Top 10 App Translation Services in 2021

Are you confused about finding the best app translation services? If your answer is yes, we are here to clear all your confusion to find the best app translation services. Before starting, you have to know that most people don’t research before spending money on app translation services. As a result, they lose their money.


That’s why we have gone through comprehensive research on it in this blog post and presented a list of the top 10 app translation services.

Top 10 App Translation Services in 2021

First of all, it is better to know what an app translation service does? The main activity of app translation services is converting your app into different multilingual apps so that your app can communicate with your target customer in their native language.

Let’s explore the top 10 app translation services to attract different languages-speaking market segments in the following sections.

Now we will give in a detailed list of the top 10 app translation services. Check out more about them below:

1. The Language Doctors (TLD):


The Language Doctors (TLD) is one of the best app translator services companies in the world. They have 5,000 professional translators around the world, and they have specialization in 300+ different language pairs. TLD has more than 20 years of experience as a leading app translator services provider. Moreover, they have completed over 20,000 projects successfully and gained customer’s trust.

Moreover, The Language Doctors translator company has its app where you can easily hire an on-demand translator for your application. One of the best features of TLD that you will love the most is they don’t translate the app using machine translators. Indeed, they translate apps by 100% human translator. It is far better than google translator.

Furthermore, TLD uses translators and interpreters with the highest qualifications. They are corporate members in good standing of the American Translators Association (ATA). Likewise, TLD is a HUB Zone Certified, GSA Schedule holding Small Business.

Besides, TLD expert and specialized translators will help you with pre-translation and post-translation matters. It has a just-in-time service model. As a result, if you need frequent updates, TLD can provide you service delivery without delay. Moreover, they also have translation apps, but human translators are closely involved in ensuring service quality.

1. Some other great features of TLD are

2. Software and application translation services for all devices.

3. DevOps translated frequently

4. User-friendly localization services.

5. 24/7 support system

6. They can solve everything, including text, image, audio, and video.

At last, The Language Doctors translator service company is the first recommendation from me.


2. Gengo – app translation services:

Gengo - app translation services
Gengo – App Translation Services

The Gengo is another best app translator services company. With the 21000 global human translators, they are serving all over the world. Right now, Gengo is providing its services in 60 different popular languages.24/7 frequent service has made them unstoppable.

As a result, different global companies like Airbnb, Eventbrite, Home away. Shape up etc., trusted this company and built a long-run relationship. Not only this but also they have already served 65000+ customers around the world.

Moreover, their translated translation supports every platform and every device. On the other hand, Gengo has its translation API To send a large volume of content within a second. Gengo always ensures fast delivery. That’s why they still maintain just-in-time delivery. In the translator industry, they are a quick turnaround company. Plus, they will give you a clear overview of your content.

Now, some other great features of Gengo are as following:

1.  End-to-end translation project management.

2. Translation API

3. Style guide and glossary creation.

4. Automatic quality check.


3. OneSky- app translation services:

OneSky- app translation services-is another one in the top 10 list
OneSky- App Translation Services

Do you know who translated the most popular app Tik Tok? Moreover, OneSky translated the most popular app TikTok. TikTok and they have translated Grab, Swiftkey, weather bug, and many more popular applications.  Likewise, Onesky is a specialist in mobile applications and game translators.

Furthermore, it has 1000+ professional translators in more than 50 languages. They have expanded their business to 70+ countries. Moreover, OneSky works with 19 file formats. OneSky will provide you with a devices localization facility. Now, what is on device localization?

On-device localization means an expert will test your app to find out UI issues related to localization. If they find some problems, they will solve them. Besides, OneSky will give you different technical supports.

OneSky has a localization grader that helps you get a detailed report of localization performance.

Other features of OneSky are as following.

1.  OneSky has their API

2. 24/7 support system.

3. Localization Grader.

4. End-to-End localization solution.


4. One Hour Translation:

One Hour Translation-the 4th best in our top 10 list
One Hour Translation

Over 25000 professional translator experts are enhancing the one-hour translation business at an incredible pace. Similarly, they translate over 120 languages. Moreover, they have server about 60% of fortune 500 companies, and most companies love One-Hour Translation. Furthermore, they have diversified their services in different sectors like advertising, legal, marketing, and website.

Above all, they also have an app translation service. Likewise, One-Hour Translation developed a specialization in mobile gaming translation. Already, they have worked with Numbuster, CheethaMobile, Bigo Live, and Xiaomi. One Hour Translation not only translates but also focuses on a clear and consistent user interface. Besides, they have over ten years’ experience in this field.

Other features of one-hour translation are given below:

1. They have a Hybrid translation system.

2. Own API Document

3. Translation memory facility

4. Glossary Management system.


5. Alconost- Nitro App Translation Services:

Nitro - App Translation Services-is another trustworthy service provider
Alconost – Nitro App Translation Services

After hearing this, you will be surprised that Nitro professional translation service can complete 60% of projects within 2 hours, and they can achieve 96% of projects in less than 24 hours. Moreover, Nitro professional translation service works under Alconost incorporation. So, now you can understand how much efficient they are, providing fast services.

But they have one barrier, that is a small amount of supported language. Likewise, they translate only 70 different languages. In nitro, there is no minimum order limit.  Besides this, you can order one word also. However, they have only 700+ professional translators.

