10 Quick Tips On How To Learn Chinese Faster

How To Learn Chinese Faster? Have you heard about the guy who taught himself to play the piano in a single day? Neither do I. Learning to play the piano like Beethoven requires time and effort. This applies equally to almost all competence you want to learn, including Chinese. [toc] That’s right—you won’t be finding […]

Difference of Transcription and Translation in Language

The difference between transcription and translation in the language is fascinating to discuss in this blog post. First of all, if you search “Difference between transcription and translation” on google, you probably find some complicated terminologies like DNA and RNA. Is it not?  Yes, it happened on my side also. [toc] But here, we will […]

What Is Website Translation – A Perfect Guide

Do you know What is Website Translation? Website translation is the procedure of taking your website’s content in its original language. And translating it to other languages. Often word-for-word, to make it available and functional to a global audience. More than 1/3 of all internet users are non-native English speakers. Forrester Research reports that: “Visitors […]

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