyes of a general audience. Live language translation is key to the further success of your product, which requires certain preparations but will ensure the effectiveness of your marketing event.

Choosing the right language provider is crucial when discussing language live translation. The Language Doctors is a highly trusted company that specializes in providing necessary language services and can fully assist with multilingual marketing events with all the necessary materials, increasing the productivity of your meeting. So be wise and choose the right approach for your product right now!

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