But their services are very relaxed and efficient. Along with translation, the Nitro translation service helps you in the proofreading to get an accurate translation. Plus, they can work with 62 types of files.

Other features of the Nitro translation service are:

1. They have a multimedia QA system that helps the translator to provide an accurate translation.

2. They communicate on cloud platforms.

3. They have translation memory and a glossary that enable the translator to maintain consistency.

4. The feature of the bug tracker can easily solve any small error.


6. Lilt-App Translation Services:

Lilt-App Translation Services-is another quality service provider for you
Lilt-App Translation Services

World no 1 AI-based translator service is LILT. But don’t think that they only provide machine translation service. Moreover, they also provide human translator services. Their faster delivery helps you to get a competitive advantage. Their end-to-end translation platform can offer you the best quality and accurate translation.

If you are confused about their translation service will be profitable or not, then you can check their client’s profile. LILT served the world’s most growing companies like Intel, Asics and, Canva.

Moreover, their AI technology will give faster and efficient service. This company is known for adopting new technology.

Check out the other features of LILT below:

1. LILT has its API documentation

2. They have govt. grade security

3. Your data will always be safe because they have an encryption facility

4. They always backup your data


7. LocalizeDirect – App Translation Services:

LocalizeDirect - App Translation Services-another best one for your
LocalizeDirect – App Translation Services

Twelve years ago, localize direct started its journey as a game translator service. Right now, It is a specialized game translator company. More than 600 developers had got their services from this company. Moreover, they translate all types of games, including PC, Android, and Mac.

You can chat with localizing translator anytime. Above all, localize directly does not use a machine translator. All the translators are native language speakers. Localize direct not only translate but also check word spelling, grammar mistakes. They always maintain Localization quality assurance. Localize direct will support you after taking services.

Other features of Localize direct are as following:

1. They always concern about user interface localization

2. They will give you the power of a personalized solution.

3. After-sales service.

4. They analyze your LQA needs.


8. Day translations:


Day translation is one of the leading translator companies in the world. They have gained specialization in many fields. At present, they have expanded their business in the Video game translation sector. They can translate over 100 languages. They maintain a process to translate. As a result, every time, they can keep the quality of translation.

Day and night, every time, they are available to serve you. Because they have a 24/7 support system.  Day translation gives a lifetime guarantee to their client.

Have a look at other features of Day translation below:

1. Day Translation provides manuals and Readme files.

2. Emphasize user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design.

3. They have certification from the American translator association.


9. All Correct Games:

All Correct Games-it is a part of famous game development company
All Correct Games

Famous game development company UBISOFT said about all correct games,” I am proud of the final product.” Moreover, one renowned game development company and many popular game development companies have positive reviews about all right game companies. Similarly, the top 6 gaming companies worked with all correct games. Hence, they translated 400,000 words for a single game.

Other features of all correct games are below.

1. They will scan the initial text

2. Translated by a native speaker

3. Quality control maintained by LQA


10. SMARTLING- App Translation Services:

Smartling - App Translation Services-is the 10th in our top ten list
SMARTLING- App Translation Services

In this top 10 list, SMARTLING holds position 10th. However, it is one of the best app translation services. It is a one-stop service. In SMARTLING, everything is centralized. Moreover, it has end to end translation management system. Likewise, it has a data-driven platform that helps them provide accurate and quality translation. Thus, SMARTLINGalways adapts to new technology and new ideas.

Check out the other features of Smartling below:

1. Data-driven management system

2. They have personal data and security framework

3. They always concern about strong security.


Why is it essential to have multilingual apps?

First of all, if you plan to capture the international market, you have to make a multilingual language app because, at present, 47% of internet users are not native English speakers. Secondly, a multilingual language app gives customers an excellent user interface which betters for marketing. Moreover, a Multilingual app can help you to rank in the google play store.

Why is it essential to have multilingual apps-it will help you to capture international market
Why is it essential to have multilingual apps

Above all, the percentage of mobile app users is increasing day by day. Similarly, the app market has expanded by 189 billion dollars. So if you want to get a competitive advantage, then from today, you should start an app for your business.

Do you know? A multilingual app download rate is 128% which is far more than a regular app, and it can help you generate revenue by 26%. However, you can delete an app within a minute if it fails to translate correctly.

Furthermore, an excellent multilingual app can help you to create brand visibility for your customer. Additionally, a customer can easily interact with your product and services. As a result, it creates a huge chance to make a sale. In contrast, if you make a multilingual app, that will help create an international brand perception in the customer’s mind. A multilingual app builds trust in the customer’s mind.

Thus, people will get the feeling of exclusivity when they see text in their language. In short, If you are making an app for your business, then try to make it multilingual.


There are plenty of app translation services available in the market. But you should carefully choose one of them according to your translation services requirements. Moreover, try to choose a trusted brand where you can freely communicate with them and clearly describe your requirement. Here we’ve highlighted the worth mentioning companies above.

Likewise, every company on this list is very professional, and they will provide the best service to make you a happy client.

Call The Language Doctors team for any information about App Translation Services and Interpretation Services. The young and passionate linguists are ready to start with your project immediately to fulfill all your language services demand.

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